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  1. Yeah...lol. I remember watching a "Cow & Chicken" episode and hearing his voice, I knew right away that it was the same voice actor for Colonel Campbell...after that I had to watch the rest of the episode . In an interview Campbell's voice actor said that he was in the movie "Biodome", it's some really small role...I think he's one of the Project Manager's employees and has only one line. During the interview he said he wasn't familiar with the Metal Gear Solid storyline, I don't think that he ever played the game, but he said that he was really intrigued by the weird lines that Campbell had in MGS2...those of you that have played it know what I'm talking about .
  2. Now that this is out I'm planning on picking up Final Fantasy Anthologies (FFV and FFVI) instead. I heard the load times are annoying but I found it on Amazon for about $15! With Anthologies you get the soundtrack CD and the cutscenes so I'm sold.
  3. I checked out the UnMod forum for the first time just now. Damn, was I missing out .
  4. I always thought of Facebook as an electronic "Address Book" on steroids.
  5. OH NOES! I was putting pomegranet into a blender to make a smoothie and the juicy seeds split and burst juice all over my new OCREMIX white t-shirt. Crap . I'm using a ton of stain remover right now, I hope that it works. If not I'll just have to give another 12 bucks to OCR .
  6. My sister is just now screening the movie. She, along with a few other managers have to watch the movie before it comes out just to make sure there are no defects with the rolls of movie film. She'll hopefully let me know how it was in a few hours or so. But here's the question. Do you want me to tell you what she thought of it or do you want to be suprised? Personaly I don't know if I want her to tell me how it was but I'm leaning towards asking for her opinion of it. BTW...I promise not to post spoilers.
  7. sorry if this has been posted a few pages back. Apparently MTV is going to be showing an inside look into the Silent Hill movie next Monday at 11pm. At least that's what the commercial said. Did anybody else see this commercial or hear about this?
  8. SH2 spoilers...(possibly) "I'm not your Mary, but I can if you want me to be. It doesn't matter who I am, I'm here for you James. See, I'm real." that was an awesome scene.
  9. Probably old news. But after watching the trailer for the 4th time I think that I saw Pyramind Head swing something right before it shows the girls face bleeding at the end. I had a big smile on my face after that. People who are new to the series aren't gonna know what hit them when they see Pyramid Head for the first time. If he is in the movie...crosses fingers.
  10. great inovative beats and effects. This song caught me off guard a few times. The slowdown at the end was a cool way to end it as well. Very very cool song.
  11. whew...I got goosebumps listening to that song. Brings back great memories of an awesome game series. This song really needed be done with heavy guitar and you did a great job of it. The way that you made sure that the main melody stands out in the song is great. Keep up the great work...more ninja gaiden stuff would be great.
  12. this remix is awesome. The way you accent the main melody by doing all the variations of it is GREAT! I listen to this song on a daily basis, brings back a ton of memories. Great job man. Keep the Double Dragon ones coming.
  13. this song is amazing. The sound is crisp and clean the whole way through. The beat and the melody go perfectly together and the scratching effects add a nice touch. I stand in awe of your skill. Keep em coming man.
  14. this is one awesome song. The variations in drum effects are sweet. Fast paced the whole way through just like a remix of a song in a racing game should be. I'm a big fan of Trance and this song made me an even bigger fan of it. Great job Blind.
  15. the quality of this song is very good. Great song to design a remix for too. The bass and drum used makes the remix really good. The effects that you used weren't too overpowering which allows for easy listening even though the song has a relatively quick tempo. Keep remixing Life Force it's got some great tracks. Good work dude.
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