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  1. I know I don't come here that often anymore but it is truly sad when a fellow musician in a community like this passes away. It is hard but what's more is that he left behind parts of himself. Music has a way of touching us and sharing with us parts of the musician's being, if you don't mind my being philosophical for the moment. I think that this is especially true of Reuben Kee's music. He poured his soul into his work, and it shows. At least with that, he will always be with us in a way. Not to make this personal or about me, or detract from the sentimentality of the situation, but this is also a poke (maybe even an eye opener for some) from reality that, life is too short and precious to be taken for granted. I, too, am 23, and it always pains me to hear of people of young age leaving before their time, but it also reminds me, reminds us, that we should make the most of it. Sorry to get mushy on all of you there, I just find death at such a young age in such vibrant youth as being unsettling to say the least, disheartening, and as you've already said, tragic.
  2. Yeah, I took it to a local Computer shop here in town and pretty much confirmed the mobo was fried. Instead of replacing it (I found out online that this particular model, Dell Inspiron 5160, has had a known issue concerning fried motherboards, so I'd have to repace it every year or so) I am just going to either sell the parts myself or have them do it on eBay and take what little bit of money I get from those parts (I have a good, upgraded video card in it (ATI) and a lot of ram, good hdd, extra battery, etc) and buy a different...NOT DELL...laptop. In the meantime looks like I'm hauling my PC up to college this weekend. Thank you to everyone who replied. These things just happen I guess, kinda sucks but no reason to get upset. Computers do that (one of the main reasons I got out of the computer engineering field was that it became frustrating, haha).
  3. Ah, well I was thinking of taking it to a local retailer here in town to see about getting it fixed (since my warranty on the laptop is up anyway) but if the problem is as you suggest the motherboard, I guess my hands are tied. Aren't motherboards extremely expensive? I mean to the point that most people just get a different computer rather than paying the expense to have them replaced? I hope not, I'm already on a strict budget as it is
  4. I'm not so sure that it isn't getting any power, though you may be right. I mean both batteries I have for it are charged, and I can understand if there might be a bad connection from the AC adapter to the components inside the laptop, but the batteries too? Not that it'll help much but I'm going to try and take out and reinstall the memory cards/HDD/etc and hope that maybe one of them came loose...otherwise as we both suggested I'll probably have to send it in.
  5. Yeah I know the title doesn't do it much justice but I couldn't really think how to word it at 6am in the morning. I will be honest, I'm kind of sick to my stomach about this, since my laptop is my life anymore, and my lifeline at college, but it is no longer working. Here is the sequence of events in case anyone is good at diagnosing computer problems: There are three lights on the front of my laptop (your standard HDD, Power, Battery lights...or whatever the three lights are for, but for this diagnosis let's just say it was the power light), and I noticed that the rightmost light, the power light, was orange, and constantly lit. Now, this light is only orange when the battery is low, and it doesn't stay lit but rather flashes. After attempting to turn the computer on, and failing, I had to unhook the AC Adapter and take the battery out before the light shut off. Then, after reattaching one or the other (or both) I still was/am unable to get the computer to turn on. Now, granted not the smartest thing but in a panic/fury I started pressing the power button several times, holding it in for a few seconds, pressing keys on the board, and it "powered up" but by "powered up" I mean the fans ran, the lights started flashing interchangeably in an odd fashion, but the screen did not activate at all. Now, I am about 98% sure I'm probably going to have to send this to the manufacturer to be repaired (Dell in this case, and yes I know, Dell is probably my first mistake, but they've been good so far about repairs), but my question is, is there anything I can do in the meantime? Would using a boot disk/reformatting the hard drive help (even though I can't really get the computer to come "on" except when I get it to "power up" in that odd fashion)? This leads me to my second question: I don't really have anything I'm worried about saving on my hard drive, because luckily just a few days ago I had moved most of everything I wanted over to my external HDD, but if I had to reformat it or access it in any way, do I need a converter to hook the laptop HDD to my PC? Or are the IDE standards the same? What about swapping the HDD out of my External HDD with my laptop HDD and then connection it to the PC via USB? Also, if I did have to send it into the manufacturer (which again is a near 100% possibility I'm sure), there is some..."stuff"...that I probably do not want them to see on my HDD (things like p2p programs and/or *coughpr0ncough*)...so it may be of some importance for me to be able to access the HDD. Anyway, any and all help would be appreciated. Sorry about the long post, I'm just worried about it.
  6. Seriously, this is pretty cool. The calendar has everyone's b-day marked in it and there's a "buddy list" and who knows what all else I have yet to explore.
  7. What can I say that hasn't been said already, heh. Well, I've been a bit of a fan of pixietrick's voice for sometime now, partially because of the choral singer/musician in me and another part because of the Final Fantasy fan that I am, and yet another part because I'm human and this is quite an emotionally stirring piece. I began to think that pixietricks should sing professionally until I read her biography, and I am so glad she has been doing this since she was young and continues to do so today. I would hate to think of such a talented young musician/singer/songwriter/playwright to go unnoticed and untapped (Do I sense the next American Idol? haha). I sadly did not persue a career in music after high school but I still enjoy it as a hobby. This isn't about me, however, so moving on... While many may argue that this video game was not the best in its series, I must admit I was very touched at the end of the game and yes, even teary-eyed, and this song does so much to bring forth those feelings again. Any musical piece that has the ability to move one emotionally is truly a work of art. I don't think that it would be a far stretch to compare some of the musicians on this site to that of Mozart, and the ability he, too, had in moving others with music. I have to agree with BreakTekk that this song definitely reminds me of the game that spawned it. My hat is off to you pixietricks, as well as GrayLightning and Sephfire. Please continue to do great work as it is often a welcome retreat in this busy and hectic life/schedule of mine
  8. I was JUST at a fan-based SH site yesterday that had movie and audio clips from all the games...dammit but my cache cleared out and I can't find it. I'll look later as well when I get back from class.
  9. Sorry for the double post. Don't forget my ytmnd
  10. Link please? http://speeddemosarchive.com/demo.pl?SilentHill_3529 There are a ton on this site (speed runs I mean). there are also a ton of speed runs for different games on www.archive.org. Cool beans. I will admit to you, though, UE that the quality even for HQ is still a little bad.
  11. After having just watched a speed run of Silent Hill (I've played the game before but it's been awhile, so I d/led a speed run of it), I am now more anxious than before to see this movie, but I am actually kind of hoping the movie will be a little better than the game. The first one was alright, but it would seem this movie is going to incorporate all (or at least some) of the other games, which is an exciting prospect.
  12. I've seriously got to replay the game now. I'm a little rusty. Also, the torsos with legs for limbs would be pretty cool if they had those in the movie...
  13. Yeah, I was trying to explain that to DarkeSword. I already mentioned I'd prefer having one thread per character, as you know, and each bio on a page that allows for more formatting and code than an ordinary forum post - like a html page within the forum post. Since there are threads containing over 1200 posts in the site projects forum, however, I don't think he's too bothered. If you can come up with a better solution than the current one, I'm all for it. It'd need to be accessible - but not editable - to everyone if it's to be very effective. This is partially why I wanted a team to work with instead of having just everyone posting stuff all over the place. I need help organizing this Well, if we are able to get more formatting and code it could definately be possible, keep me up to date on that. Otherwise, if that's not possible, then perhaps we'll have to find some other means of uploading it onto the net.
  14. I sort of know what Supreme_Spleen is saying, as I got to wondering this myself. Should we upload our projects (for this one, big project) onto the web somewhere so that the editor (whomever that may be) can collect, sort, and organize the info? It would be rather hard to type all that information and put it in the layout you suggested into these tiny little post boxes...
  15. Yup. Also, it might help things to run smoothly if we were each assigned (or we each choose, it doesn't really matter) a set of characters to write bios on. It shouldn't be a problem if someone gets characters they don't really know because Google is like your old grandfather who knows just about everything. One last thing, I know it was already sort of mentioned in this thread, but a definate layout/outline should be created so that everyone knows exactly what the format for each bios should look like.
  16. Well, obviously the one on the left is from a different game than on the right, and a part of these bios is/may be the games this character has been in. So, I suppose in a sense the bios would pretty much be the same, except for the game section. Unless in order to save a page one could direct both pic-links to the same page, and in the game section just say [young zelda] or [mature zelda] for whichever game corresponds accordingly.
  17. I'll help any way I can, though I'm not volunteering to be one of the main organizers since I, myself, am not organized nor do I have the amount of time and effort it would require to be in such a position. I, too, am glad I'm not the only one who thought the thread title was a bit...sexually referenced XD
  18. Ditto. Um...Trip-tto? Thirded? Double Ditto? ...me too, I mean.
  19. That's alright, Google can help too. As would I like to. If we are able to make this a site project, we should divi up the characters to everyone that wants to help. Or perhaps just have everyone contribute whatever info they can and have some people collect, sort, and organize info for each character. Nice idea/work to this thread's creator Now THAT'S what I'm talking about...New people that contribute in a positive way
  20. EDIT: You beat me again, WingsOfTime It's tricky for the first time, but I believe the coding goes something like this: [url=The link or Website address here][img]The address to the picture or sig here[/img][/url] Example: [url=www.geocities.com/manofchivalry2002/index.html][img=http://www.geocities.com/manofchivalry2002/InfiniteHPsig.jpg][/url] End result: Hope that helps
  21. Wow...I can't summarize it better than that. It's the most beautifully and interwoven piece I've heard in a long time, and it gives a soft, romantic mood to the zelda theme. Excellent work.
  22. I love it. It's also cool to have the "sounds of Link" mixed in with the music. I listen to it a lot...keep 'em coming!
  23. Wow, very nice. I love the way DS arranged (or reaaranged, not sure of the correct terminology) this song. I love this game, and I hope Darkesword and/or others do more remixes from this game. Well Done.
  24. Awesome...it's completely mind blowing. Congratulations and great job! Also, it's about time someone took my request from a year ago and remixed the end theme from Sonic 2 One year later, my request is granted, haha... Nice job to all of you. Now we need a NWG with a Sonic theme to top it off.
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