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  1. Jack Nicholson as Campbell!! Just watch 'A Few Good Men'
  2. Oo I dunno about this one. As fantastic as the idea may seem, virtually ALL VG-based movies are a load of shit. With the exception of Mortal Kombat, (the first one that is...hee hee) look at Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Doom, Silent Hill all shit. As for the choice of Snake himself, Huge Jackman indeed (for the MGS3 era) but for MGS2 and beyond, I would cast Mel Gibson. He's old, sarcastic and a got a mean punch. Perfect...
  3. I never saw that coming... this has really opened my eyes!
  4. I was following the developments from the forum, from the beginning when Shael announced that he propopsed to create a SF2 project. So my expectations of it were a lil high! But you know I have to agree with a few peeps out there that the album was a lil disappointing. But not entirely as sometracks just blew me away. Jose's take on Deejay's and Vega's themes was just tight! More of that please Jose! But as a side note to Shael... it is true that this album has even more potential to shine. Instead of treating this album as a 'complete' version, why not try to make it a bit 'open-source' where other artists can contribute to key tracks that may have been missed or were not included here (such as Ryu's ending, that would have been a good one). I'm not involved with the production or any other aspect of this project at all, just making a lil suggestion. U lot can decide if its valid, I wouldn't know lol. In the end it was a decent effort from everyone and I am pleased with it. Just perhaps not the outcome of what I was expecting but a worthy addition to OC Remix!
  5. COME ON when is this project gonna be fuly launched? I can't take the suspense...
  6. True, that! But I think he would be a vital part of this collaborative project. I'm sure all that are involved can also input quality into their tracks. Can't wait for the outcome of this! I've just about saved enough space on my I-Pod to fit the tracks! Come on Shael, we're counting on you...
  7. Just bumped into this thread whilst browsing and I'd just like to say the very best of luck to all involved in this Street Fighter project! I'm no remixer, but I damn well wish I could contribute. And why isn't McVaffe getting involved in this? Hasn't he seen this thread yet??????
  8. grrrr... 1 of da worse remixez iv eva herd. no offence 2 da baranowsky tho. i play Perfect Dark like nerly everyday nd i dnt recall ne of dat in possibly da best n64 shoot em up! dint convince me m8.. try again!
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