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  1. I 'AM' European and set up a US account. It was worth it, just for this game. Oh and also the fact that their PS Store is ten folds superior to ours. Capcom have been shoddy about Euro releases. Age of Booty just came out in the UK store would you believe it.
  2. An interesting debate has developed here. I can understand both arguments but I have to side with Pretzel and crew as the soundtrack could NOT have been done any better than it already has. In order to contribute, you need a solid background and proof of your credibility with previous remixes etc. A slightly on-topic point here, is it just me or could the game have been just a little bit better? In terms of its offline mode, wheres the score count? Rankings table? Gallery modes? (And dare I say it,) trophy support? I feel that too much emphasis has been on the online side of the game (which is not a bad thing btw), but perhaps the offline mode seems a lil neglected. I still love the game, just think it could have been just that lil more 'complete'.
  3. Amazing, sensational, breathtaking. I could go on as to how I could describethe soundtrack. Well done to all contributors, big or small. Highlights for me were Spittin Narcisism, Army Girl and Mountain breaker. Also credit to the modified tracks taken from BotA. As a side note, call me a n00b but I'm having a hard time finding some of the tracks within the game. Where is Rock the Asphalt? There was no opening demo from what I played, unless I'm mistaken. Oh and the Ranking Display too.
  4. Phew looks like I weren't left out in the SF HD hype due to 'PAL delay' syndrome. I opened a US account just for this game and boy I'm glad I did. Loads of nostalgia as expected, beautiful crisp graphics and the best part is most definitely the music. I followed this project since when BotA was officially announced by Mr Riley. So much has happened since that day and damn it was worth it. If I have a minor complaint, I would have liked to see the infamous Hadoken intro remade for this game. Oh and what happened to the theme tune??? Seriously guys, well done though for your contributions and let this be the moment where you put your marks on the gaming industry
  5. Thanks for the heads up Shadowwolf but I am aware of this method too. I am not too comfortable with it to be honest so I may as well wait for the damn PAL release. I have briefly played it at the Eurogamer convention in London about a month ago and it plays sweet. Wanted to hear OCR contributions but the event was too loud. Looking forward to the soundtrack release. Also to echo what DJp said, I do hope that contributors release extended versions after its release. You got fans in the UK too damn it... Oh fucking hell. I just read this, fresh off the press... http://www.edge-online.com/news/street-fighter-hd-delayed-uk-psn In a nutshell, SF HD Remix is released in the US today (on PSN) and tomorrow (on Live). What i did not know was that its also coming out in the UK on Live tomorrow too and there is STILL no confirmation of a UK PSN release. I am one angry gamer todayyyy...
  6. Slightly off-topic can anyone direct me to a tutorial or has the gaming wisdom to enable someone from EU territories (me) to purchase content from the US PSN store? I know making an account isn't too difficult but to actually pay for US content from my UK account? Hate these constantly dire PAL delays. No confirmation on its release date anywhere outside the US either.
  7. I just played HD Remix at the Eurogamer Expo 2008 in London and I am happy to say I like what I was playing except for the shitty Xbox 360 controller I was using (sorry Xbox owners). Couldn't hear the music properly cos it was too loud but I am looking forward to the soundtrack nonetheless. Street Fighter IV was alright as well.
  8. Thanks for the clarification Lionmtamer. By the way... is the final HD Remix soundtrack going to available for download in the vein of BotA (as in via OCR)? Oh and Jose, you have been to the party, you have the insider gossip.. when the hell is this damn game gonna come out?
  9. One thing that I am slightly perplexed about is the fact that there is no mention of Malcos anywhere since the involvement of OCR on the SF HD game. He made an immense contribution to the Asphalt project yet (unless I am mistaken), his tracks are not included anywhere in the game.
  10. What he said... After Shariq and Swordbreaker, I too (as a Muslim) would like to enter the debate. Sony were right to remove content which is deemed blasphemic by practicing Muslims, if music is mixed with the verses of the Quran. Music is still a very debatable matter among Muslims as many scholars as well as the teachings of the Prophet say that it diverts the mind of the one who is praying or reading the Quran. That is a logical justification as the Quran needs a peaceful and quiet environment for readers to fully comprehend its meaning. Having shed more light into the matter, I hope people can be more tolerant of other faiths and try to resist a bomb gag or flame war. As Altair once said may peace and blessing be upon you all...
  11. Stop replying to threads. Damn your posts are annoying, even if I don't know you.
  12. Found this funny clip with Seth's approach of Mario's heroics. For those who love Family Guy, check this out. For those who don't, steer well clear... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yXdFSWqJWkI
  13. I did read somewhere that Johnny Depp is in line to play the Riddler in the next installment. Can't be bothered to find the link... http://www.hollywood.com/news/Johnny_Depp_to_Play_The_Riddler/5283266
  14. Ouch its getting dangerously near to breaking point here. Give this guy a break ya'all. I'm with Faulken on this one, your bouts of discouragement has forced him to shun his intention to release the full version. Give him room to breathe so that he can perhaps reconsider releasing it here. Criticisms aside, I too am looking forward to the genuine article. The movie is done, the flaming is done, now at least let the actual viewing of the movie reach its end as well. That then should be the conclusion of this hate-filled thread with a lockdown by the site admin.
  15. Anyone seen this? http://www.legendofzeldaseries.com/main.php?page=fanmovie.html
  16. Is that sig for real? lol. In-game footage or clever manipulation of the Internet? lol. The n00b question is due to the fact that I'm not really keeping tabs on the new MK game. That aside, I could have sworn that Ed Boon sttaed that he believed that all the characters would die from MK Armageddon and a fresh roster will be created to start the series afresh. I hope he was not refering to this game after all. Bring back the 3D(ish) character movements, mulit-tiered stages and Ed Boon's head... **TOASTYY**
  17. A solution to this thread is for POCKETMAN to release the video and then the site admin can lock the thread, whilst keeping it sticky for a while. Don't know if that is possible on these Interweb message board thingymajigs.... POCKETMAN, some of us await the final product. Flamers and lurkers alike (i.e. ME)...
  18. Anyone seen this then? http://crackle.com/c/Jace_Hall/Jace_Hall_Ep_1_Duke_Nukem_Forever_SNEAK_PEEK_/2298717
  19. Whoa mirrors?? When did the album finish production?? Can't find link, can someone help pleaseeee.
  20. Get well soon mate. Hope you come back with more mixes and continue your Projekt Vegas project with Leifos into the future.
  21. 1. Even if it weren't written by David, I'd rather sign this petition and make him aware that such a petition actually exists, if he did not create it himself. Apparently he did write a script for a Metal Gear movie but was ultimately rejected. 2. We'll see how lulzy petitions are as Uwe Boll has publicly declared that he will retire if 1 million peeps sign a petition to get rid of him making video game movies. The likelihood of the petition reaching that number is high, but Uwe sticking to his word is not. Stil though fuck it, I'd still sign it.
  22. David Hayter has set up a petition in order to encourage Sony to give him the A-OK signal to direct a MGS movie. Hayter has been the voice of Solid Snake for ten years and has a great knowledge of the franchise. Moreover he has a great resume with films such as X-Men and of course X-Men 2 under his belt. If you feel he is the right man for the job, then get your name down! Whether this petition is actually set up by him or not, we should still support this great man!! http://www.petitiononline.com/hayter/petition.html
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