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  1. Lol at 'pleasantly surprised'. You shouldn't really even count the Welsh but I am sticking my neck out here: England- Good (theoretically) but disasterous as they couldn't even qualify for Euro 08. Scotland- Were bad, but since the new manager they have bigger balls than Engalnd at the moment. Were a serious threat against France and Italy in their friendlies/qualifying matches. Wales- Uh who? Rep of Ireland- Have quality players but are inconsistent at the moment. Northern Ireland- Are improving but without qualification for the Euros, don't have as much recognition.
  2. I think Croatia are going to be a surprise this time. Could they do a 'Greece'? I very much think so. The stupid English didn't even qualify this time, WTF was that all about. All they had to do was to draw or beat Croatia at home and thye lost AT WEMBLEY. Miseries aside, its been a great start and I was impressed with the opening few matches, Switzerland in particular, even if they lost. As for winning Euro 08, I'd say its out of Portugal or Spain for now. Can't really say til everyone has played at least once. Im glad there's a Euro 08 thread on OCR, hope to fill as much passion as the World Cup one lol. Come on guys, Ole Oleee Ole Oleeee!
  3. Dunno if this has been mentioned before but do you remember the Assassins Creed/ MGS4 hybrid video that was an April fools joke? Well it has now been confirmed by Konami that an Altair costume will actually be available for usage. Source...> http://kotaku.com/389819/you-really-did-get-assassins-creed-in-my-mgs4
  4. Interesting responses indeed. I now have a full list of games that I can introduce her to and your suggestions have been great. ...Great success! **insert Borat smiley head**
  5. Dayaaam! I started this thread when I was in uni (on a Sunday yes, with exams n all coming up) and I jus got home and get a barrage of replies! Great suggestions by the way. Some of you have already mentioned some titles that I had in mind so I know I'm not off-track lol. @ Triad Nion: You hit the nail on the head there my friend. Can't be bothered to deal with smartass remarks. @ Starla: Great suggestions indeed. OK I don't know how to classify my girlsfriends gaming habits. She is not an avid gamer like the typical OC'er, yet she does own a PSP and owns a Wii. When she initally bought both her consoles, she loved playing it, however the appeal did wear off her. Therefore I want her DS to break that trend. Oh and why did I buy a DS for her? Cos her birthday is coming up and she did indirectly hint to me that she enjoyed playing on her friend's DS for the first time. I can imagine games like Animal Crossing and Elite Beat Angels appeal to her. Any more to look out for then?
  6. Hello fellow OCremixers!! After a terribly cheesy opening sentence, I am pleased to inform that I have bought my girlfriend a black/red Nintendo DS Lite. Don't ask me why I didn't get the pink one. Anyway's cutting the crap, I am in need for some SERIOUS recommendations of a few titles I can introduce her to. Please do not mention the stereotypical 'pinkness' like Barbie World Adventure but something sensible that will appeal to the casual, once in a blue moon, female gamer. Hopefully I intend to change the blue moon aspect and have a few obvious titles in my mind already, but would like to know the diversity of opinions from everyone here! Cheers guys/gals...
  7. Why did they have to mess up a classic fighting franchise by not including fatalities? And the whole cross-over thing does not seem to suit the MK universe (well I don't think so, considering I have followed it right from the SNES days). When is a truly next-gen MK gonna rival the likes of Street Fighter 4?? Can't wait for the next SF btw... something to look forward to then.
  8. Apparently its true... http://kotaku.com/381294/next-mortal-kombat-ismk-v-dc **Insert Ed Boon's head, TOASTY!**
  9. That my friend, is for Street Fighter 2 Turbo. Turbo mode!!! Do I win a cookie too..?
  10. Drum n Bass Arena - Mixed by DJ Randall
  11. As a Brit, I am absolutely appalled by such actions, tarnishing an already misunderstood perception of computer gaming. Boo!
  12. Excuse me mate but wht is wrong wid Jose's lyrics? See I don't understand the criticism of Jose's Vega music. I think its absolutely beautiful. The world NNEEEEDDSS hip-hop ok?!
  13. I guess it makes sense, but if I had it my way, I would still go for the 'ca$h money' route lol. But as it is a mutual agreement, then I have nothing against that.
  14. Contributors of BotA should be entitled to some sort of royalty or income. It is essentially your music is is not? Capcom should realise that...
  15. Huh? So what does that mean? Is it finally on or still speculation?
  16. Motor Crazycycle by Tefnek Very Pendulum-esque...
  17. Ah yes LTJ Bukem.. the tracks to look out for are Demon's Theme, Music and Horizons
  18. Lol Omg can't believe Zircon the Great has responded to my post indirectly! Hehe. Slightly off-topic, good job with the competition win Zircon! Back to topic... if you lot like Drum n Bass, have you heard of Dubstep? Its a musical genre straight out the UK, (like a lot of things lol) which is kinda like an off-shoot of Drum n Bass. While its not as mainstream as DnB, it is beginnign to show signs of popularity as its being played more frequently across clubs here in the UK. A way to describe it is that its much slower paced but has still got elements of DnB's traditional hard hitting bass and pulsating synths. Oh and it does accompany rapping in some cases. An example of dubstep can come from the track Suspicious Thoughts by Skream (do check his material out too) on the recent Wipeout Pulse soundtrack on the PSP. Guess this is slightly off topic as well then.. ah well...
  19. Well you can either find it on Vinyl somewhere or... you have to find it the 'other' way
  20. Good drum n bass tracks hmm? Look for any track by Dillinja, Pendulum, Shy FX and DJ Fresh! Tracks you should download (like right nowww): Dillinja- Tudor Rose DJ Fresh- Nervous Pendulum- Another Planet (album version from 'Hold Your Colour')
  21. Thanks for the suggestion Dave, unfortunately I can not find such info in my uni library database either. If there are any 'other' sources of information you or anyone coudl direct me to (such as a credible website) then that will suffice to say the least. Thanks. Oh I forgot one more tiny detail I jsut forgot to mention... the deadline is on the 10th of March! I know, I really am in deep shit...
  22. Hello everyone, as an avid listener to the many OC remixes submitted on OCR for a good few years, I now require your help! As a final year uni student, my dissertation is focused on the Nintendo Wii and my objectives are as follows:  To understand consumers’ current perceptions of computer games. Is the activity of playing games socially accepted regardless of age or gender or is it frowned upon?  To make certain if the Wii is contributing to a new trend in gaming perceptions, buying habits or appeal. Is Nintendo’s targeting of an unconventional market a realistic strategy to widen the appeal of games? Does it encourage someone with no experience of playing games to make a purchase?  To realise if such trends will continue in the long-run or short-run. Does the launch of the Wii firmly establish this unfamiliar trend for the future? Or will it eventually bore consumers as they are too familiar with past and present gaming conventions? I.e. traditional controller inputted games. In order to succesfully complete my 'disso' (as we call it here), I would like a good source of reliable and if possible 'academic' information on past and present consumer perceptions of video games. As well as the Wii, I want to focus on the industry too and I am having difficulty in obtaining such information due to the fact that there is not alot of research done on this industry (oh apart from the violence in games and how it affects adolescents but thats about it). With the OCR community's wisdom, I know for a fact that I can accomplish what I need to and when it is done, I cannot express my infinite gratitude and appreciation to you all. I may also need to conduct an online focus group too in order to provide a richer analysis of my results so more of that will come soon if I get enough interest from this thread. OK enough pleading, now its time for me to wait (im)patiently for any positive responses. *Sigh.*
  23. The letter to principal approach seems like the best way to deal with this... btw I haven't LOLed at a thread like this in ages...
  24. Dark_Alex is the reason I still use my PSP! Thank heavens for homebrew!! 3.71 OE anyone??
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