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  1. Hope you're doing well Gario! Also, I hope that this comes out eventually haha -- Lufia 2 had one of the best RPG soundtracks around. I'd love to replay the game eventually too.
  2. Thank god I never played WOW aside from the beta. The Warcraft movie was pretty solid though they could do better. You guys from 2007 would probably appreciate what they made though lul
  3. You'll be glad to know it was from the horde's perspective mostly haha. We gonna get another at some point?
  4. Oh wow, you bumped the right thread a year ago lol. Dragon Force is still one of the greatest games of all time. SSF emulator is still solid -- at least it was a few years ago when I play through Dragon Force again. https://www.emulator-zone.com/doc.php/saturn/ You can get it here. You may need to torrent or find a bios or something to play iirc. It has been awhile, but it's pretty easy.
  5. This was a beast. Lasted me until like 2018 and still worked fine. Replaced it with its spiritual successor -- the Logitech G502. Highly recommended.
  6. What the hell is buy.com ? xD Seriously that's where I bought this?
  7. Lol, looks like I spoke to soon https://www.dpreview.com/news/6930207183/researchers-develop-5d-optical-data-storage-method-that-can-preserve-up-to-5tb-per-disc
  8. We already got 8k cameras in the hands of consumers though and streaming isn't quite there yet for most people. We're likely gonna want something better. But yeah, we should be using flash storage chips or something for physical game media and stuff it feels like. Of course, I'm old school so I still want games and movies to exist on physical media for as long as possible (even though ironically most of my games and movies aren't on physical media xD) Pretty fun looking back at these format wars though -- I swear nobody even remembers hd-dvds existed anymore.
  9. How have blurays not been superseded yet? Streaming doesn't count btw -- we're talking physical media here. I swear this is basically what we thought was supposed to be next lol https://ideas.fandom.com/wiki/Green-Ray_Disc
  10. This one is special -- I very rarely comment on remixes, but this one takes me to another time -- somewhere in the early 90s perhaps. Beautiful chill jazz -- very classy feel. Especially love the beginning, and even the name fits perfectly. Thank you for this one -- some true talent here.
  11. Wow, my third remix review post ever as I don't do it often, but this piece is is just wow. It has a timeless sound to it, and it is so warm and quaint. I think you'll go places...
  12. College campuses are great places to be homeless. Do you have a vehicle? Vehicles are also a solid place to live out of.
  13. 'Twas cool meeting you OCR peeps. Gario knows his Hold 'em, and Prot can totally play for me next time xD ha ha. Too bad I had so much to do otherwise I would have definitely been down for more. Perhaps another meet-up! Also, I can now match faces to remixes -- I definitely found I had at least one remix saved from everybody I met that I had enjoyed for quite some time -- so keep up your inspiration!
  14. Yeah, it's really hot out here for your average out-of-towner so swimming is fantastic, but anything else outside is probably best done at night. Karaoke is great, dollar blackjack at the Sahara is fun, especially when you're getting free drinks, barbecues might have to planned if you're doing them at a park, and you have to ask them if you plan on bringing alcohol unless you make it obscure I suppose. If we go the park I'd be down to set up some slacklines which are basically like tight ropes but they wobble quite a bit if anyone wants to try that. I mean, the heat isn't so bad if you're dressed light and stick to the shade -- maybe hang at the park, but yeah, it'll probably be too hot for anyone sporting a monitor tan. Also, I can guide a small group of 5-10 around Red Rock at night if anyone were interested in that (it's a sight to see, and definitely an under-looked aspect of Vegas), but unfortunately you aren't allowed to start fires out there to make Smore's or something unless you want to risk getting a hefty fine -- though I have done so before a of couple times.
  15. A. Alien prequel? I'd at least be hopeful. B. Predator could make a come-back provided they have it take place in medieval times, or some early historic era. We all know everyone wants it. B. No Inception 2 please. Or at least, not a continuation... The ending was perfect.
  16. In other news, don't go see Predators. Also, Inception is a beautiful movie -- even haters should have a hard time hating this one.
  17. Oh snap -- I come back to OCR and find you guys are finally having a meet-up where I live. Win sauce. My work schedule is tentative, but I'll definitely be down to hang some of these days. If necessary, I may be able to drive people around a little provided they are cool peeps. So yeah, I am confirmed for Brawl. Edit: If anyone needs to know anything about Vegas let me know -- I've been here far too long, ha ha. FYI $1 Blackjack at the Sarah -- best way not to donate too much money to our city if you know what I'm sayin' If you're looking for good cheap food, Blueberry Hill is the place to go, and they have one near the Flamingo. Also, there is a Asian Karaoke Bar not too far away as well if you guys are down for some drunken karaoke! (You know you want to!)
  18. Actually, that question should be rhetorical. I probably could have put this YouTube video in another thread, but it's too damn good. I have made the executive decision that it deserves its own thread. Iron Scottish = Pure Win Sauce.
  19. I think what made the original Sonic games entertaining was the music and sound effects. Like, half of the fun of those games was hitting stuff that made random boings and dings, and bouncy sounds. Try playing Sonic without sound -- it's not cool.
  20. FF8 is my favorite game of all time next to FF6 and Warcraft 3 from what I remember, and I also remember FF10 being pretty damn great (if only because of Auron.) HOWEVER, I haven't played either for, like, 5 to 7 years which is around and before when I joined these forums. I'm pretty sure my opinion is now invalid for even myself... But I probably won't have the time to play though an entire Final Fantasy that I already beat and validate or discredit what I am saying for a very long time
  21. I concur, those are some beautiful pictures. Here are a few pics I took out climbing that I feel really capture the atmosphere: My camera can't quite capture how great a summer night out climbing is, but I tried:
  22. Parkour is great stuff. I love it though I'm not exactly great at it (I can mostly just jump extremely high onto/over any obstacle). I'd like to see some of what you're doing, though you should really get some video if you really want to show what's going down.
  23. He would have payed less for a model that is a step up from what he bought. I don't know about you, but I would rather pay less for a better set of headphones, especially if it's a long term investment. That said, it isn't a big deal or anything.
  24. Well, you could have gotten the Audio Technica ATHM40FS for only $60 on Amazon (could have gotten the ones you bought for only $50), so you got gypped, but I'm sure those are pretty good since Audio Technica generally kicks ass for the price regardless.
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