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  1. I don't know if this has been posted yet, but: Every Final Smash
  2. I'm in need of a good racer besides Mario Kart. Any suggestions? Also, I enjoyed Castlevania PoR immensely, and was wondering about the similarities and differences between it and the other DS game. Also, to Dr. Wilhelm, get Mario Kart and Tetris DS. They're amazing, especially in multiplayer.
  3. You should only charge it when it's close to being dead. If you constantly charge it, it'll wear on the battery after a while. That's what happened to my first DS. It's life went down by like a third before I traded it in.
  4. Great movie. I was never once confused by the plot line, because I PAID ATTENTION.
  5. Whatever happened to all those people who got mews and cloned them in emerald? I was promised one back when they had that event....
  6. Yeah, I got them to work now, but I may have exposed a problem with the database. Drack's looking into it.
  7. So I keep adding my codes to the database and it keeps not taking them. It says that they've been successfully added, but then they don't show up, aside from Mario Kart...
  8. I have this case from Nakiworld that I got from EB that's pretty good. It has a zipper compartment for the lite, and then another one that holds 3 gba games and a little ds card case with room for 9 cards. The set also comes with screen protectors, 2 extra styli, a car charger, and some other good stuff. I think I got it for ~$20.
  9. I went to the concert in Vienna, VA last summer. It was... kinda lackluster, to be honest. I really liked the new arrangements, but I guess the orchestra didn't live up to my expectations. It was still well worth the money, though. I really wish there was a CD coming out for this show, though.
  10. Diamond: 3351 0630 2271 Starfox: 850 009 556 954 Tetris: 833108 951563 Mario Kart: 064502 770673 Chocobo Tales (lol): 262091 204437
  11. Actually, it averages out to about 3.8 minutes per track. I've got about 1500 tracks here, but I'm on dial up.
  12. Holy crap, do NOT work at a convenience store/gas station. especially one with Made-to-order food. I work for Sheetz as a sales associate. That means I'm a cashier, Food cooker, Shelf stocker, coffee maker, and whatever else the manager wants you to do. Our hours are determined by how much profit your store generates, and since it's the "slow season," We've all been getting 1-2 days a week. We end up with only two or three people there per shift: One on register, one making food/coffee orders, and a manager. That becomes IMPOSSIBLE when there's a rush. People have ended up waiting 20 minutes or longer for food, because they think we're McDonalds and can handle huge volumes of people ordering food at once. Customers are complete ASSHOLES. We just happen to be a pre-pay gas station, so customers have to pay before they pump. They also have to refuse to know anything about how to use a gas/kerosene pump. It'd be a lot better if we could put signs up explaining stuff to customers so they can figure it out before cussing out the cashier/any and all other employees, but the manager's a huge asshole and only cares about his fat paycheck. It's just a huge headache. This is becoming a rant, so I'll stop. Time for bed.
  13. So, Clubhouse Games. How is the pool in that game?
  14. So yeah. Escaping from the Magitek Lab SUCKS.
  15. I wish EB had called me like they were supposed to to tell me it was in. Now I lost my reserve.
  16. That's most definitely fake.
  17. Also, remember that the player's firmware takes up space too. That accounts for a litle of it. I have the 60 gig Zen Vision M. It is teh sexx. The picture/video quality of the screen is amazing for a 2.5 inch, and it handled all my video files just fine, and converted the ones that it didn't. It was also only a little more than the 30 gig, from where I got it. It also has a decent amount of accesories. I <3 it.
  18. http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/30334545/ Not quite what was asked for, but cool nonetheless.
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