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  1. Honestly FuriousFure, go buy EBA. It's a whole lot better than it looks. As long as you like rhythm games, you'll be hooked.
  2. I stand by my statement.
  3. http://olremix.org/remixes/300 Superior.
  4. Yeah, I was at EB the other day, and some lady walks in and goes "hey do you have one of them Game Station 4 things?" She ended up buying 2 ps3's- one for each nephew. And Agent Chieftain looks kinda like Chuck Norris.
  5. To Mom and Dad: $50 in Olive Garden Giftcards Handheld Sudoku Game for Mom A Jesus fish for Dad clothes To Girlfriend: Pink DS Lite Nintendogs: Dalmatian edition A new jacket To GF's Parents: More Olive Garden Giftcards TO GF's Sisters: Giftcard to local craft store for little sister(She's into art) Pittsburgh Steelers Wireless PS2 Controller for older sister (She's obsessed with them) Then I ran out of money
  6. Well as it turns out, that driver is only for charging the phone via USB, not transferring files. Ah well, I can just use my phone's internet, as it's included on my plan.
  7. Actually, it didn't come with the phone, it came with my MP3 player. It's just a standard USB transfer cable. Also, many thanks for the link, Smoke. Haha, I tend to forget about Google when it comes to new gadgets...
  8. I just got a RAZR today, and one of the things I wanted to be able to do is transfer pics, ringtones, etc. between it and my PC through USB. I have a cable that's compatible, and when I connect it, the computer goes through the whole "Found new hardware" thing. Thing is, it can't install itself. I guess I'm supposed to install some kind of driver for it, but I don't have any software for that, and the manual doesn't even mention USB. So I was wondering, is there something I'm doing wrong, or am I stuck having to send things through the internets and download them through the phone's browser? PS, It's a Cingular phone, if that makes any difference.
  9. The Mognet. There's no way to put a space, or if there is, Nobody I've talked to had found it.
  10. So, did anyone get Yoshi's Island? was the music and sound as bad as everyone feared it would be?
  11. How is the gameplay? It seemed a little iffy to me, and if the controls were anything like Encounters for PS2, I'm out.
  12. I'd recommend Canvas Curse for pure fun. For platformer overload, get her NSMB and Squeak Squad too. Actually, I recommend figuring out if she's a dog person. If she is, Nintendogs is right there. She likes dogs, and dislikes hard games. Looks like Nintendogs and Canvas Curse, then. Thanks to everyone!
  13. I got my girl interested in the DS, so I'm getting her the pink one for Christmas. I'm thinking of getting her Super Princess Peach and Nintendogs, as well as a kirby game. Should I get her Canvas Curse, or Squeak Squad? which one would be better for someone relatively new to gaming?
  14. What's with that tacky E-starand ad in teh remix write-ups? Isn't there a less intrusive place to put that?
  15. Yeah, you should just set up a list, then you know when to cut it off and say "Sorry, all taken."
  16. Kick-ass, Sign me up. Anyway, I'm not too worried about the mic thing. I'm thinking about getting a headset for it later on. Will any work, or do I need one specificaly for the DS? EDIT: 666 lol
  17. That makes sense. Trying now... Well I got one balloon to inflate, but nothing else. I guess it's not broken, just really finicky.
  18. Yeah, I've tried blowing at different strengths, and different volumes, and while moving and standing still in the game. I'm thinking it might just be the Mic. Think there's any chance of getting my DS lite replaced with a black one?
  19. I've been holding it level to my belly button... Maybe I'm blowing wrong, I've been doing it like I'm actually inflating a balloon.
  20. It's still not working. I'm playing Balloon Battle in Mario Kart, if it makes any difference.
  21. I'm having a problem with my DS Lite Whenever I play games that involve blowing into the mic, it neer seems to work. I blow until I'm light-headed, but I only get minimal results, if any. Is my mic broken, or am I just doing it wrong?
  22. You can go into Options and lower stylus sensitivity. That's what I did until I got more comfortable with it.
  23. Okay, Metroid it is then. Thanks to Phthisis and KakTheInfected for the feedback!
  24. I just got a bit of extra cash, so I'm wondering which game out of these to blow it on: Starfox Metroid Prime Hunters Castlevania Sonic Rush Also, the Star Trek game coming out in October looks cool too...
  25. This is awesome. the creepyness of it reminds me of Danse Macabre by Camille Saint-Saens. Yes, the tuning is iffy, but to me the pros outweigh the cons. Great work.
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