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  1. The beginning to this reminds me of A Nightmare before Kefka. same instruments and such. Just a weird coinsidence. Other than that, this is awesome. Good work.
  2. This is the first time I've heard synthesized sax and didn't cringe. Definitely a keeper. Thank you.
  3. Yeah, but that was the point of this one. This is supposed to be a somber, depressed rendition of it. Kinda like an unrequited type of thing...
  4. It's Latin, not gibberish. and I remember when I first heard this song (not the remix, but the original), It gave me chills too. It's awesome, isn't it?
  5. My God, this is awesome. I love the sound of it, I love the changing time signatures, I love it all. Great job, McVaffe.
  6. Holy crap, this is awesome. There isn't much more I can say about it. Great job.
  7. No, it's an italian restaurant, duh. And the owner's fake italian accent and moustache are oddly familiar...
  8. I actually found this one while listening to that OC Remix Radio thing. as soon as I heard it, I went and downloaded it immediately. This thing is awesome. EL EDITO: The trumpet sample works much better in this one than it does in the Zelda 3 mix by the same guy.
  9. Its not an issue with the quality of the bass sound... its an issue with the bass playing completely out of key with the rest of the piece... Is he ever going to fix that freaking bass?! Gar! I love this mix, minus the bass.... its a real shame... that bassline is really driving this one into the freaking ground... Scott, if you are out there! Dude... how can you live with yourself knowing that this bassline blows in every way digital and audial. Man, drop that accoustic crap of a bass, and put the funk back into this mix. you may drive me to have a crack at gerudo valley myself. Yes. *head explodes*
  10. Nah, that's just part of the chord progression of this song.
  11. Ow. THis song SUCKS. I have no idea what Pretzel is talking about. Talent? Where? THis is some random band (that has apparently never heard of tempo) ramdomly playing notes that sound somewhat like the SMB theme. Ugh, stay FAR awat from this one.
  12. Yes, this song rocks. Yes, System of a Down did not do this song. Anyone who has heard anything by them should be able to see that. Also, I heard a song by a band called Choji Moji that has the exact same lyrics as this, only with some extra stuff in the middle. It kinda sounds like crap. Oh well, this song still kicks ass.
  13. Finally. I knew this one would make it as soon as I heard it in WIP form. THis is, without a doubt, the best remix of this I have heard to date. Congrats Trenthian.
  14. I think I saw this one in WIP form at some point, and it wasn't too impressive then. But let's have a look... *downloads* hmm... I have a midi of this from vgmusic.com. It's an okay remix, but not the best. I'd probably like this more if some of the soundfonts didn't sounds so much like my computer's GM sounds. Just my opinion though.
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