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  1. Currently my backpack is 2 pages for all-class hats, 3 pages per class, a spacer page, a page for botkillers, a page for festives, and a page for halloween items. Also, I haven't been able to play TF2 for days. No source game will get past the bald guy movie. It'll play it, try and load the title screen, then crash to desktop. I've tried TF2, CS:S, DoD:S, Gmod, L4D2, and Dota2. Dota2 has no problem. Every other game, the exact same thing. I've done everything possible except format my hard drive. I've deleted & reinstalled each game, steam, verified files, deleted custom configs, at one point I disassembled my computer and reassembled it. Nothing is working.
  2. As a gamestop employee, a "perk" you can get in that shitfucked hellhole of a wasteland known as a "job" is to borrow games from the store. And they'll sell these discs as new, to boot.
  3. If you're buying Civ 5, yes, get the Gold Upgrade. It includes every DLC except Brave New World, the new one.
  4. We had this discussion before in the dmc thread. You're still wrong, and DmC is still a shitty game not worth $5, made by a dev team who openly mocked and derided anyone who voiced a complaint about the game, and produced a shitty, dumbed down 12 year old's version of what's so cool and awesome and I am genuinely glad it tanked in sales. Slightly more on topic: The current crop of games for sale is pretty good. Evoland is worth about $5, although I'd still call it a bit odd. Gunpoint is worth every dollar of entry. Fallen Enchantress is terrible, if you haven't played DXHR by now what is wrong with you, and don't buy Tropico 4 without getting Modern Times, at least.
  5. I'd just avoid buying it all together. It's a bad game.
  6. Pika logged on and did it again a few nights ago, and we had one legit ragequit. Pallets of Crates are the best items ever added to TF2. I need to load up one of my alt accounts with them and just hit up the matchmaking service.
  7. I sold a lot of hats. Also, technically L49 now.
  8. Games keep getting cards like crazy. Randomly during the day and night they'll just throw more on there. I maxed out my Steam Summer Sale badge, so I can use my extras to try and get those cards, but eeesh. Is Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie Army worth the five bucks they want? It looks over the top boring.
  9. Someone fucked a crate and got splinters in their penis, what do you think happened?
  10. What I am saying with that is, 100% of Double Fine doesn't need - or probably can't - work on Broken Age. I can't claim to know the inner workings of double fine, or their corporate structure, but I would place bets on people finding themselves with little to do after their section is done, or there being situations were having 12 people on one task would be everyone stepping on everyone else's toes. Is he supposed to fire those people? Pay them to do nothing? Obviously someone in that building had an idea for another game, and they wanted to work on it, and they flat out rejected traditional publishing means. Which means they needed to kickstarter again. It is entirely logical in a business sense what happened there, and to be angry at it, thinking it's somehow dishonest, or he simply wants to steal more money, is ignorance at best. There were free hands, they wanted to do something, and didn't want normal means of publishing. So they went to Kickstarter. While he does not give exact numbers, he does deal to quite specific degree what has been completed in the past week, what is being worked on and dealt with, and any problems that have cropped up - at one point, the building lost power for a few weeks due to construction. So, yes. While he doesn't give an itemized spreadsheet, he does explain specifically what's being worked on, what has no work, what costs more than usual, what problems arise, etc. He also says that backers don't have to pay again - they still get early beta access and still get the game if they pledged on that level. (If you weren't assuming this, I apologize) He increased the scope, and misjudged what said scope would cost. It's commonplace, and he admitted several times at the start the entire team was taken aback at the massive increase in funds. Shut Up And Take Our Money, etc. And yes, it's his job to have some idea of what's going on in his game. You said you read the email he sent out, he makes it quite clear he's sunk a shitload of time into planning and number crunching. None of what he's said or done in the documentaries, backer emails, or reports from other people or conventions have given any impression at all that he's irresponsible with this to the degree you keep stressing. A project's scope got inflated, people ran numbers quickly to keep things current, and like every other project that has ever existed, the numbers didn't add up in the end, so they went to try and fix it. As for Sullivan's Sluggers, I brought it up because they did exactly what you seem to be in a flying rage over - the author of the book essentially got a shitload more money than expected on Kickstarter, shafted the artist, tried to start a second kickstarter for the same product and tried to disguise it as "help me with postage", and then when the kickstarter explicitly said the book and such would be backer only, it came out where all that extra money went, and it was to get more copies of the book printed to sell it over Amazon. The book went up for sale before any backer ever received theirs. And he shafted the artist in the middle of all this. THAT is irresponsible fuckery with money. Double Fine is not. And reading the email again, he seems pretty much to be blaming himself for it - he outright says it's his fault because he "designed too much game." I'm not sure where you're getting off that it sounds like he's trying to be blameless and just going "give more money plz"
  11. Uhhh, it's actually incredibly common for companies to have multiple teams working on multiple projects. Like, that's a no-brainer. What, was he supposed to take money from Broken Age and drop it into Massive Chalice? That opens a shitload of legal problems - "I gave you money for this product, and you used it for something else." That would actually be a severe issue and could cause a legal quagmire. I'm not sure why you're acting like Tim kicked your dog or something. I backed it at the lowest "Get the game" Level and I'm satisfied. I get pretty frequent updates, documentaries and everything and he's rather open and transparent about everything. He is being pretty much the absolute opposite of "totally irresponsable." He's not being like a Denis Dyack or some shit, he's openly going "So the same thing that happens to every project in the history of shit being made ever happened to us, because the numbers of what we got in the first place turned out to be wrong. So instead of pulling a Sullivan's Sluggers, we're going to drop what we can make on Steam Early Access, and then hopefully money from people who were on the fence and didn't kickstart will give us the boost we need to complete the rest of it." If you want something to be actually angry about kickstarter mismanagement, look up Sullivan's Sluggers. That is legitimate bullshit greed. This is not.
  12. "We'll be tweaking the stats on dozens of weapons in this next update—but we thought you might find it interesting if we walked you through the decision-making process on a select few."
  13. In the case of doublefine, welcome to being the publisher when making a video game? This shit happens all the time. Even outside video games. Predictions and numbers are wrong. Someone on the team gets sick. Just simply life happens, and things get thrown out of whack. It is extremely rare for a project of any scope to actually end up budgeted out exactly as planned. We're just seeing it from a much clearer point of view now. We're seeing it directly. If this was an EA game, they'd already have another kickstarter up, and I'm somewhat relieved Double Fine is handling it the way they are. tl;dr: welcome to game/movie/etc publishing.
  14. http://www.teamfortress.com/post.php?id=11023 Huge Update coming in the near future, featuring two new maps, and apparently a massive exploit-fix pass on old maps
  15. I think you need to either slow down or take the burger out of your mouth, or just wait a bit later to post because damn.
  16. I've yet to find one of these titles that was ever bad or unplayable. At worst, they're very polished retreads. And to further tie this in, it's the pile of money they make on these games that allow them to drop cash on crazy shit that may explode right out of the gate. I imagine just one Mario title funds 4-5 crazy experiments. I'm more than willing to deal with New Super Mario Bros U Wii Awesome Next Turbo Edition on the shelf, if it means Nintendo's comfortable telling Suda51 "Here's a sack of money, go nuts, tell us when you're ready to ship."
  17. Bayonetta 2 exists because of Nintendo. Nintendo was the only company willing to take a chance on it. No other company was willing to take the risk or be that lenient. You are wrong, everything you say is wrong. Nintendo has a rather big history of being creative. Any other company, after the 64DD or even the fucking Power Pad flopped, would have tightened up into the same shit-spewing bullshit EA has become today. Nintendo does a shitload of creative things each year, and most of it fails, and rarely does one succeed, but hey, welcome to the creative fucking process: not everything is going to be a winner, but if you're actually intelligent, you learn from the failure, you learn what worked, what didn't, and apply it again. Virtual Boy, e-Reader, GBA-GCN. Christ, all the way back to the Grey Brick era, Nintendo had 5 carts and a keyboard that were part of, no joke, a fucking office productivity suite. The keyboard had a mount on it for the gameboy, you plug it in via the link port, and it was shit like a scheduler and day planner. They were doing crazy shit that far back.
  18. Strange Part: Ubers Dropped (This is Medics Killed while they have a full charge) Strange Part: Heavies Killed Strange Part: Giant Robots Destroyed The War Pig The Fast Learner Kukri The Huo Long Heatmaker The Enforcer
  19. edit: oh sure lag when i'm posting and then someone else posts it
  20. CliffyB is basically an entire tool shed at this point.
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