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  1. Uhhh, Dante's Inferno was pretty much the shittiest God of War clone it could be. It was God of War except without any of the fun parts, and a huge floppy dick swinging around during the final battle. Had the dick repeatedly slapped you in the face, it would have been even better, because that is about the quality and maturity the game was - a big, fully rendered and textured blue dick smacking you in the face. To say nothing of the astoundingly awful marketing for Dante's Inferno. I tried to find numbers on the sales of the game and on marketing costs, and the most I can find is an extreme drop in aggressive marketing by EA after the whole circus of Dante's Inferno, which thankfully suggests the whole thing backfired. EA's track record right now could generously be described as "putrid." The Sim City launch and their subsequent response, The Old Republic and its rather...bumbled launch, and a shift to free to play so awkward and forced it blew out the clutch, a general attitude of contempt and disdain towards people who voice complaints - did you see their response to that whole worst company fiasco? They blamed homophobia for it. As far as Star Wars goes, EA is probably the one company that could make a game that's more of a waste of money and time than Force Unleashed. I can't wait for a game that's nothing but fucking Hoth land battles with paid DLC and map packs.
  2. Is it possible we could delete the arena maps off the server? Arena is where fun goes to die in TF2. Maybe send a group of goons to the house of anyone who tries to vote for it anyway. You know, to make it long-lasting.
  3. It all boils down to "Will it sell?" which has shown recently to be a pretty big net, but the openly stated goal of catering to japanese players does not bode well for it's hopes, no.
  4. Kotaku is terrible, stop reading them. http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/interest/2013-04-25/compile-heart-final-fantasy-amano-and-uematsu-make-rpg So they're making a jRPG, "Catering to Japanese players." I honestly have no idea what that (As in, what a "Japanese player" would prefer) means anymore, but I think catering to an exclusive part of the world isn't something you can do on a larger budget nowadays. Smallish games can get away with it, but the need for bigger profits as budgets grow clashes with "cater to a small exclusive group of people"
  5. Yes, I have played Dark Souls. My argument is that the world is entirely neutral in how fucked everyone is - whenever I found Reah in the Duke's archives, she was hollow and attacked me. And I'm arguing for the DiD trope, the woman has to be stripped entirely helpless, and the sole motivation to rescue her is "She's the woman." She has no affect on her situation, she could be replaced with a box of cereal and the story would be entirely unchanged. Women who are captured but still fight back and affect the story and outcome aren't DiDs. That's my point, that most of the games you list, arguing that they encopass DiDs, the women in there actually fucking do something about it, and in some cases never needed or wanted a rescue, and in others, no one cared that they were in trouble, they were peripheral to another goal.
  6. Tweaking the art and media would be simply changing the output without examining the source, or at least teaching the "Why people make a big deal out of it." A ground-up teaching of "This is why this line of thinking is toxic and unhealthy" is needed for any actual palpable change to come of it, including the absolute annihilation of the "brogamer" stereotype, which I feel incorporates sexist views and attitudes towards both genders into it.
  7. Your criteria is extremely flawed, because under it, you can fucking include every media that has ever included a female, ever. Damsel in Distress specifically refers to the fact that the female herself is entirely powerless in her own situation and she is little more than an object or token to drive the plot. You could replace her with a car, or a can of orange juice, or anything else, and very little would have to be changed. That is literally the trope. "A female character has to be saved" is not a DiD, there are plenty of examples of "female character has to be rescued" that are NOT DiD, and as said, Borderlands 2 and Dark Souls both feature them, because the women in them either have agency, don't function as the sole driver of the plot or quest, or aren't in distress that any other character, male, lizard, walrusman or whatnot, isn't. Dark Souls especially is exceedingly neutral in how fucked everyone is. I took away from the game that in a lot of the cases, you're late to the party. There is no damsel in distress. They're already fucked. You can't save them, the most you can do is sift through their remains hoping for something useful, or put them out of their misery in a few other cases. Again, "woman needs help at some point" is not DiD. Final Fantasy 8 you mentioned is an excellent example of the trope, and how it's misused to create a false sense of urgency at the expense of a female character, when Rinoa could have been replaced with a copy of the game script that was actually good, and nothing would have changed. Hell, that'd inspire me to move faster. 7 and 9? Both of them feature female characters who at some point are rendered helpless, but are not DiD. Tifa, Aeris, and Yuffie all have depth and logic - Aeris herself is absolutely fucking astounding because by every account she comes off as one, and then within 20 minutes she's threatening to stomp balls and it's clear she knows exactly how people see her and fights that image. Dagger starts out somewhat weak, but by the end, she's very strong. Characterwise, anyway, she could never beat out Steiner in my playthroughs.
  8. In BL2, Angel isn't a DiD, though. Part of DiD is being helpless, having no real agency, something Angel very clearly has. And she isn't even the primary goal - the goal is the Vault. The only reason you're heading for her is for the Vault Key. Same with what happens after - the woman is a secondary issue, and far from powerless. You just want to stop Jack from opening the Vault. The point of a DiD is their helplessness to fight against their situation. They exist soley as motivation for the player character to get out of their ass and do something. In BL2, Angel is not helpless, nor does she ever function as the sole token for you to move. In Far Cry 3...not much can be discussed without spoilers there, but there's already been a lot of good writing on how much saving was perceived by people who played it vs what actually happened. I'd argue the game makes a very strong case that no one ever actually needed saving. And in Dark Souls, again, how do either of those females function as the reason you're pressing forward trying to win, and in this capacity are completely helpless?
  9. I want to mention three games on there A) Far Cry 3 - doesn't it actually mess with the whole thing? I don't want to actually go HEY SPOILERS, but my view on it is that it actually purposly fucks with the trope itself. Not that I'd expect her to play the whole game to see this so there's that Dark Souls: Isn't everyone kind of fucked in that crapsack world? "Damsel in distress" wasn't even remotely near what I was thinking about when playing that, moreso "Everyone is in a constant neverending hell." It doesn't discriminate, genderwise, with who needs help, who isn't getting it, and who gets brutally murdered. C) Borderlands 2 doesn't really hit on "The woman is the thing for you to get, and she's helpless." Angel clearly has powers that she actively exercises in the plot, and I'd argue she has plenty of agency. There's a lot of things wrong with Borderlands 2's writing, but it's treatment towards women, for the most part, isn't one of them. I'm trying to forumlate a response to putting Duke Nukem Forever on the list, but at this point, DNF is it's own joke and punchline.
  10. Does Soule still consider SOPA and it's ilk (Now CISPA) a good idea? Because if so, no sale from me.
  11. Goolge "Hyperdimension Neptunia" and check out the PS3 games. Also, do that in an incognito window, and also without anyone else looking because JESUS CHRIST the second game will make you feel creeped out.
  12. Then boy howdy you don't want to watch the other "People represent video games" anime that's coming out soon
  13. Once again, things to trade Vintage Hats --- Scout --- Vintage Ye Olde Baker Boy --- Demoman --- Vintage Demoman's Fro (Pink - 216) --- Engineer --- Vintage Engineer's Cap Normal Hats --- Scout --- Baseball Bill's Sports Shine Bonk Helm Hero's Tail Robot Running Man Haunted Spooky Shoes Troublemaker's Tossle Cap Void Monk Hair Whoopee Cap (Pink - 216) --- Soldier --- Dr's Dapper Topper Honcho's Headgear Salty Dog Tyrant's Helm (Pink - Hell) Haunted Zipperface --- Pyro --- Birdcage Blazing Bull Coffin Kit (Uncraftable) Head Warmer Old Guadalajara Haunted Plutonidome Pyro's Beanie Pyrobotics Pack x 2 Tribal Bones Winter Wonderland Wrap Haunted Wraith Wrap --- Demoman --- Battery Bandolier Grenadier Helm Hustler's Hallmark Rimmed Raincatcher Sober Stuntman x 2 Tavish DeGroot Experience --- Heavy --- Cadaver's Cranium Hard Counter U-clank-a --- Engineer --- Big Country Engineer's Cap Industrial Festivizer Haunted Master Mind Mining Light x 2 Texas Ten Gallon (Uncraftable) Virtual Reality Headset --- Medic --- Berliner's Bucket Helm Doc's Holiday Gentleman's Ushanka Medic Mech-bag Otolaryngologist's Mirror Prussian Pickelhaube Ze Goggles --- Sniper --- Bolted Bushman x 2 Cold Killer Liquidator's Lid Master's Yellow Belt Villain's Veil Haunted Voodoo-Cursed Sniper Soul --- Spy --- Haunted Exorcizor x 2 Familiar Fez Magistrate's Mullet Ninja Cowl Haunted Scarecrow Stealth Steeler x 2 --- Multiple --- A Rather Festive Tree x 2 Haunted Bonedolier x 2 Haunted Boo Balloon Haunted Crone's Dome x 4 Haunted Dead Little Buddy Dr. Grordbort's Crest (Uncraftable) Ghastlierest Gibus x 2 Ghastlierest Gibus (Purple) Teufort Tooth Kicker (Uncraftable) Warsworn Helmet Promo Hats --- Scout --- The Essential Accessories x 2 The Superfan x 3 --- Soldier --- Lumbricus Lid --- Multiple --- Demoman Mask x 4 Ellis' Cap Engineer Mask Heavy Mask Medic Mask Resurrection Associate Pin Scout Mask Sniper Mask Spy Mask x 2 The Athletic Supporter x 3 Strange Weapons --- Scout --- Strange Baby Face's Blaster Strange Force-A-Nature Strange Wrap Assassin --- Soldier --- Strange Equalizer --- Pyro --- Strange Flame Thrower x 3 Strange Homewrecker Strange Neon Annihilator --- Heavy --- Strange Tomislav x 3 --- Sniper --- Strange Sniper Rifle x 2 --- Multiple --- Strange Pistol Vintage Weapons --- Engineer --- Vintage Southern Hospitality Normal Weapons --- Heavy --- Sandvich --- Sniper --- Sydney Sleeper --- Multiple --- Conscientious Objector Tools Description Tag Crates Series 2 Crate Series 3 Crate x 3 Series 4 Crate x 2 Series 5 Crate x 4 Series 7 Crate x 6 Series 8 Crate x 4 Series 9 Crate x 3 Series 10 Crate Series 11 Crate x 2 Series 14 Crate x 3 Series 15 Crate x 3 Series 16 Crate x 4 Series 17 Crate x 2 Series 18 Crate x 2 Series 19 Crate x 2 Series 20 Crate Series 23 Crate x 2 Series 24 Crate Series 25 Crate x 2 Metal Reclaimed Metal x 2 Refined Metal x 111 Scrap Metal x 2 Steam Community URL: http://steamcommunity.com/id/L3DivineBuster TF2B: http://tf2b.com/tf2/L3DivineBuster
  14. My point is that for less than the cost of a HIGGELDTYPIGGELTY I can get a system that has more or less the same kind of games, and also has other, better games on it. The OMOCHAO is a neat toy, but that's all I can see it as. A toy to fiddle around with, play phone games on your TV for a few hours and then realize why certain games made for the phone don't translate well to the big screen, and turn into a media server or streaming box for movies. Certainly not revolutionize console gaming like they and the fanbase liked to talk about. I'm not sure what this is supposed to be, I never demanded no one purchase an AMPERSAND, nor did I say the devs were holding a gun to my head demanding I buy one or they were going to shoot. About the only part to that I'll grant is the weaker hardware. The memory is certainly much less, and the processor, I ain't got a clue on. I know that the Tegra3 is pretty okay overall, but couldn't find diddly squat on the PSP's. The games issue? BS. I can root around online, I can download straight off the PSN, I can dig through bargain bins, or hell, just hit up eBay and get the A-list games dropped onto the PSP for $2-$5. The rare one may pop up to $10, but at the very least, I know damn well that (most of the time) I'm getting a game that had a lot more effort put into it than most of the games on the MRGMREMGRMBLE. This is supposed to be a bad thing? You can hack the ORBITALTRAJECTORY wide open, and you can hack the PSP wide open as well. I tested it just now with mine, grand total of 2 minutes to make it homebrew capable. I never had any real problem with it. Granted, I liked to carry my PSP around and play it while waiting in the office or at college, something I can also do with my phone, which can play the majority of the games on the OSCARMEYER, since it's droid! The JOHNMADDEN talked like it was going to slay the mighty goliaths of the dying video game industry and revive it into some Elysian paradise. I tried to follow it from the start, and the more the developers talked about it, the more I became concerned that we basically had a bunch of people with a pipe dream, a nice idea, and no solid understanding of just why certain things in business work the way they do. You can't just take a huge stack of money, rub it on something, and expect gold to flow out. I wish the people behind the best, but I saw a big lack of real world knowhow and expectations with it that I pulled my pledge entirely. Following the Gamestick, they seemed a bit more down to earth, if less party hard, about what their thing was going to do, and also of the amount of bullshit they'd have to push to get it anywhere. Someone I know called the APPLEJUICE, "The Ron Paul of Video game systems." I wouldn't go that far, as to my knowledge I don't think the SCOTTPILGRIM is actively racist, but the uncomfortable fanaticism is there, along with the lingering feeling that a lot of people are going to get screwed when it crashes down.
  15. If you want to split hairs that far, then the price of the Hoorah is N/A since you can't buy one at retail yet. If you want to actually be logical about it, if I had $100 in front of me, I could get a PSP and several games of my choice for it, or one of these things, or any number of things other than the Ohyeah that look, sound, and are ran by people who seem to have some common sense and goal beyond, quote, "Bring back TV Gaming." I mean, I'm impressed they've made it this far without collapsing, but we're already seeing cracks everywhere. If they can make it to June without a catastrophic failure, another plus for them, but I don't see the Boogityboo being little more than a small toy that comes with a premium price.
  16. http://www.ebay.com/ctg/Sony-PSP-1000-Base-Pack-Silver-Handheld-System-/101802815 $50 for a PSP, $20 for a PSN card because I trust the Ouya people about the same as I trust Sony with my CC info, $70. As far as the game itself goes, having slogged through that entire murderous mass on the DS, FF3 is probably the second worst game Square-Enix could have released as a 'premire' title, the worst being Final Fantasy 2, which at this point I think they want to forget they made it. Doesn't exactly speak volumes about their confidence in the thing.
  17. http://blog.us.playstation.com/2012/09/21/final-fantasy-iii-coming-to-psn-tuesday/ Technically PSP but you can already do PSP games on the TV.
  18. Hat is kind of okay, but it's a class you play and the effect is good! Could be worse. A N&B Nanobaclava, for instance.
  19. I STILL NEED AN OCULUS RIFT HAT CODE THING AND CRATE 50S RARAGLRATRAGAGBLE. I have a Bubbling Vintage Merryweather up for sale for...not sure yet. A friend wanted some metal, so I gave them 100 Refined for it. I'd like to turn it into keys, but that's best case scenario.
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