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  1. I'm on Lothar, and I can't get a LBRS run to save my life. On the flip side, I'm so utterly sick of UBRS that I refuse to do it with anyone other than good friends when someone needs their Blood, because dirty jokes about The Beast/etc make it bearable. I've had the Halcyon, the Smolderweb quest, the Warosh one, and the UBRS key quest for MONTHS now. I just need Omokk's gem. It's like 15 minutes with a half-decent group just to get to Omokk. And yet I cna't find 5 people who have 15 free minutes while they're waiting 2 hours for AV to pop. On a side note, I'd totally help out on a UBRS run for (most) anyone in this thread. It's just doing it with 1/3rd PUGs, 1/3rd Whiners, and only 1/3rd people who are actually decent that has driven me to loathe the place And in all the times I've run it, Drak hasn't dropped my Magisters, so I'm stuck with Necropile Robes. Anyone got any suggestions on a robe I can use in place of it until I cna get Arcanist?
  2. I find AV to be excellent honor if you have AoEs. As a Mage it's rather easy for me to throw a Flamestrike or whatnot into a huge fight at the start and hten start picking off people. Plus when both sides have their shit together, AV is truely epic.
  3. Shut up and go away. I've decided to try and get as high in PvP as I can, since I was booted from my guild for questioning a stupid decision. Guild's already crumbling anyway, 8 people gquit after I was booted. Any other OCR people have a character on Lothar? EDIT: Woo, page 100.
  4. Yeah, uh, I accidentally deleted all my Netherwind.
  5. As a long-time fan of Kirby games, I'd have to say I like the sound of 'Rise of the Star Warrior' better.
  6. Played this at a new years party that had 98% old farts who didn't know Video Games existed. 100% of the people loved it. This IS something you feel compelled to dance to. I recommend against driving while listening to this, as it may cause you to try and make your car dance to it. WHich is bad.
  7. I throuougly enjoy this mix. Very nice to listen to every so often as something to mellow out to, in my opinion.
  8. This is jaw-droppingly good. I can't really say what hasn't already been said. And Parts 2-4 exist now, with the Finale being judged soon (I think)
  9. This mix makes me glad to be a Seiken Densetsu fangirl, and that I never ever sold my cart from the day I got it, which was about two-three weeks after it came out.
  10. I am quite the fan of OCReMix, and burning songs to CD to listen in my car is something I've done for a while. The other day, I had Music of My Groin playing on my car stereo, driving down the street to the Albertsons, when I see the flashing red and blue lights behind me. My stomach leaps into my throat, for I have been given a ticket before, and I didn't need my insurance any higher than it already was. So I pull over, and the cop stops behind me, and...suprise. He wasn't giving me a ticket, he was, quote, 'Wondering what the hell that is on your stereo about a groin' So, congrats, Shael, for making the first OCReMix that the Police will stop you for. (Endnote - I gave the policeman the site name and address, as well as the name of the song.)
  11. Oh wow...this is superb. The 'mellow' feeling of it is very relaxing, and the...dammit, I have no knowedge of musical terms, but the change that happens at 1:33 was very, very superb and I just stopped what I was doing and just listened. Great work, Neil.
  12. Wow. This is nice stuff. The imagery he described helped me enjoy it more, since more often than not, I'll listen to music by itself, rather than as a background for gaming or such. Plus, it's (technically) a Seiken Densetsu mix.
  13. I thought it was really well done, although parts of the machinery in the background sounded...dampened, dull..not sure how to put it. I think that's the fault of my headphones, though.
  14. Is that the 'Almighty Mix'? If so, do you happen to know the CD it comes from? Google has been uncooperative in my search for that.
  15. I am proud to say that I managed to not get caught when I played it over my college's PA system. I did have trouble restraining my laughter when everyone was talking about it, though.
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