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  1. Extend the "played recently" flag to last for several hours - days, even - and see if that works. And, again, delete all Arena maps off the server. Have Powerlord code a plugin that deletes your TF2 inventory, uninstalls TF2, uninstalls Steam, and formats your computer if you try to vote for it.
  2. Reddit is basically MRA Headquarters, though. They'll disagree with anything a woman says on principle, reguardless of the message. I'll rephrase it slightly: Her work has made it be an All or Nothing deal. It's become impossible to separate "I disagree with her, because it's poorly researched grandstanding that's flawed at a very fundamental level and is hurting women in video games more than it's helping" people from "Suck my dick bitch whore" people. If she was actually good, the entire base of detractors could be dumped, because it'd all be the latter. Instead, we have people agreeing and vehemently defending a very flawed analysis (if you can even call it that) because there is absolutely no middle ground.
  3. Reduce Arena to five minutes, and lock Badwater and all of it's variants to "Twice a week." Delete harvest from the server. Or at least retire it. Also, Gamemaster, the hell did you do?
  4. This to me speaks of a worse problem with Anita Dispensaheah: She's doing it wrong, and yet the entire thing is so toxic and volatile that you have to agree with her bullshit or you get mobbed.
  5. Overall, though, just don't fucking react to the goddamn trolls, seriously. The less response they get, the better.
  6. I have a spare quick fix. Give me your steam name profile thing and it's yours.
  7. Bahamut or Sombrero can swoop in and tell you the admins, but I can tell you about the TF2 Economy: Unless it's a Salvaged Crate, it's worth next to nothing. He tried to rip you off. With very very very few exceptions (promo items), no weapon is worth more than another weapon.
  8. Okay I want to say something to everyone who dorks around on TF2 here If someone comes on, and starts spouting racial slurs, and makes it painfully obvious the only reason they're there is to see how many times they can say the n-word until they're banned Don't talk to them. Don't acknowledge them, don't react to it. Whenever we play, we have at least one admin on. They've seen it. They're already typing the ban out. Don't give them any sort of satisfaction that they've gotten a rise out of you. Ignore it entirely until they're banned. tl;dr: "Don't feed the trolls."
  9. Viewed out of context, you can claim almost anything is any -ism you want. It's very important to view, if not the whole picture, then a large majority of it. You don't get to claim X is sexist, and then pretend that X exists in a vacuum. As djp mentioned, if the game is purposely and clearly mocking the archaic, or even a parody of itself, not only would that cast considerable doubt on "this is sexist", but pressing further into the game, something which, with increasing frequency, Anita does not appear to have done, could show that not only were they aware of the trope and it's implications, but they end up turning it on it's head, or at the very least, smile and nod and say "This is bad, and we do not support it."
  10. Except not. When mistakes of this nature show that she did nothing more than a google search and wikipedia read, which to me calls into question the validity of most of her arguments - if you're basing this entire thing around not even doing the most basic of research, why should I believe any of what you say, especially when you're trying to present it academically and as an authority on it?
  11. The biggest thing I remember about Bamco's stupid fanboyism was when they openly mocked Vesperia 360 buyers and thanked them for "beta-testing and subsidizing" the "Much better" PS3 version. I'm not sure which business school they went to, you don't ever fucking mock your customers like that.
  12. If it's still the first turn, you should be able to basically reroll starting positions. I forget how to do it, but I know you can
  13. Namco-Bandai has a pretty hilariously awful track record with parity between the 360 and PS3 version. In short, they openly hate the 360/have a serious fanboner with the PS3.
  14. http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/interest/2013-07-19/namco-bandai-games-to-release-soul-calibur-2-hd-online-game "The company added that the PS3 version will include Tekken's Heihachi."
  15. Apparently Heihachi will only be with the PS3 version. Oh Namco-Bandai. Even when you're smart, you're dumb.
  16. The latter. I wish I knew what happened, so when it breaks again, I can do it and skip all that shit. And yeah I was on for a bit. Do I miss the normal festivities or was there a rather large uptick in special pubbies today? From the benign ones like that scout who passive-aggressively begged for hats to the ones spouting racial slurs, it seemed really pub-like in it's enviroment.
  17. No, no I have not. Is there a specific email address this should head towards?
  18. I liked the Summer Camp Sale & the Winter achievement, but they had a loooooooooooooooooooooot of problems. At least a third of the achievements were bugged, requiring devs to push a fix at the last second, or Steam to swap things around; I imagine coordinating 30+ developers to do something at the same time is a tremendous headache and nightmare all around.
  19. Added! Just dump in any cards you want for the ones you need, at this point I'm basically a sentient card trading bot for people I know.
  20. I have 2 Bioshock Infinites, 4 Chivalrys, 5 Dead Island Riptides, 7 Football Managers, 5 Kerbals, 9 Reus, 6 Skyrim, 6 Torchlight 2, and absolutely no use for these, as I got my Level 5 badge early.
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