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  1. One of my favorite most recent remixes if not my favorite most recent one.
  2. I love this remix so much. The only part I don't like as much is the clicking in the middle. It sounds EXACTLY like a Hard Drive dying. And since I have about half a dozen HD's connected to a server that I am constantly keeping up with it made me think one of them was dying the first time I heard it. And in my time with computers I've heard that sound many times. I didn't know what it was at first until it stopped and I replayed part of the remix. Needless to say I was relieved it was the music and not my HD's. Doesn't make the remix any less awesome.
  3. I love this remix. It's so good. Now all I need is one for Potential For Everything and my life is complete. Two of my three favorite pieces from the soundtrack. Seriously, someone do Potential For Everything.
  4. I love this one. It is what it says. It is trippy. I enjoy it immensely.
  5. So why haven't we gotten anymore BG&E remixes yet? So sad the game is awesome with kick ass music yet only has one remix.
  6. I swear I replied in here. Guess not.This song actually convinced me to buy the game about two years ago. I am deeply grateful as this game is perfect. Beautiful looking, awesome story, kick-ass main character. Shame we may never see the two sequels they originally planned to make. This game needs more remixes. Only one is not enough. Frame of Mind is a moving piece.
  7. The opening talking was nice and realistic. The music was great. But the end was out of place. It didn't do it for me. The principal's gonna get even with the kids? WTF? That is not realistic. That ruins it for me. I guess I could cut it out with iTunes, but man. Out of place. All wrong.
  8. Agreed. Totally stupid. Makes no sense. Childish humor, and not the good kind.
  9. I have always loved the music from this game. This is one of my favorite ending themes. This remix is very well done.
  10. This is yet another one of my favorites. When I first hear it, I was blown away. I love it so much.
  11. I am a DOOM fan. I love DOOM. I have loved DOOM since I first played the Shareware demo. I have bought every kind of PC DOOM released. I own every Console port except GBA DOOM II and 3DO DOOM. I love DOOM. I love its music, I love its feel. I would play a game of DOOM before considering a game of Quake or Duke 3D. I love DOOM! That said, I have not heard a DOOM song or remix I did not like. I have downloaded every DOOM song and remix I can find. This is one of my favorites. Right up there with the id-licensed "remakes" from the "DOOM Special CD's".
  12. I do not have this game, but I find this remix one of my absolute favorites so far. As for the game, I really must check this one out. I keep hearing good things, so I will be picking it up ASAP.
  13. This has been one of my most favorite Remixes for a long time now. Ever since November. It's absolutely moving and has such a feel to it. It's right up there with the Beyond Good and Evil Frame of Mind remix.
  14. You know, I really suck at MegaMan games, but I must say this and that "Tickle my Wily" song are two of my favorite Remixes. Even if they are the same song done different ways. Game music rocks. Remixes rock harder.
  15. I also own Final DOOM. This is a great piece. FD had some of the best levels ever designed on the DOOM Engine. I was truly impressed with what they pulled off when I got it. Invisible bridges, see-through doors. Bulletproof windows. Okay, those are all the same trick, but it was amazing how they used a Bug in the engine to pull off some amazing stuff. Plus the detail in the levels was levels higher than what was in the original two.
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