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    If you could BE a remix, what would it be?

    = So, what's your favorite remix?
  2. HumpteeFree

    OCR00931 - Mega Man X "The Zero Sacrifice"

    Well I know Vig's an established remixer and this tune is old, but I just have to say, it's my favorite of his. Although the sound quality isn't tops, the weaker samples make the guitar sound so hot in contrast that the overrall side-effect is dramatic. It actually ends up as a good thing. I don't know how it would have sounded with better samples, but probably less naked. And naked can be good. To me this sounds like the mix that got the most heart poured into.
  3. HumpteeFree

    OCR00405 - Super Mario 64 "Sunken Suite"

    The best remix of this theme I've heard. I think the drums just add to the strong climax.
  4. HumpteeFree

    OCR00633 - Castlevania "Castlemania"

    This is really good stuff. Could be in a movie soundtrack. I like the whip. Download it.
  5. HumpteeFree

    VG Frequency: U Love VGM

    Hey Larry, any plans on having DJP on the air?
  6. The piano is pretty cool and the beat is good. My only gripe is I would have liked a stronger lead for the second part of the melody as the synth is lousy compared to the guitar of the original.
  7. HumpteeFree

    OCR00397 - Mega Man 3 "Get Down"

    The best Snakeman remix to date. Style and variety on top of quality. I really dig the solo. Style style, download this.
  8. HumpteeFree

    OCR00593 - Shadowgate "Mystic Piano"

    Not scary,mysterious. I like that, good work. Minus the misfit ending.
  9. Good stuff. That'd fit well in the movie. The part DJP wrote about is my favorite too. It sounds a bit like Angel's theme song, which was sadly the best thing about Angel.
  10. HumpteeFree

    VG Frequency: U Love VGM

    Hey Larry, I was wondering if you took requests of original game music. There's a good unknown piece I want people to hear, and hopefully, make them want to remix it if they like it.
  11. I don't take this remix would make it today. Sweet to the ear, but I don't find it creative enough, too repetitive and close to the original.
  12. HumpteeFree

    VG Frequency: U Love VGM

  13. HumpteeFree

    VG Frequency: U Love VGM

    If there's a link to the archives, I want it.
  14. Excellent and very creative, once you "access" it. Sounds ethereal.One of my favorite.
  15. HumpteeFree

    OCR00818 - Mega Man 3 "Blue Reflection"

    Yeah well, maybe the sound quality isn't top but that only makes it more real. Lyrics are often full of bs and ruin the song(that's why I like instrumental),but your lyrics really go well with the tune's feel, which is SADNESS. But sad is good...yeah.