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  1. LOL wow! i remember this thread! i went to my first tournament before this thread and whined when i got chaingrabbed by ice climbers i kinda stopped going to tournaments for a while after that but then got back into it. i'm probably the best DDD player in my region now, and my region is good enough for that to actually mean something. anyway yeah, i still play it! and brawl+ is great fun too. i missed jigglypuff so much.
  2. i'll play a few sets with you, but don't expect a lot. i've only played online once or twice and play offline A TON, so i might take a minute to get used to it. and even then i'll probably be awful FC is 1478 4178 5050 7126
  3. my friends and i are like this. we play 1v1, no items, fox only and on neutral stages, but we don't have the time, money or desire to go to every single tournament in the smash scene. there are some people that literally dedicate their lives to it and i just...can't see how. i have school, a job and a girlfriend who all take precedence, these guys are going to tourneys literally every single weekend. we go to tourneys every once in a while, about two or three a year. i place alright at most of them (33 out of about 100, 3rd in my pool which had fucking MEW2KING and KORN and K-9 in it) but i just can't put any more time or energy into it than i already am, you know? i play other games. i don't just wanna play smash for the rest of my life.
  4. if you have the means to enable brawl+ you can just turn off tripping anyway. that is to say, you can take out tripping in REGULAR brawl with the right codes. i have two codesets: one for brawl (which basically only eliminates tripping, removes the replay time limit and such) and the codeset for B+ yes, falcon is overpowered, but it's only because with the hitstun in the game (which is a bit too high right now and it makes combos too easy, they're working on it now), falcon can follow up on absolutely any move he puts out. they spent a lot of time making him better, i'd imagine. the knee is back to the way it was long ago, as is rest. rest makes me really happy, since i played jiggly in melee. his priority is still balls, but that doesn't matter any when you're as absurdly fast as he is.
  5. we play brawl+ a lot too it really is a lot of fun but honestly falcon is more than a bit overpowered, i think
  6. yeah, that sounds extremely arrogant. you shouldn't be the final boss of your own tournament...and i sincerely hope this doesn't mean that if you win you get the prize even after your opponent has torn through the bracket. that'd just be dumb.
  7. does anyone still play this? 'cause i got a video up now gotten a lot better since johning about the ice climbers way back when http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWkPkxytLMA it's kinda serious but kinda not EDIT - oh red shadow, you're mobilisq? i think i saw you in the WE CAN RECOVER video, i love that one :3
  8. hey, i'm right here!! for some reason i thought we ended the talks with me awaiting a response. my bad, brudda ;(
  9. what the hell was up with his accent in this one? it started off just fine, then his accent turned very, very strange. i missed approximately 30% of the content because i was trying to fathom it and when i tried to go back for what i'd lost, i just ended up losing it again because seriously what the hell. EDIT - hahah, i started writing before the damned posted. whoa. anyway, even if it was parody, the fact that he kept just pulling it out of nowhere was a little irritating to say the least.
  10. gentlemen? reviving an old thread. got a vid of my peach online finally! it's not very good (i love fullhopping aerials, for whatever reason) and this peach is only a week or two old, but it's not a bad match! by the way, i ended up winning the tourney http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RochPfA4VUk please don't snoop around for the other videos--i pulled out DDD after this match and i played very, very poorly. like, i don't even know how i won poorly. the ZSS player is very, very good at spacing, so i had to rely on barebone tactics to win. it worked, but the videos are hardly flattering.
  11. well, i guess Watchmen is coming out in three months...
  12. mine was playing MM9 with my girlfriend in the room. i played a lot of the early MM games on emulators and whatnot, so while i was playing it for the first time, i still knew that these strategies had been discovered; i subconsciously knew the way through the bosses. with MM9, it was completely different. i kept myself away from strategy guides and forums so i could go my own way. it was extremely frustrating and kind of boggling (seriously? the woman from the water is vulnerable to BEES?), but it was intensely satisfying when i finally completed the game. also, my girlfriend had never, ever heard me cuss that much, and i don't know if she ever will again.
  13. i too bought my wii thinking it'd be great. it isn't. i have ten games for it in the span of two years (not so bad, i guess), but most i doubt i'll ever touch again. the only one i really really ever got into was mario strikers, but only because the competitive metagame that formed around it was absolutely incredible. i've just revisited older generations--collected a ton of PS2 junk, NES games, stuff like that. and i've recently gotten big into PC! the wii can't sustain me like the PS2 or even the gamecube could last generation. bottom line: wii isn't bad, it's just not a "primary console," which is a big issue. when SNES and genesis came out, it was difficult to have both, as they both had so many goods things going for them and it seemed impractical to be able to enjoy the many, many good games for either. while there's really nothing i want to play on the 360, i definitely think it's established itself as the primary console, while having a wii is a nice but completely optional decision. 360 has the games everyone wants, most people buy a wii for three or four really really good games.
  14. i do think it's cool how they have some unifying characteristics ivy and squirtle's usmash is really good, squirtle and charizard have killing throws, stuff like that is neat ivy still sucks, though
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