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  1. No you're actually wrong, the Wii U can actually split audio through it's AV analog port out to an external source, and output video through HDMI. It wasn't possible at first, but with the latest firmware update to 4.0, you can now do so. Nintendo mentions it on their support website and even has instructions. Looks like it's your lucky day!
  2. I'll be getting it come Thursday as well. But why are you so eager for other people to get it Atmuh, the coop and multiplayer modes aren't online, so you're still gonna need to have people come over to play it
  3. who let the dogs out + glowsticks = one happenin' club
  4. i just wanted to chime in and correct something that everyone seems to be confusing. Lots of you are saying that if you don't play video games for awhile, you don't get withdrawal symptoms, such as you would if you were "addicted" to alcohol. But you're not using the medically correct terminology. Having withdrawal symptoms is known as "dependence" not addiction. Hence someone with alcohol tolerance/withdrawal has a diagnosis of alcohol dependence (303.90 in the DSM). The word addiction isn't really used in medicine because of the public's confusion with it. And what the AMA is debating isn't
  5. Yeah, pretty much when you get to a certain skill level in tetris attack, the online gaming part becomes flawed. That's because with the new controls, it's super easy to do 15+ chains and any decent player can survive for ages as long as they conserve pieces and continue to resend back garbage blocks. Most people including the japanese are playing on normal mode online, which is way too slow. Also I've noticed some people using a technique I have named cloaking. I.e., they'll play badly the first couple seconds. This makes the other person think they've got the game in the bag and they then pr
  6. Anyone who's followed the current trend in Korea knows that video game/online addiction is a real and sometimes serious problem. If this were to be implemented in the DSM-V (coming out in 2012), which will be the next version of the psychiatrist's big book of diagnosable disorders, they would most certainly put a clause such as _causes social and occupational impairment in functioning_ which they always add as an addendum. As a future psychiatrist, I will be treating this as addiction is my specialty!
  7. Hey bahamut, lets play sometime, all the american people online suck and can't survive 2 seconds against em. Find my friend code in the database!
  8. Wooooo, the EMPEROR of OCR has returned. Another ridiculously good starsong that strips the crown away from all other would-be remixing greats and places it squarely back on Star's gigantic head. Way to go Star!!!!
  9. Hey, can people post some streaming video game radio url's other than the ocremix ones? I've been looking around but have only found one or two and their bandwidth is pretty crappy. -MaGi
  10. M. Bison at the end of the street fighter alpha series is always really hard, especially since you only get one shot and can't continue.
  11. Thanks for clearing those points up, now I see where you're coming from.
  12. haha, this song is awesome and this review is probably the funniest thing I've ever read. This has got to be some sort of joke I hope, because it makes absolutely no sense. Could you please answer these questions to the best of your ability in order to defend your review? I'm just so curious as to what you're thinking, because I've never read a review that made me laugh so hard. #1 what is a "trademark" genesis sound? #2 why does making a xylophone sound like a piano 'waste' the xylophone?? #3 The song WAS written and arranged for live instruments and transposed to the NES (hence the dueli
  13. good stuff, i'm pretty impressed. You realize that the album title on the mp3 file tag reads "blood on the ASHPALT" right? oh yeah my only criticism about the music would be the vega track. I like what jose did with the dee jay stage, but since when is Vega a ghetto hip hop baller from the bronx?
  14. Blah repeat what the previous 19 entries said, I kinda agree with all that. But what struck me most is that this song is almost an exact replica of Starblast's chrono trigger remix "Black Wind Rising." I.e., they both start out crappy with terrible samples and the impression that the mix will blow, then comes a radical change and the song gets good. Except that star does this to the nth degree while this woodman mix never quite does the same kind of quirky and amazing theme variations that we hear from star. So to summarize, this mix is like a Roman Venus de Milo to me.
  15. Zircon I think you totally misunderstood the context in which I was using the term 'real' instrumentalist. I meant that to mean people who 'really' play instruments who are familiar with concepts like musical pitch and have a discerning ear with absolutely no intent of implying that you guys aren't real musicians or something of that sort. It wasn't a jab at any of you and should have been read without any notion of being sardonic. Sorry you chose to view it that way. And you know, I was trying to temper my negativity by starting out with giving Pixie a compliment. I'm not trying to be mean, I
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