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  1. i just have one question. me and jorgander are like two of the four people who wrote a negative review for this song, and we were viciously attacked for our opinions. People will always say, "You said such and such is garbage, but you fail to back it up." Yet there are plenty of positive reviews that say nothing more than "this is awesome! thx! i will listen to it in my car, while on the toilet, etc etc." Yet these people don't backup their claim of why the song is so great. So all I'm saying is, stop reviewing negative reviews. Just cause someone doesn't agree with your positive views doesn't make you all just and moral. People should take criticism and learn to handle it. Otherwise they'll be setup for dismal failure later in life. If anyone responds to this message in a negative light, you will only be proving my point, so don't bother!!
  2. Yes. Your opinion is true. I'm not going to bitch at you, but it tears me apart to see you describe a work of art that I created as shallow. It just feels like you are completely missing everything I put into this piece of music and dismissing it because it is electronica. I could be wrong. Sorry to dissapoint you. I will try harder. -chth P.S. Playful smilies do not make your words nicer. No, i actually got everything you were trying to do in this piece. It's just not very exciting or original to me. But that's just my opinion. I like your older works. So yes, next time try harder just for me. <-- Doesn't make my words less harsh, yet imparts a subtle feeling of well-being.
  3. Uninteresting, shallow, nothing particularly original. I would classify this one under video-game elevator music. Of course, you'd have to be really lucky to ever hear this one in a dentist's waiting room, since this remix will surely drift into permanent obscurity in about a week's time. Sorry but it's true
  4. Doh, this song started out pretty good. The first 10 seconds sounded really neet. But as soon as that cornball robot voice came in, I actually couldn't help but start laughing out loud. I would have liked to hear some more things done with the melody and some variety added to the mix. Your playfullness at 2:26 is one example, but I think you could have done a bit better than that. 4/10 my friend.
  5. Pretty good remix, but not one that will be very memorable in the long run. What really saves it is Pixietricks' singing. Her Zelda 64 Prayer remix was a whole lot more original however.
  6. Unoriginal, uninspired, boring, and lacking substance. Totally average remix in my opinion.
  7. What you're saying makes sense, but I don't see it applying to my song. Plenty of pretty clear ups and downs. I wasn't subtle about anything. I have to agree with Dectilon, this song is boring. After you've heard the first 63 seconds of this song, you've pretty much heard it all, and everything that follows is pretty standard remixing 101. "Ups and downs" doesn't really cut it when it comes to creating a work thats truly outstanding. If you were listening to 1000 remixes in a row, would this one stand out? I think not.
  8. This is a very very bad attempt at making music. Whether maze was going for a 20th century avant guardesque sound or just trying to be original, this song soundly fails to do either. I suggest you pick up some J.S. Bach and listen to what battling organs REALLY should sound like. Next time go for a baroque style, not some ridiculous random jumble of notes pasted together. And don't bother quoting this and replying with "you just don't understand modern music" if you've never studied Schoenberg.
  9. Odd, I'm a big fan of all of your other works. But I can sum up my review of this one in one word: *YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWN*
  10. hmm, I disagree with the premise of these review boards. Most people who praise the artists here often do so without pointing to any specific features of the song that they liked. So why not bash them without reference to the song as well? Secondly, syc·o·phant: A servile self-seeker who attempts to win favor by flattering influential people. I don't see how you can't find examples of that in this board. Either you believe that the remixer in question isn't influential (not an unlikely scenario) or you have no grasp of the english language. As for my self-hypocrisy, I have to give you props on that one. Although the fact that you searched that hard to prove a point is kind of pathetic. Lastly, I don't dislike the genre entirely, look at what I wrote about Star's Spacebeam Space harrier remix. Alright, no more of these shinanigans! L8t
  11. sorry I didn't know the words "bad" "talentless" and "Crap" were politically incorrect and/or overtly offensive
  12. You see, you're just proving my point. If you bother to notice, it's called a "review" board which means criticism is expected. If you're going to be a serious artist/composer, you have to be able to handle critique as well as praise. I don't see why I get attacked for being negative and no one gets attacked for being positive. Double standard. Now go away. Oh and the compositional value of the song sux btw.
  13. Oh god, you've gotta be kidding me. This is like a bad eminem ripoff with wannabe lyrics and a talentless rapper who just has a knack for some fast rhyming. I can't believe this crap already got 39 reviews. Someone really needs to put a stop to the sycophantism around this place. It's no wonder talentless people like Ashlee Simpson can so easily take over the music industry when people laud stuff this bad.
  14. eh, this remix is nothing special. annoying robotish voice accomplishes nothing except add a load of creamed corn to the mix. perhaps the only reason people like it is because it's a castlevania remix with some nostalgic worth. I bet if this was a remix of say, a nine inch nails crapwork, no one would pay it any attention. Not to diss this remixers skittles or anything, I mean, he obviously can remix. But I just didn't feel this mix. It was as if I was in a bountiful forest where the trees are made of cotton candy, and it looks as if the foliage will be delicious. Yet once you pick the cotton candy and plop it into your mouth, it quickly melts away and leaves you with nothing. Perhaps this mix has just made a bunch of carny's richer, and us listeners slightly poorer.
  15. whoa, I like this mix. It's good and your remixing skills must be too, to garner a rare MaGi_TekK vote of approval. That oh eh stuff does get a bit irritating when you loop the mix though. I think I'll use it to piss people off when I'm arguing with them. I'll be like, "yeah well go Oh Eh yourself."
  16. I totally agree, for anyone who ever wanted to learn the true meaning of the word average, please listen to this mix. It is the EPITOME of average, the middle of the bell curve, the median meets the mode, the 5'9" white american joe, the most inconspicuous tree in a forest full of look-alike trees, a 75% on a curved chemistry exam...need I go on?
  17. mmmmm, decent stuff, but I deleted it from my playlist after listening to it twice. Not a bad effort, keep trying yo.
  18. While the production and samples is a little weak, the great arrangement more than makes up for it. Production (not just samples, but processing, mixing, mastering, etc.) is just one important criteria we look at. The arrangement here is definitely great, and the weakness in production didn't diminish the quality of the mix. In my view, it was well above the standard bar overall. Gray you thought the arrangement was great? I don't see how you can come to that conclusion. I didn't really find it particularly innovative, nor did I like the way that there was no real flow or progression within the music. Seriously, listen to it again!
  19. The judges must have been a little tipsy after letting this one slide through. Wait, am I on vgmix.com or is this still oc remix??
  20. Well, this song caught my attention and was pretty unique for the first minute or so. But then it didn't do much else. Pretty much a repetitive beat over and over with very little variation. Still, it has the classic Dj Pretzel feel to it. I could tell this was a djp song from a mile away. Decent mix, mediocre for a remixer of such high caliber though.
  21. I don't get it, this is the most average song I've ever heard. Why is everyone going crazy over this? I downloaded it the first time and deleted it after listening to it once, then redownloaded it again after seeing all the reviews and noticing how its been sitting on top of the most recent list for so many days now. On listening more carefully a second time, all I hear is a lackluster piano opening, and later on a soundtrack that totally reminds me of eating in a chinese restaurant with bad chinese opera on in the background. Seriously, what's the deal here, this song is slightly better than a Justin Timberlake Ashlee Simpson remake of the macarena. But that's just my opinion. EDIT: wow, that was a huge reply, now I have to redownload this
  22. Another great Salzman work. I must say this song is truly excellent in all respects, superior to what every other remixer has to offer as usual. Now for some negatives...The only thing I can say is star stuck too close to the original and didn't go for any of the really creative stuff. Oh, that and this song has been remixed 1000x before; someone really needs to do the last level music, and add some Pi Pi Pi magic to it. All in all, a ridiculously good remix when compared to everyone else, an average Star quality remix however.
  23. You know the part around 2 minutes when it sounds like someone is singing? Teeeheee, that's me. I randomly said, "jump into the sky, like a moon over the stars going crazy, like a pie in a blackhole vortex going through subliminal messages." BTW, this song is like, over a year old. Why does it take so long to get stuff posted on OC remix?
  24. This is one hell of an awesome remix. I've been listening to it for a couple of months, and you really have to play it for a while before you can start to grasp the subtleties in the work. At first I thought it was just another average remix, but when you actually pay close attention, you can tell that star (aka THE MAN) has really taken all of Tekken's musical motifs and incorporated them brilliantly in what I think is one of the crappiest songs from the entire street fighter 2 series. (Fei long stage music sucks, (GO Sagat, it's your birthday)). Anyways, to all Star's detractors, all I can say is, you wish j00 had star's skittlez.
  25. Geeze lighten up you weirdos, star made this song as a joke over 2 years ago, and he wrote it and finished it in about 20 minutes. Can anyone say, pretentious little pricks?
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