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  1. Bwahahahah another 11/10 for Star, who I actually know in real life, and who actually is a genius. Anyhoo, I gotta go watch ninja turtles. Congrats on another blockbuster yo.
  2. hmm this mix was ok but like, it's not something I play often. It definately didn't get my riled up the way that your Genso Suikoden Forgotten Daze remix did. (Which I must thank you for, it got me through organic chemistry. Trust me, there is NOTHING funner than enolate synthesis while listening to GSFD pumped up loud). Anyhoo, it's just a matter of taste nothing personal. You're still my third favorite remixer behind Starblast and Pretzel.
  3. I disagree with that viewpoint. While you probably would find a person's first remix to be the very definition of amateur, that doesn't necessarily mean that person's review is unqualified. If you listen to enough, and experience a wide enough variety of a kind of music, you eventually become qualified enough to review that type. Most music/movie critics aren't directors or musicians themselves, or at least are very unlikely to have ever had critical success themselves. Does that mean their viewpoint is to be discarded since they don't do it themselves? Fallacy. Personally I've only remixed things I wouldn't show anyone. Hell I'd kill to keep them from ever being heard, they're THAT BAD. But I've got pretty much every song from this site (um, I swear to God I intend to donate reallllll soon DJP!) and a shit-ton of wips, and remixes from other sites, etc, and I consider my own opinion at the very least informed, if not refined to the level of the talented remixing reviewers. Just my two cents on why his opinion may be different from your's it shouldn't be discarded simply because he doesn't have anything on the site. That sort of argument is begging for comeuppance should someone you throw it at actually have credentials you aren't aware of. Instead, simply say "I disagree with what you said", which translates into internet-speak to mean "I don't know how you can say something so stupid with that much man-cock in your mouth." Yeah I understand what you're saying, but in this specific case, it wasn't just that he was giving the song an unfavorable review. He went way beyond that and was using expletives and debased imagery so as to try and destroy any semblance of worthiness within the remix. That's not a remix review, that's just remix bashing, and it's uncalled for, especially when the song is this good. That's why I'm saying he has no right to say the kind of stuff he did without having the balls to try and remix anything himself.
  4. Bwahahaha What does amateurish mean, exactly? Also, I take it as a compliment that you say I sing like a woman. Women sing pretty-ish! Hmm, I love how Phantosanucca has such harsh criticisms towards Star's work, when let's see, in the 2 years I've downloaded every single remix on OCR, I've never seen him post any works. Before you go off on a rampage why don't you try remixing something yourself, perhaps then we can all see the true definition of amateur.
  5. Just another extra shred of proof that Star is the best remixer in the business. It's too bad you can't hear his other works on this site, cause I think his original compositional skill supercedes that of his remixed works. Oh wait, www.starblast.org (shameless plug). Anyhoo, when The Fabulous Life of Star Salzman airs on VH1 in a few years after he rewrites the music industry, look out for MaGi_TekK, aka, Av, to be giving the infamous best friend interview, ala "Yeah I knew Star when he was a young lad, drawing musical notes in the sandbox, etc etc." Good job as usual star, now release your flashman remix and really blow everyone away.
  6. holy crap, congrats for remixing a truly original and rare game
  7. Arrrrrrrr avast ye, this plund'r'ous song stirs the tides in me belly, makes me light 'a foot, arr the booty is immense, good job ye land lubbin' remixer!
  8. catchy but in the end, this is just a 20 second piece that keeps on going and going and going and going and going and going and going and it doesn't know where to stop. 2/10
  9. Nice work fellas. Man, about f*&$in time someone had the balls to remix something besides FF or chronotrigger, geezus. This mix just reminds me that there are a ton of games being neglected out there that really deserve remixing. (Little Nemo the dreammaster cough cough). Anyways, this mix is real slick, very ambient, definately a keeper, not much else to say.
  10. nice remix star, even though it's not even close to your best work, being just an average star remix, it's still laughably superior to every other remix that has come out on this site in the past 3 months. Still the #1 remixer out there yo, keep up the awesome work
  11. Yo Dj Pretzel, what the $@%^ ? I've come to expect more from you, but for the last 3 or 4 remixes you've totally failed to deliver. This song was absolute crap, there was nothing original or entertaining about it. The remixing was decent quality but so what? You used to be so good, but now you're barely on par with most of the remixers on this site. This song pales in comparison to starblast's recent chrono trigger robo remix. Sorry but this is just worthless remix garbage.
  12. Hmm, there's not much to add. I think this piece just cements your position as the best remixer on this site is all. Your versatility in handling so many different genres is a testament to your musical aptitude and deep understanding of the fundamentals of musical theory. Congratulations! Now someone hire him already!
  13. wow, this is by far the best mix on this entire site! star deserves some kind of video game composition contract in my opinion!
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