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  1. Submission period is over! We have 5 entries this time! Woohoo! Caregiver, Caretaker by Soul Splint Experience Points by Nintendude794 Kid Zap by JH Sounds Sunset by HalcyonSpirit The Arc of Heaven by Random Hajile You have until the end of the 21st to vote! I did decide to tweak the voting rules a little: VOTING RULES CHANGE: If you have submitted in this round or any other in the past, you have 6 points to distribute for voting. If you have not submitted this round or in the past, you have 3.
  2. Ah, good, I was hoping you would submit something before I closed things out. Good thing I waited. Now then, to close the submission period, here's my entry. In a break from tradition, I chose to write "fanfiction" of sorts, in that the setting is from the game Minecraft. The backstory is my own, however, as Minecraft doesn't have a story. Got the inspiration while playing one day and I ran with it. I haven't written anything even remotely based on another work since high school, so this was interesting for me to write. ------
  3. Less than a day left to submit! I'm currently editing my entry, so you'll see one from me!
  4. http://twitter.com/Craftbukkit/status/34070132108034049 DUDE, awesome.
  5. I can't play any instruments, but to listen to, my favorite is the saxophone. Alto saxophones, specifically.
  6. It's the combination of the finger mustache/frown and the comment about being lonely along with the explosion that gives it away. Those are both associated with creepers in memes. Not to mention, there was another instance a few months ago where Colbert baked a cake that looks suspiciously like the inventory sprite of the iron pickaxe (context was breaking Tom Delay out of prison, I think). Coincidence? Possible, but I doubt it. That look he gave with the impression was a knowing one. He may as well just winked at the audience.
  7. http://www.colbertnation.com/the-colbert-report-videos/372964/february-01-2011/michael-lewis Go to about 3:10 and watch. I love the look he gave in the middle of it. He knows exactly what he's doing. Gotta give him props; he knows his audience.
  8. Due to some very mysterious circumstances ( ), there's only 3 submissions right now, and the submission deadline has passed. As per the rules, the deadline has been extended one week!
  9. He's even claiming that the Ridley music from Brawl was created by him. He has absolutely no shame (and bad cutting skills as well).
  10. Safety? Bah. Safety's overrated.
  11. Yeah, the server seems to be timing me out very often as well, now. I just got timed out again, and earlier today it did it to me, eating 40 of my diamonds in the process...
  12. Yeah. I'd definitely understand if you wanted to put it together by yourself; it's your proposal, after all. But if you want help, I'm sure we'd gladly offer our assistance. I know I would.
  13. I agree. Previous challenges have been spur of the moment, and that's what has helped them to be so popular, in a sense. There was no formal list, or formal method of introducing them... they were random challenges that just so happened to spark the interest and pride of the community. Once you start formalizing a process like this, it quickly loses its novelty.
  14. Not currently. By the way, everyone, I am taking donations of any spare diamonds you might have. I need a total of 21 diamond blocks, or 189 individual diamonds, for the spawn's railway hub. Not for any kind of functionality, just for decoration. I figure, if I'm going to decorate the floor of the station with artwork of tools, I may as well make them diamond tools! Plus, the diamond's color will help with the color contrast inside the station. If you wish to donate, there's a chest by the hub at spawn labeled for that purpose. EDIT: Also, saw this just now: . You'll see a (small-ish) recreation of the Kingdom of Zeal in the latter portion of the vid, too.
  15. Is there an issue going on with the server today? I haven't been able to connect at all all day. Keeps on saying the connection's timing out when I try to log in.
  16. And you've reminded me with this episode that I need to keep checking for sales on New Vegas, and hope that I have a cash infusion sometime before it comes up so I can get it. Good episode, too. It's something I've noticed with games, but never could quite put into words an explanation for it.
  17. Just a couple days left for this round's submission period. I'm planning on submitting something, but is anyone else?
  18. Nintendo estimates that the battery life of the 3DS can be extended to up to 8 hours just by turning the 3D off, and turning the wireless settings off, dimming the screen, and putting it into a power-saving mode should all help to extend it even further. http://kotaku.com/5738668/short-cords-long-friend-lists-and-other-burning-3ds-questions-answered
  19. God, I haven't played in months... I really ought to play some more. I love watching games, but I never play any...
  20. The good news is that they're finally getting some backend work done, such as having logins be over https, a new file structure, new launcher that shows news, release notes, and gives you the option to update or not. In addition, he's got a meeting tomorrow with some community members (including the makers of Bukkit) to discuss how best to implement modding support. All-in-all, I'd say this is a good day.
  21. Try setting the render distance to less than Far (or less than whatever you have it on right now). My client used to do that on Multiplayer after the Beta update, but after I changed the render distance, it's much more stable. I have no problems with maximum render distance on Singleplayer, but when online I have to take it down a notch.
  22. Abadoss, spiders are still quite easy to kill as long as you aren't taken by surprise, and it makes sense that spiders can climb walls. I don't mind the change, it's quite refreshing. But that's not why I'm posting right now. This is. I have a feeling it's from something, but I don't know what.
  23. I suppose you haven't seen the notes for the next patch about spiders having fire immunity, have you... Kidding! Seriously, just put an outward overhang on your wall and you'll be fine so long as the spiders can't jump from the ground to the side of the overhang itself. As for me, I've discovered that creepers seem to have both a larger activation radius and a larger blast radius. Also, they seem to hold their fuse for much longer if you go out of the activation range... leading to my death when I thought it was safe to get close again when it actually wasn't. Also, this. EDIT:
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