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  1. Yes, I requested mod status. And I wouldn't mind taking over hosting as well. I have a job, so I wouldn't be able to be around all day, but I'd at least be able to monitor it when I'm home, even if I'm not playing. Of course, I wouldn't mind it being taken over by someone else, either. So either way.
  2. Yeah, that's about what I figured. Thanks anyway. I'll let you know when I'm ready to upgrade to a powerhouse computer so you can have a little fun building that.
  3. Ah. I forgot about that. As low as possible without sacrificing too much on capability. Trying to stay under $300. It doesn't have to be too much better than a computer built in 2002 with a 2.4GHz P4 and an nVidia GeForce4MX graphics card (what he has now). Like I said, really budget. The reason being is that my dad's funds are being sucked away in large amounts by other things, but he does need a replacement computer. The current one is finally kicking the bucket; it's slowing down to absurd levels these days, and nothing I do is fixing it. The replacement probably doesn't need even 100GB of drive space, but it does need to have at least two cores and, like I mentioned, preferably a graphics card of some kind just to support some of the games he does play. I don't intend on this being a computer that has to last a great many years, just long enough for him to get back on his feet financially so he can afford something better.
  4. I know you can do beastly machines, but what about budget machines as well? Like, really budget. Nothing special, probably not going to be doing much that would strain a processor... Yeah, it's for my dad. Something really cheap. I was thinking about building it myself, but I guess I should ask your opinion on what might be best. I know much more about the higher end stuff than I do the lower end. EDIT: Probably would need a separate graphics card, though not a really powerful one. He does occasionally play a game or two on it (flight simulation, golf, etc.), and as far as I know, integrated graphics still can't properly handle many Flash things without slowing the whole damn computer down in the process (my workplace computer comes to mind).
  5. I'm extending the submission period until the end of the 10th. Get cracking!
  6. The changelist for 1.6 right now, set for release either Wednesday or Thursday: http://notch.tumblr.com/post/5775170768/the-changelist-for-1-6
  7. No, this thread is used for all of them. The competition is run every two months, with the categories rotated repeatedly through Short Story, Poetry, and Freeform. So in July the Freeform competition starts, and then in September Short Story is up. Poetry again takes the stage in November. Rinse and repeat.
  8. ... ... Actually, upon review, I'm not going to get all upset over this one. The language of this particular rule is quite vague and doesn't convey the standard that has been in use since, well, the beginning of this competition. I'm not sure why it wasn't made clearer in the last revision of the rules. Therefore, the wording of the rule has been changed to the following: This is just reflecting the rules as understood and publicly stated for as long as I can remember. As such, it IS retroactive. Sorry for the confusion, Jax. I hope you can still submit something within the time left.
  9. It may not be due to the PSN problems; last month my Gmail account was accessed from Romania and was used to send spam. This was before the PSN problems even started, and I have never touched a PS system, so I think it's probably unrelated in your case. Even so, changing your passwords is still a good idea no matter what.
  10. Is there any particular reason why the server is down currently?
  11. I don't know how many people still play single player and have the traditional minecart boosters for rail travel, but the next update is removing that glitch. Just so you people are aware that they need to update their rail systems to use the rail boosters now. This doesn't affect people playing online, since those boosters never really worked well anyway with the lag, but it's worth pointing out.
  12. First, yes, I know, I'm late. Selling cars is more tiring than you might imagine. I'll try not to let it delay things here next time. Second, results are finally posted! 1st Place: Liquidation by JH Sounds AND The Replacement by Zannick Runner-Up: Cause Ascension: Firsthand by Capa Langley The vote tally: Liquidation by JH Sounds - 8 The Replacement by Zannick - 8 Cause Ascension: Firsthand by Capa Langley - 4 Untitled Chapter 1 by Mirby - 1 When was the last time we had a tie for first? It's been a while. I think it was when Imagery was still in charge. Anyway, congrats! And third, the May 2011 Poetry Competition has started! So get writing/typing!
  13. http://wiki.afforess.com/Minecart_Mania-Plugin That's pretty much the complete documentation. If anyone's interested in some of the advanced features, such as automated farming and smelting, take a look. Actually, since it's such a complex mod compared to the rest, could someone put that link in the first post? That way it's easier for people to access.
  14. BGC, that's pretty cool. I wish I had more time to devote to Minecraft these days. I miss being able to wake up every day, log into the server, and build until I got too tired to continue. By the way, Crowbar, any idea when MM is going to be fixed (or has it already)? We spent all that time setting up those signs, and last I checked, they no longer work after the update.
  15. Voting ends in two days! Please vote if you haven't already. You know who you are.
  16. It may not be completely necessary after the next update, if all you really want is the boosters, since official ones are being added. But if you're also desiring the other features of MM, well, then convince away!
  17. Oops. I think I crashed the server by doing /home from the old world... Let that serve as a word of warning to anyone who dares to try teleporting between worlds: it may only work if the destination chunk is already loaded by someone else, and may crash the server if it isn't already loaded.
  18. Yeah, the whitelist accidentally got nuked. Post your info again and you'll be added back to the list as soon as Crowbar has a moment.
  19. Mobs will presumably spawn during thunderstorms, even during the day. Not yet confirmed for 1.5 (though it seems like it will be in that patch), but powered rail tracks (boosters?) are now confirmed. Finally, .
  20. The most obvious example that comes to mind is when Jessica, being the story's equivalent of a psychic, drinks the Water of Life and is able to change the structure of the poison it contained so as to render it harmless. Basically, what Damned just said above about psychic energy purifying poison.
  21. Ah. Right. Voting. So we have 4 entries this time around. Would've been five, but I ended up scrapping what I'd been working on because I ultimately couldn't make my idea work properly. So four. Cause Ascension: Firsthand by Capa Langley Untitled Chapter 1 by Mirby Liquidation by JH Sounds The Replacement by Zannick Voting ends at the end of the day on the 24th. I at least expect all of you submitters to vote. Anyone else paying attention to the thread should as well. If you're rusty on the rules, be sure to refresh your memory by reading them in the first post. Good luck!
  22. I keep on hearing about this book series... is it really that good?
  23. When I had first set out on my trek to find a suitable location for my base, I had wanted to find one like the one I have now, except in a snow biome. However, since snow regen was broken and I didn't expect it to be fixed before we had another map reset, I settled on what I have now. Now I'm wishing I had continued looking. Oh well.
  24. Unless lightning also happens without rain, it shouldn't be much of a problem; rain will also douse flames, so it shouldn't spread much. Maybe lose a block or two.
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