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  1. Yeah, same here. This isn't the first mix that I've had a problem with. "Purple Heart" (Rush'n Attack) had the same problem. The mix does go on for 11:10, but only if you hit the 'Seek' bar on the player. Otherwise it just goes until 7:22, then it just resets back to the beginning. There's some sort of value in the properties of the file that is causing the problem. We should E-Mail DJP and ask him to fix the file on his end. Or ask Disco Dan himself to fix the thing and send it back to DJP to put up. (By the way, for any mix on this site, if you see on the download button that it says "unavailable" for the track length and "0kbps" for the bit rate, it probably has this problem.) EDIT: I managed to fix the problem myself. I just used All Editor, selected the song (it displays correctly in the program), and saved the selection to a new file. Problem solved. Still, DJP should put up a fixed version.
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