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  1. On the topic of the Nether, if you're concerned about a portal being placed in your buildings, place a portal somewhere nearby where it won't bother anything. Any portals that would have been created in that general area will instead be redirected to the pre-constructed portal.
  2. Man, I say one thing that wasn't accurate and everyone jumps on it. Which I don't think is bad, I'm glad to have the new information. If they did prepare it for a 7.9 quake, then I take back what I said about them not preparing. However, I will say this: it's freaking Mother Nature. If the largest quake you think it could release is a 7.9, prepare for much worse. And if they didn't prepare for a tsunami properly, as has been suggested, then that's just plain stupidity/ignorance right there. It's directly on the coast, for the love of whatever you find holy. Still, I won't hold it against them too much. It was built in the 60's, when the people holding the money for funding construction (i.e. not scientists) probably didn't understand the true nature of these disasters like they do now. Even scientists probably didn't know fully, but the knowledge gap between them and the non-scientists was far greater. I'm willing to bet that if it were built these days, it'd have been far better protected and probably would have suffered minimal damage, if any. Anyway, on the topic of ignorance and stupidity, I wish to point you guys to this picture: http://i.imgur.com/eFYYe.jpg I'm this close to giving up on humanity. Or at least finding a remote island somewhere.
  3. Yeah... this isn't going to help efforts to convince the public that nuclear power is safe when done right. Which brings up my primary question at this point: This nuclear plant was constructed in a known seismic zone, so why didn't they build it with proper dampers similar to those used in skyscrapers in order to prevent exactly this scenario? I haven't found any evidence that it was built with dampers, so it seems that this entire issue right now is due to that oversight. But of course, the uninformed public won't see it that way...
  4. I hope for the best for those affected by this disaster. It's quite a horrible event. Luckily, the situation with it is nowhere near the severity of, say, Three Mile Island. Which wasn't an extremely bad event, either, contrary to public notion. The situation doesn't look to get worse, so I don't think there will be a large problem. This was pretty much one of my first thoughts after hearing about the quake.
  5. Which once again reminds me that I need to fix the railway system again. Speaking of which, make sure to add the MM plugin when we do switch to Bukkit.
  6. Go ahead and start testing Bukkit. Most of the plugins for hmod have an updated version for Bukkit, after all.
  7. Hell yeah. I can't even describe the fun we had back in the day just playing multiplayer for hours on end. All the yelling over sudden and unexpected death, all the cackling from trapping others between bombs... Ah, good times.
  8. It's not required, of course. There's just something about listening to it for the first time alongside a bunch of people that appeals to me. If there's no listening party, though, no worries.
  9. I haven't seen anything about it, so I'd just like to ask if there's going to be a listening party for this or not. If there is, I don't want to actually listen to it for the first time until then.
  10. The March 2011 Short Story Competition is now underway! Get your writing on! In other news, those reviews are coming. I just got preoccupied over the weekend with some important stuff.
  11. A guy has released a Minecraft-inspired rap album for free: Creepers Gotta Creep I have to say, it's not bad, and I usually dislike rap.
  12. Same. Nearly got it one time, but got hung up on what was probably the last divider, so to speak. Never got to it again.
  13. Minecraft.net is down, so I can't connect to the server. Argh, I'm feeling the need to complete my town, too. I hope Mojang finds the new server they're looking for soon.
  14. Dear oh dear. This one was a tough round for me to judge. All of the entries were quite good in their own ways. I almost wish I could just declare it a 5-way tie. Alas, I cannot, and I had to finally choose which ones I liked best. Honestly, this round has been one of the hardest, if not the hardest, for me to personally vote on since I started participating. So congrats to everyone for making me have to dig deep to decide on a good point distribution for my vote. So, here it is, the results of the January 2011 Freeform Competition! 1st Place: Sunset by HalcyonSpirit Runners-Up: The Arc of Heaven by Random Hajile AND Kid Zap by JH Sounds The vote tally: Sunset by HalcyonSpirit - 9 The Arc of Heaven by Random Hajile - 6 Kid Zap by JH Sounds - 6 Caregiver, Caretaker by Soul Splint - 5 Experience Points by Nintendude794 - 4 You guys... I really don't understand why you liked my entry. Seriously. I almost didn't even give myself a point in my vote, but I did so just because I couldn't figure out who I should give that extra point in my vote without upsetting the balance I had come to! Seriously, guys... please explain this to me. My mind is just... argh. I can't wrap my head around it. I appreciate it, but dammit, you're making my head hurt! My comments on the entries will come over the weekend, probably. P.S.: All but one participant voted this time, which is good! And the missing one was made up for by a previous participant's vote (thanks, dio!), so all is well. I want to at least maintain this level of participation; at least as many votes as there are submissions. So please, make your votes each round even if you haven't submitted anything in that round, as every little bit helps us!
  15. New update is live. Early reports say that Mojang accidentally the debug code again; starting a new world gives you diamond tools, torches and beds to start with.
  16. Last day to vote! Don't wait until the last minute, or you'll make me a very sad person. I'm still missing votes from two of the entrants. You know who you are. In fact, I'll go PM you both because I want all entrants to vote, at the very least.
  17. Remember, you only have until Monday night to vote! Please vote, especially if you have an entry for this round, but everyone should vote as well; we need the votes to keep the competition alive. And send the votes as soon as possible. The sooner I get them, the better.
  18. http://twitter.com/notch/status/38621269331025921 The new launcher has been released by Notch for testing. It works for me, but some people are complaining about "Too many login attempts" errors. Use at your own discretion. EDIT: Rock, Paper Shotgun is reporting that the new update will include beds, which will allow you to skip the night, and in a later update will also serve as your new spawn point when used. It's unconfirmed so far, but I suppose this is what the "secret update" is.
  19. We're starting to learn about the new things being included in the 1.3 update coming next week (Tuesday or Wednesday). What we know so far: - The file system will be updated using a modified version of McRegion. - Ambient Occlusion will be added (can be turned off). - Redstone repeaters will be added with configurable delays, and active redstone wires will fade in brightness as you get further from the power source. ( )- Wooden and cobble half-blocks. - New game launcher. - Various bug fixes. - A secret update. EDIT: Just saw the PC Gamer article with more details on the update. Added them above.
  20. I believe the Bukkit team has specifically asked Mojang not to compensate them in any way.
  21. That sucks. That usually doesn't happen anymore. Ask Crowbar for replacements if you want to. Still, it should be even more fixed in the near future with the next update, I believe. I know Bukkit has it fixed (for whenever our server makes the switch to it), and I think the main game is going to be using some of that code in the update.
  22. It doesn't say it's SMP compatible, so I'm assuming it isn't. EDIT: Also, someone's working on a height-limit mod. Finally.
  23. Ice Mod I think we're going to be seeing a lot more new dimensions being added through modding in the near-ish future. This looks really cool already.
  24. Just wanted to let you guys know, after a fit of inspiration, I wrote a fanfiction-type piece of Minecraft for the Writing Competition we run in the Competitions forum here. (I haven't written anything non-original in ages, so this was a different experience for me.) If you're interested in reading it or the other entries for this round, you can go here: http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?p=752357#post752357 I highly encourage anyone who does read the entries to also vote in this round. We need more regularly participating voters, so whoever you think should win, vote for them. /promotion of competition
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