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  1. I played a demo for Galaxy. It derailed any enthusiasm I had for the Wii. Which wasn't much to begin with.
  2. I'm sorry, but the minute Sonic started losing his luster is the minute SEGA stopped making consoles. If they were still making home consoles, then obviously they would care more about the direction in which Sonic was heading. [/rant]
  3. Well... it took me a couple years, and it's not the original Pillar song I had in mind, but it's still Pillar, and for a first attempt at a simfile, I think I did pretty good. Pillar - For the Love of the Game (Full) Feedback is appreciated.
  4. I think I died a little inside.
  5. Not really a boss per se, but if you run into a (whateveritis) cult shrine before level five in Morrowind, be prepared to die. Especially that one with the really strong guard woman out front in the sewers of Vivec.
  6. Okay, more specifically Harvest Moon for the SNES.
  7. I'd love to hear a remix of the Spring Month track, by anyone that has the time/is willing to do a mix of it.
  8. Not just the bosses, but the game in general. I Wanna Be The Guy. I get frustrated just watching the videos on YouTube.
  9. He calls it "Cat Mario." He did a playthrough of the game, no tool assistance, and live commentary throughout the playthrough, lasting for 6 videos. Quite funny, most of it.
  10. Oh joy of joys! The nearest arcade to me finally wisened up and got rid of their old DDR arcade machine, trading it for an In The Groove 2 machine!
  11. Once I get it down, I'm going to create a stepchart for a song that will have Bigfoot cursing me for it. That is my newest goal in life. XD
  12. The only thing I ever AAA'd was B4U on DDR Ultramix 3 for XBox... on Normal <.<... and that was after God knows how long I practiced...
  13. I've been waiting for a reason to get back into video editing. I'm in.
  14. I had that game... WORST. GAMING. MEMORIES. EVER. It didn't last very long in my clutches... I died multiple times over and over trying to defuse all 8 bombs without killing off the turtles... I think I even broke a controller or two... and eventually the cartridge...
  15. Go check out Beatdrop's Final Fantasy 7 mix "It's Hard to Stand When You're on Acid." If you're into techno, it doesn't get much better than that.
  16. Eh, you're right. I've been listening to it more, and it's growing on me. That being said, I still think it's missing something, but I can't put my finger on what.
  17. I'm sorry to say this, but... I honestly don't see how it got onto the site. It's alright, but it's missing bass, and sounds like chthonic did this in 4 sittings (which was stated in the remix upon download). Then again, I don't have the programs or ability needed to produce my own remixes, so just ignore my ramblings. But I say, take this down and refine it a bit.
  18. Hey, I liked Columns. And the remix for the music for Columns rocks so much harder than the remix for Dr. Mario. Anyway... (gotta think WAAAAAAY back to the NES days...) um... another game... Dragon Warrior, I think it was called. You play a warrior guy in one stage on a side scrolling mission, and some of the stages you play a dragon with different breath attacks... it was pretty fun. I gotta find another ROM of that game...
  19. Oh yeah.. don't forget the game Sweet Home.
  20. Gauntlet City Connection Skate or Die (1 and 2) Monsters in My Pocket Excitebike City Connection... while an annoying game when it comes to controls, plot, and music, other than that, it's quite addicting. I actually want to attempt to remix the music of the first level... Monsters in My Pocket brings back some serious memories. I never did beat that game. The original Gauntlet was fun, and even more so when you have a second player.
  21. I've read somewhere that if you hide and just wait it out, the helicopter eventually just flies away. Fight done!
  22. I never had the appourunity to play the original Ninja Gaiden, since... well, I suck at the XBox version, so I'm not very far through it, and have not been able to aquire the original games in it yet. It's not a boss, but the part that has me hung up right now is that damned boulder in the underground part beneath the cathedral. Like I said, I suck at this game.
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