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  1. Things I like about this song... 1. Its insane, in the good way. 2. Its very very replayable, sort of melting into itself. 3. That noise at 00:20 makes me feel extra fuzzy 4. 00:50 reminds me that this is just flat out awesome Things I dislike about this song... 1. LoL there are none 2. Read 1 3. I like pie?!
  2. Ahh man you make me wanna boot up cave story again. Such an addictive and original lil game.... As far as the remix goes, this is incredibly calming stuff. something of a melodic ambience that you could prolly keep looping for hours without getting bored.
  3. Not the best as far as sound quality goes but somehow it has its own aura. Still, probobly nobody around that is going to read this since the last reply in this little corner of the forum was in 2003. the old mixes need a little more respect.
  4. A few mixes actually sound just as great two years after first hearing them, this is certainly one of them. Nothing much to it really, I loved the old game and the sense of insanity and intensity from this mix owns.
  5. It sounds 100% psychotic and 110% incredible. I can do so much ownage while listening to this.
  6. Good stuff methinks! Don't put so much thought into the quality of the instruments, just listen to the song. Its as bad as when someone intentionally plays a really fudged up guitar and people start jumping on the person for having it out of tune. But I still wonder wtf the mario bit is for.
  7. Awesom stuff and it fits so well when your actually talking to the nasty lil terds ingame. Gotta love the UQM project at soureforge (free game) especially with the added music (this included)
  8. I can't quite explain the vibe im getting out of this song, Its upbeat with a downbeat vibe. I can just picture a massive fight with one guy in the middle not breaking a sweat but breaking heads.
  9. It must really suck to have a professionals musical ear because it seems this mix has been judged based on correctness by some people more than the actual sound of the song. Someone may just have a bright idea to play out of tune for that tuned out feel hehe. I say it sounds awesom even if somethings not as it would be expected.
  10. Feels sorta "floaty" to me, and thats a good thing. It lacks the kind of fullness and solidarity people are used to, and I do believe this is what makes this a good song. It's easier to find the good things in simplicity.
  11. Out of curiosity were the beginning and ending rain, thunder, and moans a reference from the fight on the haunted train? Anyways this mix oozes with awesom, and this is my favorite alltime EVAR track, and the Atma theme ownz too.
  12. The quality of the sounds are that of a Snes and that is why I like it. It's, as said 100 times before, very groovy and it sounds "rememberable" to me. *looks around*....It's in the mix! *runs away*
  13. My only complaint is that the closeminded rednecks at my school would stare at me for listening to this song for 3 hours straight. oh and the teachers but they stare at me anyways.
  14. All my awe are belong to you. I'd love to explain how much I like this but well. Yay for multigenre music! Throw some trancey synth in awith a distorted guitar and you get ownage! omg omg Oh and btw the beginning nearly burns my ears off (headphones)
  15. Theres a certain lure to the straight foward remixes. Its just nice to hear the songs how they may of ended up sounding if the nintendo didn't have less power than a cellphone when it comes to sound.
  16. This is actually the first remix I downloaded, and it wasn't even from this site. I saw the words "overclockedremix.org" scroll on by when it was playing and now im here. all power to the gecko!
  17. Warning - Is prone to ramble on. Not really sure WHAT to say about the remix....but ill be listening to it whenever Im bored of whatever else I have playin thru my ungodly large headphones. It just sounds interesting, but for some strange reason, when Im listening to what comes right after the lil intro I have flashbacks of playing on graal when it was free and cheesy. Ewwwwww graal I remember listening to this on my decrepit N64 and just sitting there listening.....Im having flashbacks and Im not even grown yet...... dots are fun......anyways.......bye?...............
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