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    Love cats, write stories for so many years... Doulifée, my first fan, hosts these on his web site ^^
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    Piano (4 years only), father=music teacher + group

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  1. Just beat it this week, it's really awesome. Well, hard to explain what I loved without any spoil so I'll only say that : if you like Zelda series and/or want to imagine what could be the 1.8 adventure system, play it. You can download it HERE on the French forum if you want to try the game. Didn't check on planetminecraft. And don't forget the install tutorial video
  2. Voici un petit billet de 10 dollars. Longue vie à OCR (This was a french touch)
  3. Joyeux Anniversaire, Arek l'absolu !
  4. Maybe you've already seen that but however... Really fun stuff ! And cool weapon.
  5. Schwaltzvald, each time I see your sig, I make Touhou nightmares... This time you've almost killed me. Just wanted to add for Crowbar Man that my character would be "Sag_Ee_Mana", not a big change.
  6. Hi guys, I read this thread for a while, since the server is closed for public (that I can understand, unfortunately...), and I'd like to see all your creations directly in game. Not creating/building (for now, maybe later, who knows) but as a single tourist. And after a little chat with Lee, I'd like to be added on the whitelist. Many people here don't know me, I'm more a regular remixes listener than a poster... So, as Crowbar PM me, I post here to ask if it's ok. Have a good day !
  7. Oh a Douli thread ! Happy birthday my friend and (soon again) neighbour ! I'll pay you a meal at the restaurant next month And frenchies are the best.
  8. Well first post here for a while... So I played the beta on Figaro, I'm trying now to stop playing it... Collector's coming. Doulifée, let's forget our little WoW guild for a while, I'll follow you this time Kefka server people ? Nevermind, I'll lurk.
  9. Wow thanks a lot for those easter eggs, you made my d... night
  10. Thanks a lot for the news, I tried the demo and liked it. Got it anyway now ^^
  11. Ha ha. Just watched the DVD this evening (I work in a videoclub) and I find this thread ^^ I really love that movie : the E.T. slum and racism idea, a little of Cloverfield with the "live" camera concept (even if it's more like TV news), continuous action, cool weapons and mechas, or of course the main character story... Now, I'm not a Halo player, so I can't compare. All I can say is that I'd like to see more of these movies... At least a homemade recipe and not something we have seen thousands of times.
  12. Happy birthday OCRemix ! So I've been downloading all these wonderful remixes for 5-6 years already... And it's not over ^^ So many people, so many countries gathered in a same place... Great work, really.
  13. 15 years ago, in FFVI, at the beginning of the 2nd World, when Celes wants to suicide, falling from a cliff...
  14. O_O TOKI ? JUJU DENSETSU ? Woot I loved that game in arcade and I still get it on MAME Emul ! Yeah, thank for the news !!!!!
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