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  1. You guys are teh win. Tetris Attack is my second favorite game of all time...still play it to this day
  2. As a metal fan, (no I dont mean bullshit slipknot etc.) I revel this... Actually... When I was thinking about video game metal this song popped into mind. More Gaming Metal \m/
  3. First off I wanna say, that the instrumental sound of this mix is nothing short of excellent. The first time I listened to this song, I was thinking "These lyrics are pretty cheesy, but then I remember throught all the anime and cartoons and think..."Ken was a cheesy sort of guy." And after multiple times of listening to this, they fit, and it doesn't bother me anymore. Other than this I havent seen anything else from you. (at least I haven't physically found it) even on VGmix.com From what this song sounds like, Street Fighter has to be one of your top favorite series....and I would suggest you make a series (possibly even an album) of ocremixes for each of the world warriors. But then again, thats only a suggestion.
  4. I dont care what anyone says, I am always happy to welcome a solid guitar arrangement to the site...Its just that its a street fighter remix that makes it better, come on people we need more SF mixes!
  5. For how short that comment was, it hit the nail right on the head. I absolutely agree with you there B.
  6. Now that is the stupidest thing I have heard in a VERY LONG time.
  7. Hey again Crono.... Dude... you need to stop... seriously... I mean.... your mixes are kicking everyones ass too much... Haha joking... Anyways... I love this flow... only one thing would make me happy... if you would do a street fighter remix....yeah... I'd kick anyones ass for that
  8. As I said with Eres Des Points... This is fucking awesome.... and this is coming from someone whos not a big fan of the hip hop genre... Crono Man... keep kicking ass like this. 10/10
  9. Don't be giving me this cliche "It's not the size, but the motion in the ocean" stuff. . "But I do know it takes a long time to get to england in a row boat." -Jeff Foxworthy I agree... and I like this... I hate it when remixes go too crazy off what the original piece was... its very annoying.
  10. This is my offcial walking theme... its got that walk with respect feel you get in "rap" videos *not a big fan of rap however*
  11. The Las Vegas theme was always one of my faves along with Guile's Kens and cammys Nice job man, this is smooth
  12. all right, I am sick of people that are narrow minded "I hate rap so I hate this remix" Fuck that, all my non gaming music is blaring death metal, but Hell I am not so blind, I like this piece, its not BORING like most of the OVERDONE terra remixes... I swear to god If I here someone bringing in another piano Terra remix and call it new, I'm going to fucking scream. Also, Every goddamn hip hop artist samples shit, like Crap Daddy... People just need to chill about that.
  13. I dont know what this fool is talking about, but however This is my favorite theme from CT and I think you did an above average job.. Just because music is in the past part of the game, does not mean it has to be piano... 8/10
  14. Dear Lord... I usually supremely DISLIKE piano remixes... But this cannot be done any other way and my GOD its perfect. Wonderful, you prove once again that piano people kick ass and take some names.
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