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  1. I really like this one. It's quite ... "relaxing." Slowish I guess, but not offbeat slow, just slow. It's like something you could fall asleep to, but it's not something that puts you to sleep. It's a nice one. Definitely recommended.
  2. I love this song. I can't get enough of it. Partly for one reason. The length. You listen to it, and then think, "It's over already?!" :::sighs:: Oh well. It's still really good. The most funnest ( ) aspect is all the cool little sounds that The Pancake Chef added in. You know, at 0:47 the Kefka laugh, and then at 1:06-1:15 the Kefka laughs and all the wierd "spinny" sounds. At least they sound "spinny" to me. 5/5 stars.
  3. I absolutely adore this music. I just want to get in bed and cuddle with it. No, but seriously, this remix is good because it's fun. It's fun to listen to. It's two songs in one. But overall: It's Kefka. But, I think I agree with orkybash. Where's the Kefka laugh?! Ok, right. Anyways, rating, rating? I dunno. It's not quite a five, yet it's definitely not a 4. We'll go with 4.7/5. Yeah, I'm thinking the same thing: "?"
  4. I liked this one a lot. I (apparently unlike the others) like the way it begins and ends. I like how the notes are slightly off synch, but it's all still in rythm... but there is no rythm. I like this one a lot. I think the only problem with it, is in the middle it starts to get a little repetative. You know, the same part over and over and over. But, I think that's really all that detracts from it. 4/5 stars.
  5. I like this one a lot, however I wouldn't say, "One of the best on the site." I dunno why, it's just not as good to me. I think the intro is really the part I don't like. It just sounds so... ugh. However, that is not to say that you shouldn't download it. I definitely would (and obviously already have). Something about it just doesn't seem right to me... I think the nicest part is when the lead is going and you have that weird instrument of which I don't know the name in the background. It just fits so well. 4/5 stars.
  6. I LOVE this one. In fact, it's playing right now. It's amazing. The reverb, makes everything sound so real. Great. Or, as some might say, "Absolutely Spiffing!" 5/5 stars.
  7. I love this remix. L-O-V-E. There is just no other way to describe it. I like the choice of instruments, and how they reflect off of each other. If you listen really closely, you can hear all the little variating repetitions of the background stuff that makes music worth listening too. Excellent. 5/5 stars!
  8. This thread is really long, and I don't feel like reading one all of the replies, so I'm fairly sure someone might have already said this. Who I think one of the hardest bosses is from Lufia II. I think it's the first time you fight Gades. IE, at the not end of the game. IE, in the middle. IE, when you're on level 20. IE when you beat on level 50 and he's semi-hardish. So, yeah, he's really hard. I haven't done it. But, you don't HAVE to beat him. If you lose, the game continues. If you win, you get a sword, the next few dialogue boxes are different, and you get knocked out anyway. (Or so I hear.) (Note, dying and still continueing only works the first time you fight him. If you fight him after you've gone up the three towers, and such, you have to win, otherwise you lose. I don't want to confuse anyone.)
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