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  1. Personally, I don't like the PM idea, since it means we don't get to look at them as soon. I like to see them when they're ready, because if they finish early, it gives me more time to view the piece, and "take it in" so to speak. Since I haven't submitted anything (and probably never will, too lazy), my say isn't as strong as other people's might be, but I like it the way it is. Also, you won't have to worry about bumping it as much, if people post their work in here when it's done, since people will be commenting on it. Just my 2 cents. Mouser X out.
  2. It sounds like this month should be extended for a bit... Also, it might have been a good idea to do the "Vote for the 'best' FAC entry." Of course, that's a bit late now... I was looking forward to the entries here. Hopefully some people still get back to it. Mouser X out.
  3. Sure thing! Actually though, it'll save time, bandwidth, and effort, if you can find the ripped files themselves... The streamed audio (there's a lot of sequenced music in Twilight Princess which isn't currently playable) is 380 MB uncompressed, and about 311 MB in the RAR/7z (I don't remember which it is). As I said, this is the streamed stuff. A lot of it is what you hear during cut scenes, movies, etc. Still good stuff though. Anyway, get Winamp (if you don't have it already) and install the in_cube plugin. In_cube can play a plethora of music from GC games (as long as it's streamed, like CDA, MP3, etc). As for ripping the audio from the GC ISO, that's reasonably easy, once you have the ISO. I use GCE (Gamecube Explorer) to read the GCM file. A Google search turned up very little, so get GCE from my site. Be nice, it's Geocities. The files you want would be in the Audiores directory. Specifically, AST files. Extract those, and then rename them to AFC. Once that's done, load them into Winamp (with in_cube installed, of course) and they're playable!. Hopefully, that helps out. Of course, if you have any questions, feel free to ask/PM . Mouser X out.
  4. SSF works great, and has been for months (I tried it out sometime around May-July). I'm sure it's been working pretty good before that even, based on the forums over at emutalk.net. In fact, go visit the forums, and check out the compatibility list. As for Dragon Force, could you please explain how to play it? I tried to play it months ago, but starting a new game made no sense whatsoever to me. I tried to read a FAQ, but the guy wrote the FAQ with the expectation that you've read the manual (which I uh... Lost... Yah, that's it... I lost it...). So, I'd really like to try this game out, but it so far makes no sense to me. Also, most of the Shining Force games run great, but I've heard that the magic effect is screwy (I don't know what they mean. I might not be that far in the game). Really, a very capable emulator. There's also some pretty cool games for the system as well. Now, if only I knew which ones to get, and how to play them (Mainly, Dragon Force is the one that confuses me...). One thing to note, is that analog control doesn't seem to be supported yet. At least, that's what I understand of it. Some people have asked about it, in regards to NiGHTs and Christmas NiGHTs (Christmas NiGHTs runs great, but I've had issues with NiGHTs. The newest version of SSF might have fixed them though, I'm not sure). Anyway, glad you found a great emulator, and that it works for you. Hopefully, I can figure out Dragon Force... Mouser X out.
  5. Awesome! Thanks. I'm getting it right now. As for the opinions about various Star Trek series, I'd have to say that the only one I've seen the most of is TNG. I didn't see much of DS9. I would have watched more of Voyager, but I could never find it on TV (I don't get the TV guide, and I didn't know about TV listings on the internet). The ones I did see though, I really enjoyed. I should see if I can find some of the Trek stuff somewhere... (I like µTorrent...) Though, I can't say I've heard much good for Enterprise. As such, I don't feel strongly inclined to seek that one out. Some of the others though, I think I may have to keep an eye open for. Mouser X out.
  6. Mind posting a link? That's a great episode. Also, I like flutes (I think it stems from whistling a lot, and Ocarina of Time...). I think I still have that episode on tape somewhere... Mouser X out.
  7. Have you ever considered replacing the OS of the iPod? It's fairly easy to do. Check out Rockbox. It supports all kinds of formats, and you can always revert back to the original iPod OS, because Rockbox doesn't overwrite the OS. It only changes the bootloader, so that it boots Rockbox, instead of the default OS. I'm waiting until after the holidays, but once that's over, I'll probably buy an iPod, and use Rockbox on it. No need to do any of that converting stuff anymore, since most popular formats are supported (and some not so popular. Play NSFs (and NSFes) on an iPod!). At the very least, give it a look over, before you go and change your entire collection. Mouser X out. [EDIT] Jacked!
  8. They all link to within the same site (http://www.hcs64.com). If anyone is familiar with emulated audio (for example, Chipamp), then you might also be familiar with PSF, which is ripped audio from Playstation games. Take note that Chipamp contains both 64th Note (which plays USFs) and Highly Experimental (which plays PSFs). I'm just informing people of some of HCS's newest developments, which I thought would interest the people here. Sorry if I was overbearing. Does this help? If you have access to GCM files (Gamecube ISOs, bascially), then you can extract the audio files (I use GC explorer, but I don't have a link for it. HCS gave it to me) from the DVD image. Those audio files are playable in Winamp, using in_cube (linked above). If there's other concerns/questions, I'd be happy to answer where I'm able to do so. Mouser X out.
  9. For those interested in Twilight Princess's music, I thought you'd like to know that HCS (Of USF [N64 emulated audio format] fame) has decoded the AST files that the NGC version contains. You can find the latest version of in_cube (it plays quite a few console formats, if they're streamed) here. As for the files themselves, they need to renamed to AFC (take note that TP uses the same audio format as Windwaker, so WW's AFC files are also supported). And, I don't know how the mods feel about GC streamed stuff, so I won't be linking those. Sorry... Anyway, if you have access to GC images, or know the right people, you can now play TP's music in Winamp. So far, it sounds GREAT! Hope you enjoy the music. Mouser X out.
  10. I hate to ask this, but could I get some hints for this part: Blast, I hate asking questions about games like this... I really should be able to figure this out on my own... Perhaps it'd be best if you waited a day to answer, to provide me time to try out my idea (mentioned above)? Really though, I'm kind of at a loss of what to do... Mouser X out.
  11. What month was that? Being a fan of SoA, I might have that one saved (there's a pretty decent chance of it). Not knowing the file name though, I can search by file date. Which is why I'd need to know the month... What other entries are missing? Maybe you should start a thread requesting people to submit missing entries. Though, for it to work, you'd have to have a topic that's interesting enough to catch a ton of people's attention. Hopefully someone who checks it would be able to fill some missing slots.While I might not post in this thread much, I really like the work you guys put into these pieces. Great stuff, really. Sadly I forgot to vote... It looks like it was close enough that my vote *could* have made a tiny difference... I'll try to vote this time around though. As for spoilers, I'd prefer that they're avoided, as I haven't played the game (I don't own a PS2). That being said, it's a preference. The game is old enough, that chances are it wouldn't be a huge spoiler (I've heard a little about the ending). Anyway, good luck with the entries. I look forward to this time around (as I usually do). Mouser X out.
  12. I whole heartedly agree. I haven't beaten the game yet, and I would have preferred to have avoided that quote until such time as I had actually encountered it in-game.EDIT: I just beat that one. It freaked me out... Mainly because, if I was doing that in real life, I guarantee I'd screw up, and die a prolonged (but swift, once the time comes) death. I really enjoyed the boss battle though. That was pretty cool. Mouser X out.
  13. I just beat the 3rd labyrinth, and saw the cut scenes after it. Wow^10. For those who are still on the fence (how can you be?!), you need to try this game. Though, I must say, I'm 25 hours in, and I've only beaten 3 labyrinths. This is going to take me quite awhile... If I keep going at my current rate, I estimate that it'll take me 75 hours. I wish I had a week or 2 to dedicate to this game... Sadly, I have to go back to work on Monday. As such, I'll be able to (at best) put in 3 hours a day in this game... Luckly, I had a 4 day weekend. Great times. Also, though I haven't played Shadow of the Colossus, I've heard a bit about it. Twilight Princess definitely reminds me of it in quite a few areas. As for those who beat it already, dang... I look forward to playing the rest of this game... There's so much to do that I haven't done yet! I plan on just running around Hyrule and swimming in Lake Hylia when I'm done. There's enough there, that even that would be fun, for me. For those still waiting, I can't see any way that you won't like this game. Mouser X out.
  14. In regards to the music, Koji Kondo wanted to do an orchestrated soundtrack. As I recall, he actually pressed for it pretty hard. However, because of the space limitations of the Gamecube disc, that wasn't possible. Because Twilight Princess is a GC port, it doesn't surprise me that the music is sequence based. And, for those wondering, I've seen this talked about at various sources. However, since I wouldn't know what to look for, or where to look, I can't link to any of them. I agree, it's disappointing that it's not orchestrated, but I don't see it as a big deal. Though, considering that Koji Kondo wanted it fully orchestrated, I'm hoping that at least some of the tracks are (the important ones, I'd think). So, anyone willing to look that up, and find a source? It was talked about at least a year ago (most likely more). Mouser X out.
  15. Mouser X

    Sony PS3

    For all those PS3s being sold on eBay, here's one that I find commendable: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&sspagename=STRK%3AMESC%3AIT&viewitem=&item=330050346981&rd=1&rd=1 For those who don't want to click the link, he's selling the PS3 for charity. This guy has been waiting in line since Monday, and got the first spot (no one else showed up until the next day). I've been watching his video blogs (on gamevideos.com). Some of them are pretty good, some of them are "meh," but I still think it's pretty cool what he's doing with it.
  16. I have a question about Deep Labyrinth. What are your people's opinion on it? I bought it (used) about a week ago, and I'm trying to decide if I should keep it. So far, I think it's pretty good. Though, it is a little repetitive, and the campaign/mission (of the 2) I'm playing is definitely too easy... While I appreciate the prominent save spots (I only have time to play for short bits. 10-15 minutes at a time), being able to fully heal yourself from almost anywhere removes much of the challenge. I've played for 2+ hours on it. It's certainly not your standard RPG, but it is an interesting variation. Anyway, to sum it up, I'm wondering on people's opinions here, and if it's worth my $20 to keep it (personally, so far, I think it is, but I'm wondering what the future of this game holds in store. If the rest of the game is basically identical to my first 2 hours, is it still worth it?). Or, is there something on a similar vein that's better and more worth my money? Another question I have is, game recommendations for games that are heavily based in exploration (I think this may be why Deep Laby interests me). I could probably be quite happy in a game with no plot whatsoever, as long as the world was big enough that I could just keep walking around, and find new things to look for (scenery, plants, places, things, animals, whatever). So, any help on that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for anything anyone has to offer. Mouser X over.
  17. Mouser X

    Sony PS3

    I find this interesting, because it lists the names of high-ups in Sony's Europe division who imported PSPs from Lik-Sang. Overall, what was Sony thinking? How, in anyway, shape or form is this a good thing, for anyone? Sony has sealed it for me... Not that $600 was out of my range anyway. Mouser X out.
  18. From what I recall hearing, it was this problem (at least, in part) that stopped NAMCOxCAPCOM from coming stateside. That game looks great, and the music is really good as well. I've fantisized about importing it, but I can't understand Japanese at all. Of course, since I don't even own a PS2, that poses another problem. Anyway, I'm just pointing out that copyright issues have stopped some great games from coming here. At least, from what I've heard. Sometimes I wish there was a way to circumvent that problem... Emulation, perhaps... Maybe in a few years. Mouser X out.
  19. It's often copyright issues. Meaning, a company in Japan might own tons of franchises, but when those come to the states, they're spread out to different publishers. So, in the states, it requires more legal stuff because more companies are involved than only 1 or 2. At least, I think that's the issue with some of these games. If I'm wrong, feel free to correct me. Mouser X out.
  20. Once again, in regards to Star Fox on the DS, I just found this IGN article. They spent some time on the Japanese version, and said that it handled surprisingly well. Of course, I wouldn't expect you people to blindly accept what IGN said about the game. However, if what they said is accurate, then I think it will certainly be a worthwhile game. Though, I'm definatly going to have to try it for myself first. Hopefully they have it on demo, or something, at the local store here, when it comes out. Anyway, since I hadn't seen it linked earlier, I thought it would at least be reasonably useful to post a link to the article here. Mouser X out.
  21. I posted this earlier (like, a day ago at least), but it seems that the post was lost, or deleted... Anyway, I found this video of Star Fox for the DS (it asked me if you're over 18, though I have no idea why. The video is completely clean in all regards. After trying the link though, it seems to work fine, so maybe it's just me). This is showing in-game play using the wi-fi ability. About 1/2 through, you can see the guy do a barrel roll. It certainly looks player controlled to me. Hopefully this is a possible indication that some of the issues people have mentioned earlier have been addressed, and possibly taken care of. Either way, the game looks pretty good, graphically speaking. At least, for a DS game. I'm certainly looking forward to it, but I think I'd like to try out a demo, if one is available. Especially since I have extreamly limited funds. Anyway, hopefully someone finds this video informative. Mouser X over and out.
  22. Ah. Well then, I do agree, that sucks. Perhaps it's the resolution of the various videos I have, but I've been hard-pressed to see them fly through an item to barrel roll. On the other hand, in most of the videos I've seen where they do barrel roll, they have a scene change right before, or as, the barrel roll takes place. As such, that would make it difficult to see the item. Then again, perhaps I'm just missing something. Mouser X out.
  23. What you're seeing in that video is an item power up that barrel rolls you for a certain amount of time before going away. It is in no way user controlled. I didn't go to E3, and I haven't played Star Fox DS. However, looking at this video (lower left hand corner), the guy's left finger twitches on the L button when he does what looks like a barrel roll. If it is an item, is it one you collect, and then can use later? Is it something that's sitting in the air, and when you pass through it you automatically do a barrel roll? If it's a collectable item, then it is player controlled, in that you can decide when to do a barrel roll/use the item. I admit, I'm not a huge player of the Star Fox series. As such, I'm not very good at doing barrel rolls (especially on the SNES), but I haven't found much use for them (again, I'm probably wrong on that. I think it works as a dodge tactic, but I'm not sure). If it's an item that you can trigger, then there is at least some player control over it. At least for me, that'd be pretty good. It would make it easier to do a barrel roll. On the other hand, if the barrel roll does work as a dodging tactic, then I can see how it would be useful. Especially if you're given full control over how, when, and where you use it. But, in playing Star Fox Assualt, I seem to recall barrel rolls only lasting for a certain time as well. Sure, you could chain it together so that it would last longer, but it *seems* (based on videos, not actual gameplay) that the Star Fox Command game has roughly the same functionality. Please feel free to clarify any of this, or correct me. I'm looking forward to this game as well. Based on the videos and reviews I've seen (not reviews from anyone here, mostly in magazines or other sites), most people thought it was pretty good. There's room for improvement, but most thought it was pretty good. Thanks in advance if you can shed a little more detail in that area. Mouser X out.
  24. You called? Oddly enough though, no, that's not where my name originated from. Though I agree, cool character. If they have Snake using explosives in SSBB, I don't see why Mouser couldn't be in there as well. That's certainly something I wouldn't mind seeing. Though, chances are that I'd never play as him. I'd end up blowing myself up too often. I already blow myself up when I'm playing Link. I have often pulled a bomb out by accident, and not realized it until it was to late... That should make it obvious that I don't play SSBM for tournament play. I play for fun (most of the time). Mouser X out.
  25. Yes, there's at least 2, and perhaps more. There's Nerd Tracker 2, which is written in DOS, and then there's FamiTracker. I suggest you check out http://www.nullsleep.com/utilities.php to see some very useful utilities for both GB and NES music creation. I haven't used any of those tools myself, but I've heard the results of people who have. They've made some really cool chip tunes with those programs! Hope that helps. Mouser X out.
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