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  1. This remix has to be the most beautiful song I have ever heard. So good in fact, that this remix made me go and BUY a ps1 and the game, just to hear the original as well, which I'm glad I did. This remix is, as I sai, the most beautiful thing to ever grace my ears. Download it immediately, you will not be dissapointed. Wow. Alexander Prievert outdid himself this time, nothing more to say about this masterpiece, but if I one complaint about it, it's the fact that it only has the first verse and the chorus. Other than that, musical perfection.
  2. The last fight in team battle kicked my ass a few times...until I figured out you could use items . You can use items against the three earlier Tales Series people? Wow. That would help.
  3. It became Tales of lloyd running for his fricken life, only saved by the All Divide that Rain used in the beginning of the 55 minute insane boss battle. Abbysion was EVIL. he was doing 1000 damage er hit to me, evn when I had the best armor in he game coupled with the All divide (50% damage reduced on all attacks from everyone.)
  4. Volt was really hard, but he's easy for one main reason: He's only one enemy, and you have your entire team. The Lloyd vs. Kratos Fight near the end of the game was much harder, and MUCH more fun!As for the gurading thing, I never really guraded, I just relentlessly pinned and diced all the one-on-team bosses. The team-on-one hero fights are EVIL, such as the Colloseum.
  5. Wow, It's been on almost every playlist i've ever made and i still haven't reviewed it? Well, the bass I must say I like *prepares himself for flamers* and the guitar piece as well. -Slightly- repetitive for me, but that may be because i've been listening to it for over a year now. Which that in itself is great praise, because I start to get bored with most songs after about 3 months, and this one was my first, and still is, my favorite remix. Did I mention that the part with the Ocarina sounds really, really good? I've played the ocarina (An Ocarina of Time replica and it sounds just like it.) Good job, Mr. Peeples.
  6. I'll keep it short and sweet: I have a new favorite song
  7. Oh yeah, there always is Niflheim. (PM me to ask how to get to that secret area)
  8. Tales of Symphonia. Try Beating the Ramiel and Kratos back to back. Then try the ! on 1 duel between Kratos and Lloyd, the 1 on 1 with Sheena and Kuchinawa. think those are hard? Complete the "Devil's Arms" sidequest (abyssion wants you to get all nine cursed weapons) And when you finally do, You have to fight a punk with 120,000 Hp! He does over 1000 per hit, WITH the All Divide (halves the damage you give to the enemy, halves the damage you take) And did i mention, That he has Skyrocketed defense? Much harder than the last boss back to back fight. At least Yggdrasil got hurt! And what do you get in reward for beating the sucker? The weapons, that have NO power. . . Or so you think. Anyone that wants more info on ToS please PM me. I'll be glad to help.
  9. Wow. Beautiful, peaceful, calming, it's great. I love it. I give it a 9 out of ten
  10. O_O wow, McVaffe is good. I love this song. Too good to be called only a Remix. ITS A CLASSIC. Now I am pissed at my brother for taking Street Fighter 2 with him when he moved. ARRRG
  11. Wow.This is almost as good as McVaffe's Ryu's FreeStyle Dojo. And that is sayin quite SOMETHING It made me search through my crate of about 50 SNES games to find Yoshi's Island. It's a good game, better Remix
  12. Great song, I gotta write this one to a cd. AmIEvil strikes again. *looks at reveiw above this one* Uh.... Do you ever read the comments from Djpretzel? He said that AmIEvil wrote the he felt sorry for the motherbrain as she sits in a jar until she gets blasted by a chick in armour (wow, i remembered the "Metric" u in armor) so he would like to dedicate this song TO motherbrain.
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