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  1. This is my favorite song on the site right now. I kind of wish that more mixes did this kind of thing - taking the melody and changing it so much that it's wholly separate from the original. The mix is no longer the theme with accoutrements and things put there to evoke nostalgia, but a truly original composition, a new song on its own terms. And this song is just wonderful - the other day I put it on repeat for quite awhile. The use of the theme is just... mindblowing. And the choices of instruments/tones/effects work perfectly. It all comes together to create something very melancholic, and very beautiful. The chorus, if you will, evokes a rather vivid kind of imagery for me, and the atmosphere of the track as a whole is unique and nearly tangible. It's quite an accomplishment. Very good work.
  2. Wow. This remix is amazing. This was the first version I heard, and I've been in love since I first heard it. Not only is this my favorite ocremix, but I would consider it my favorite song of all time. There are moments when I just turn up the subwoofer and speakers and just blast this song really loud, and it sounds really great. Every time it plays, I can never stop myself from listening, and I don't think I've ever stopped it before it ended. One of my favorite parts about this remix is how well done those drums are, and how they come in at just the perfect time. This remix is epic. If you don't like it, I don't like you.
  3. Oh man, I love this one. Rimco really captured the feeling perfectly; while sounding very scary, it emits a vibe of eerie melancholy that really makes it worth the listen. The sounds used were perfect for the song, and really contributed to what Rimco was trying to achieve. It starts out so softly, and slowly, setting the tone for the song in such a great way. Then, at 0'31 it turns silent for a few seconds; and the sound returns, coming on slower, and even scarier. That part always gets to me. The way it has the heart beating sound slowly turning into the hard banging of the drums with that ambient sound going so smoothly with such an eerie tune, it paints a perfect picture in your mind of what would be happening with this music playing. Then at 1'59 it starts bringing in more drums and sounds, and not once does it stray from that same feeling. Whenever I see it on a playlist in Winamp, it always makes me come back for more, and every time I listen to it, it feels like the first time. I can't really find anything wrong with this one, and it would probably have to be one of my favorites on the site. So much done right in this mix; do not let this one go unheard.
  4. Wow, what a great piece, at just the perfect length. This was one of the first ones I heard, and it really reminds me of some good times from back then. I guess you could say I'm a fan of McVaffe's piano pieces; if you've enjoyed any of his others, you will not be disappointed with this one at all. A nice piano piece that seems to do just about everything right; this one should not go unheard.
  5. Great mix. I love the sound used for the main tune, and the way the intro moves into it so smoothly... Just like the pretzel man, I think it's great how at 1'36 it speeds up the pace without losing the great feeling. It really adds to the song and makes sure that the song doesn't start to grow repetitive. But like everyone else, I have to say that I know I've heard this tune from somewhere else.. My Dad knows this song (or something like it) by heart on the keyboard, and that's probably where I recognized it from. I don't think he said he got it from Final Fantasy, but he mentioned the name "Arthur" when I asked him about it.
  6. Although I don't hear anything much that gives off a Christmas-y feeling, it's a great happy, feel-good mix that's very fun to listen to, whatever time of the year it is. Cool and fun mix, I give it a 9/10.
  7. Probably my favorite remix on the site.. One of the first I downloaded, and I couldn't stop listening to it. It's the perfect length, and is just great in every other way. If you like sad/soothing piano solos, then download this one right now. Great mix, I give it a 10/10.
  8. I can't stop listening to this great remix... I love the intro sound, and how it comes back near the end of the song at 2:12, but it always seems like this song ends a little too soon. It's so great, though, and I'm always putting it on again, again, and again. Sweet (but short) mix; I give it a 9.5/10.
  9. The first fight against Magus in Chrono Trigger was hard to me. But nothing can compare racing against one of the bosses in Diddy Kong Racing... Didn't you have to race against an elephant.. and that pig dude? I don't remember, but there was a really hard boss that I could never beat.. Makes me cringe when I start to think about it.
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