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  1. Does that mean I'm on too? Hah - no, I may be a loser, but I can't remix like DS or Zircon.
  2. I HIGHLY suggest Compy's last post be deleted, before a lot of people see it, and lot of people get VERY upset having their work spoken about the way it was. We're too far in the game to let controversy stir the pot now.
  3. Sephfire PM'ed me to continue the discussion; sorry it got off-track. But it's not a "random radio show." If you read before, you might have noticed that I plugged Chrono Symphonic during my interview, and that's why I posted in the first place. I'm getting sick and tired of your attitude, Compy. No offense, but Andrew is the project head here. And you're not a moderator, either. Leave those things to the people actually in charge. EDIT: I changed your sig for you. Here you go! While I respect that Compy is just trying to preserve the integrity of the thread and discussion.... ...that was hilarious. Well played Pixie, well played.
  4. Slim Cases are as big as regular CD cases, but only half a s thick and can only hold 1 CD. So far it's on the backside unless Eon does something else. One thing that eludes me though... it's a planend 2CD release... why do you want to have it in a slim case? I mean... if you buy professional soundtracks, are they in a slim case too? Especially double CD releases? I guess not. And what if it'll be a 3CD release (like the ToP/ToD project is aiming at), will you go with slim cases too? I just don't get the point here. For any three disc project, it'd be REALLY cool to do three seperate covers, and then have some sort of cardboard case for all three. That ventures into actual manufacturing, rather than just printing off a few pages... But still, to be able to manufacture maybe 100 of these, and sell them on the site. That'd be pretty awesome.
  5. As far as I've seen, the thin cases have no sidings and just a front and inset cover (no back). I think they're also slightly smaller length- and height-wise, although I don't have a larger case to compare it with. What I'm mostly worried about is losing information or artwork if I don't use the back cover, or if I replace the inset with the back (as often do when buring with a thin case). Do you have the tracklist on the back or on the inset? Back. The inset will contain info, special thanks, etc. I could easily make a version where the inset cover has the information of the back... or you could just cut and paste the image...
  6. What's the difference between the thin and thick cases? If it's only the depth of the case, the edges of the back insert could be cropped off... I imagine that'd work. Someone here mentioned a DVD style case design. As cool as that would be, it'd require a redesign of the cover itself (as the main cover is designed to be square, or close to it...)
  7. The cover is coming along nicely. I won't post a link in the thread, but if you're lucky, I sometimes look for feedback in #ocremix, and I'll post the wip there while I work on it. I'm currently brightening things up a little bit - it was REALLY dark when I printed out a test copy. So far, I have the front cover with the first inlay page - you'll print it, then fold it in half for the front and back of the insert. There's also the back insert of the CD (the part that actually goes behind the CD holder in the jewel case), which is essentially finished. All that's left is the *back* of the front insert text (where the CD description goes, special thanks, etc), and maybe spicing things up a little bit. Anyway, looks good so far.
  8. ...the album is two discs? Is the tracklist on the first page the final order? And if so, where's the break between discs? Workin' on the art right now, kind of need to know that.
  9. ... So what's the status on that one then? Are you working on re-doing it? As for the artwork, I'm working on a back cover right now for the tracklist and whatnot. I'll also come up with an inside cover for screenshots of the game, some other stuff about the album. It's all still very wip-ish right now, but it's coming along. Claado asked me to do this AGES ago, and I've only gotten this far with it, so it's pretty high on my priority list, especially considering how close we are to the end.
  10. 1024 x 768 looks fine - it's only 24 pixels wider than the original image. Title or no title - or maybe title in the bottom right corner, smaller than the one on the album cover? I could do a couple different versions, I suppose. Also, keep in mind that this isn't the official artwork - not sure who's putting that one together.
  11. Probably. With or without title, and what size? I can only so so large, as the original is only 1000x1000. Resizing won't hurt it too much though.
  12. http://www.therighteous.net/eon/cscover.jpg Made a few changes, but saved over the old version - didn't want to post the image twice - either click the link, or the linked cover above should also have the changes. Just minor stuff - sharpened up the planet, some fixed colors, etc.
  13. A few minor changes over the last version - namely, it's much, MUCH bigger on my end, so I can get out a 1000x1000 300 dpi version of it - which should be decent for printing up as a cover. Otherwise, just cosmetic stuff. Added a little green to the planet, fixed some of the star field - gave the clouds a little more definition... extended lavos' comet tail a little bit. I definitely prefer this title over the last one (the handwritten stuff along the bottom), and I like how the crescent shape is divided in half by the curvature of the planet itself. Works well, I think. Comments appreciated.
  14. I'm never interested in putting anything directly from the game into the covers - I like to think I approach the art the same way the remixers approach the tracks - not blatantly rip anything, but simply make use of the theme. Rather than take the Chaos route (as you suggest), I decided to keep it more speed-oriented (what with the motion blurring and all... ). I was actually a little reluctant to even add the images of Sonic and Knuckles (someone convinced me to - KFC, I think?), but I think I managed to make it work. Considering how damn long it takes me to do pretty much anything, I figure now's as good a time as any to get working on the artwork.
  15. I dunno... while it was a little childish (check my sig), it actually represents a lot of the effort that goes into this. I mean, the very first day it was announced, it was the subject of much hilarity in #ocremix that night - and now it's almost finished. There's a lot of shit in there that could probably be cleaned up, a few things that were said that aren't really indicitave of the people saying them, but... ... Yeah, ok, I think it should be deleted too. On an unrelated note, it would appear Foxhound is also from Canada. So that's pretty cool.
  16. Is everyone still cool with this cover? I posted it a while back, just looking for some more feedback. I'll do an inside cover and back label with the same idea...
  17. Aww, way to ruin it. It was WAY better when everyone though you were an elitist prick - Now you're just really busy. Sucks. Tell Snappleass to get his shit together then. The 'elitist prick' was my comment, based on what he had said.
  18. The header menu looks a little screwy in Opera. I assume it's supposed to line horizontally below the header image, like KiC does? In Opera, it's bunched against the right side. What kind of fag uses opera though? ...
  19. Haven't you heard? Subtlety is the cool thing to do. Give me time.
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