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  1. Ok... I guess that changed since the last time I logged in. I shall resize it here in the near future.

  2. Hey Arek, how are you? I guess you're still alive.

  3. I loved the old Duke Nukem games. I remember playing them on the floppy disk on my old x486. Rise of the Triads (ROTT) was also awesome. My favorite part was shooting the guys just enough to wound them pretty bad but not kill them. Then they would drop to their knees and beg for your life, which was when they got waxed. Lots of fun!
  4. I love car audio. I have completely redone the sound systems in both my truck and car. In my car (93 mustang) I have 6 speakers and a sub. 5X7 Boston Acoustic in the back and 5 1/2 Boston Acoustics in the doors with Infinity 3" in the dash. I have a Pioneer Premiere 680 deck and a Kenwood Exceleon 800W 4 channel digital amp pushing them. I have a Memphis 1000W Mono channel D class amp pushing a 10" Memphis M3 class sub in a Q Logic box. In my truck (04 Dodge Ram) I have Memphis PR series 6X9's in the back and Memphis 6 1/2"S in the front. I have a Pioneer Premiere 680 deck and a Memphis 400W digital amp pushing them. I have a 500W Mono channel digital D class amp pushing my (2) 12" Memphis PR series subs under the seats in the back. Anyway, I love car audio .
  5. I love Baseball. My favorite team is the Astros (I'm from Houston). Thankfully we decided to start winning again and we're 4 1/2 games out of the wild card. I am hoping that we pull it off. I'm really suprised how well we're doing right now, especially with all of the injuries.
  6. Crap, I missed the first tourney . I can use OCR again at work apparently! Hopefully I will make it for a later tournament. I don't have very high level pokemon though.
  7. Congratulations! I have a son myself. He's 17 months old now. I didn't get to spend any time with him for the first 7 months of his life though. I was deployed for 7 months, 2 weeks prior to him being born.
  8. I would have to go with the Joker from the original Batman on NES. I never beat him...
  9. Here's an old memory. This is a picture of the original Halo 2: Clan OCR.
  10. I used to post primarily in unmod. I am a nice half-bred unmodder though. I also enjoy gendisc.
  11. I am returned from the war. I've actually been back for a couple months and am just now migrating back to the forum. Anyway, I'm back!
  12. You act like formatting your hard drive is a monumental and historic event... I could've formatted my hard drive like 8,000,000.23132412 times by now And you're acting like formatting a hard drive is as common as breathing. Whoop de doo. I'm more concerned about the fact that he could fit all his files onto only 2 CDs. Next time just set up two separate partitions on the same hard drive. That's what I did. That way when it comes to reformatting you can just move the stuff over and reformat that partition.
  13. You act like formatting your hard drive is a monumental and historic event... I could've formatted my hard drive like 8,000,000.23132412 times by now
  14. If not, I'm not sure we want you around anyways. If you don't understand that, go join Decrescendo's "clan" [i use the term loosely here] Heh, 'course, if that IS idiot-proof enough for you, then we'll be glad to have you Pfft, come on over if you want. Send me a friend invite and I'll send you a clan invite back. WesPip is just jealous because he can't get in.
  15. Ha ha, video was great. Hope to see more in the future! I'll be on again tonight.
  16. I was owning tonight . I think I've got my skills back for the most part after my 6 month hiatus.
  17. Whoever gets on tonight send me an invite: Decrescendo I've been on for about 2 hrs today, but I don't have any of y'all in my friends list.
  18. Awww... DAMN. It looks like most of the real clan got on after I quit! Yeah. Where have you been Dr. Maryus?
  19. I was sucking it up last night... Oh well, better luck next time
  20. We shall see about that... ::ready for a game at anytime as long as he isnt asleep, or at work, or just plain busy:: Send me an friend invite.
  21. Heh, whatever. You're just mad because you were the lowest man on the totem pole in our clan. Quite frankly you sucked . I hope you've gotten better. I am polising my skills after my 6 month absence, but... Clan OCR tm will prevail. (if anyone is ever on). Sheesh... I work 13 hours a day and get up at 4am and find time to play. Why is no one ever on? Anyway, send me a message Decrescendo If you want to join clan OCR tm
  22. Clan OCR tm will reign supreme. I'm going back to work for 5 days, but after that it's game on. I made it to level 14 in two days. We'll see how things go .
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