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  1. I keep misreading the title as "EcstaticNewYear". Sounds like someone's extremely happy and is overshooting the notes they're playing, or something to that effect. But why not be happy, playing a song like this? First time I listened to this, I had headphones on, and my ears split. XD But now I'm used to it. Good thing or bad thing? I dunno. No high-pitched squealing is going to stop me from listening to this mix, though. It's awesome, and I agree with everyone else--definitely a fun song. Great job!
  2. I love this remix. True, it doesn't deviate from the original theme much, but the original theme was so good, the remix really doesn't need to distance itself from it. The intro was what really hooked me--I'm a sucker for a good beat. Oh, and using the type of same running bass line as the one from the theme of Tal Tal Mountains was a very nice touch. Intentional?
  3. This song, I listened to it on repeat for quite a while, checked its file info, saw there's a LONGER version, and went for that. The other's nine minutes long, but it certainly doesn't feel like nine minutes. You get so lost in the melody, the time flies by. This one's nearly three minutes shorter, but still doesn't feel like six and a half minutes. I love the way the song starts. No beat until 30 seconds in, just melody. The long mix's buildup is longer. Somehow this one seems a bit rushed after listening to the long one, but it IS an edit. I've never played ICO, but I was curious about any remixes that showed up here since I've heard good things about the OST. Now I think I might have to grab the CD to hear what this music's all about. Great job!
  4. At first, the clips from the cartoon sort of bothered me. Then came all the Protoman clips--especially "Give me that! You robotwit...". Suddenly, it was all worth it. Makes me want to break out my tapes. The actual music pops in and out quite a bit, so if you don't like interruptions, you may not like this. I personally like the song that was remixed, though, so even with all the jumping around, I still like this.
  5. It's like... SMB meets a DDR Paranoia remix. And while I don't like all of the Paranoias, this is great. It's constantly changing, but it keeps the theme going flawlessly in the background, never once dropping the beat. It seems that way, with all the chaos going on around it, you somehow never get lost.
  6. This song's utterly ridiculous. And I love it. Nothing more really needs to be said--it's short and sweet... well, maybe not sweet, but that's not what it was going for, was it? I'm going to infect my brother and his friends with it over the weekend.
  7. Y'know the original version of this song is addictive enough. Now Disco Dan does THIS to it, and totally blows me away. This is definitely one of those songs that must be had. You will be bopping your head to this tune. Great job, Dan!
  8. This song makes me headbang. Well, sort of. Same effect, really--it kicks. It's very Zelda. Download, you won't be disappointed!
  9. I really can't say anything other than what everyone else has said--this is a gorgeous remix, hands down. I've only been surfing around OCR for about a week, but I've quickly come to the conclusion that McVaffe is a god. I was very pleasantly surprised by the inclusion of the ending theme of the game, which I love and unfortunately don't get to hear much anymore since I'm usually away from my system. The transitions between sections are flawless, and just... wow. Excellent, excellent remix here.
  10. I was psyched when I saw this mix, and upon listening, I ended up repeating several times. Soft Museum is one of NiGHTS' most addictive and fun levels, and it shows in the music as well. I notice McVaffe pretty much stuck with the "bad" version of the song... which now makes me want to play Christmas NiGHTS and "remix" it a bit myself. My only complaint about this remix? I wish it could have played through one more time. The original OST tracks annoyed me a bit because they only played through once. ^^; A great mix for a great song!
  11. This is a totally unexpected twist on the original Azure Lake song... and it's awesome. It's slower, much more mellow, and definitely worth a download. The thing that struck me most was the ending, though--it took more than a few listens to realize, but I think it's actually the second half of Azure Lake's song, just extremely slowed down and made to sound like a classical piece. Not entirely obvious what it is, and I like that. Very creative mix.
  12. I used to rent this game constantly way back, but I stopped after we got Kirby's Avalanche for the SNES (yet ANOTHER Puyo Puyo game, with the exact same setup as DRMBM, just Kirby characters). This remix has brought back some excellent memories of this game, namely how I'd sit for hours playing Exercise Mode just for this song. I loved it then... ... and I love it now. The major-key change was a little odd first, but the song's theme didn't get to repeat itself before I was grooving in my chair and telling my little brother how excellent this remix is. This is one of those songs I can't get past on my playlist without repeating it twice. Jivemaster, great job!
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