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  1. Nice job! Another great SFA2 remix! (there needs to be more sadly ) anyways im loving this, its very relaxing and smooth. great music to chill too cood job once again!
  2. very nice mix. it sounds trippy and relaxing. the yeah! sample is used incredibly well. great job
  3. finally some more turtles are on the site. great job. very close to the original yet decidingly different.
  4. nice. The vocals are kinda drowned out by the guitar but otherwise its a great mix
  5. excellent work. Brings back fond memories of DD2.
  6. very fun little remix. great job. Makes me want to bust of this game and play it
  7. a very nice remix of a great song. Very nice treatment and the right choice for the instrument. Congrats on your first successful submission
  8. Incredible! Very mellow and a great track to listen to during any occasion. The title perfectly describes the song's mood. A great job by the artist.
  9. an increidible remix for an incredible song. One of my favourite songs on DDR Extreme and this remix makes it sound even better
  10. A very nice remix of a song i forgot about. I really love the craziness of the song. Great job!
  11. Incredibly brilliant but a little on the short side. This mix kinda makes you sad and happy at the same time
  12. Very nice remix of a great song. Keep it up!
  13. very nice remix for b4u which is a great song in teh first place
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