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  1. I always loved the original track of Jolly Roger bay and this remix is excellent. It adds a nice dance flavor to one of my favorite songs and the effort really shows after the intro. Nice job!!
  2. This song like with so many of the Megaman remixes here is one I like to listen to multiple times. And what ginssu said in his post from so long ago, I might try whenever I play any Megaman game. The only thing that freaks me out about the song is the choice of title. Anyways Injury definately shows her musical prowess with this track. I give it 4 stars.
  3. I agree wholeheartedly with this sentance. Although Megaman 2 has an excellent soundtrack people really should do somemore remixes of the first Megaman game heck I'd like to see some remixes from Megaman 4 as well. Anyways back to my thoughts on this song. The Piano solo around the half way mark of the song is an excellent touch to a song that is basicly techno. All in all this mix is on my list of favorite songs to listen to.
  4. Sorry to be a late replyer to this topic. Anyways Magnet Man's music was always my favorite out of Megaman 3's soundtrack and I would play his stage first just to hear this tune. Now Disco Dan comes along and takes and excellent song and makes it better. I always listen to this tune whenever I drop by OCremix.com.
  5. This is by far the best Dr. Wily Remix I have heard yet. This is exactly the thing people need to listen to when they need to chill out.
  6. It's not the worst thing I have ever heard especially since I have no experience in making Remixes. But there are better remixes of this out there. Anyways I liked it.
  7. I've always loved Blast Hornet's theme in MMX3 and this remix as some people have already said, makes good boss music in an RPG. By the wayI'm new here to these boards but a long time listener of OC Remix related music. Keep up the good work guys and gals.
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