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  1. If I may ask, what information has taken (potentially) five months for someone to give?
  2. On VGMix quite a few years ago, a remixer named Void was posting what he passed off as remixes that he'd done. Some where longer and better than others, but there were a number that were based on songs from games that very few people had heard of (he posted a couple that were from Golden Axe or Panzer Dragoon Saga as well, I believe). He even got a fair bit of praise for what many thought was his work. However, after a couple of years, someone found one of "his" remixes and pointed out that it was actually done by someone else (I want to say it was on a Japanese MIDI album or something like th
  3. Void. Now now, I know what people think when Void comes to mind. Yes, he was a liar, a music thief and he basically fucked himself right out of the remixing community back in the early 2000s. However, what his dishonest actions caused indirectly was something of a good thing in the end for me; something that I've basically run with for a long time. He shed light on games that few had heard of and ran with the facade that he was making remixes for those games. However, I chose to actually make the remixes I posted, and not plagiarize like Void did when he claimed other peoples' work as his
  4. I do, but only once in a while. The majority of my remixes are for the Christmas albums, but I still do one or two here and there outside of that (like for the upcoming Chrono Cross album... or the dead Streets of Rage project). this is all because I'm mostly focused on my original work now, which is more enjoyable to me. Thinking about it, the role of music making for me has basically flipped over the years. My original work was all background stuff as I kept focusing on remixes. Now, it's mostly original work with remixing being in the background.
  5. OK, so Thursday became Saturday. I had a number of things come up and it slipped my mind. PMs going out tonight.
  6. Alright. The list is up to date. It's been almost two months since this project was kicked off and I'll be sending everyone a PM tomorrow, so keep an eye out for that.
  7. I believe it was Mitaro who died, yes. As for Arek the Absolute, he didn't die. He went from dying, to better.
  8. For me, it's 40-50 minutes. I've got plenty of CDs that fall in the 30-35 minute range that I enjoy, but 40-50 minutes feels like the right amount of time for an album when played from start to finish. It's also the time range that some of my favorite albums fall into, so maybe that's why.
  9. Well, if someone picks up the mantle, here's what I still need... - The artist names (real name or remixer handle, whichever someone wants to use) and the remix titles for the back cover / website. - Any comments by the remixers if they want to give a little insight into their remix. Also, since Touchstone is basically gone, we'll be dropping the "Notes" page where the project director talks about the making of the album and whatnot. So the website will now be three pages (Home, Artists, Downloads).
  10. No one knows. We have no idea who sent final tracks to Touchstone and who didn't, if the two non-gold tracks were ever finished, or if there was any kind of feedback about the album from OCR when it became an official OCR project back in June of last year. Outside of the cover art and website art/layout, everything else if kind of up in the air.
  11. I think this project has, unfortunately, gone the same way as the Streets of Rage project (which I was doing a remix for). It seems to be pretty well dead in the water.
  12. It's that time again! Time to start thinking about Christmas as the temps climb to 100ºF+ around the country and people wax nostalgic about when it was cold... forgetting all the bitching they did about how cold it was, the snow, the ice, and all of that. And it's in that spirit... sort of... that we take our first step in getting this year's project underway. Soooooooooo... This project is open to any and all OCR members, regardless of whether you're a posted remixer or not. And now, the details... When's The Project Deadline?- December 20th, 2018 at 11:59 P.M. EST. Thi
  13. Thanks, BA I do have remixes here on OCR, but they're all from 2004 and earlier and sound... eh, not so good. My Youtube channel has much newer ones and some updated older ones that sound better thanks to my gaining more experience mixing... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAVmAVd_3uYXKKN5yYKKoNA?view= And my screenname is indeed pronounced Coop (like in chicken coop). I got it from an Alice Cooper song (Alma mater) from the line "Remember the coop, huh?" near the end.
  14. **buzzer** Your guess would be wrong, I'm afraid. They're Classical. Piano, Orchestral, Chamber Music... things like that. I use my real name for these and you can check out some of the songs on the albums at my Soundcloud here (it's a mix of my company audio work and my music)... https://soundcloud.com/dragonwolfdesign/sets As for my novels, they're fantasy/fiction, based on characters I've had in my head since basically High School, and they're a planned trilogy. The music of my albums is actually based on scenes from these books as well.
  15. Me. Adding class? When did that happen? As for what's keeping me occupied, I'm still trying to get a business off of the ground (Dragonwolf Design) and I've put out two albums (The Journey Vol. 1 & 2, and I'm working on Vol. 3). Writing a trio of novels has kept me busy as well. Other than that, just the usual daily grind and trying not to end up on an episode of COPS.
  16. I'm still alive. Not around as much, but alive nonetheless. And yes, I remember both of those screennames, Blaster Atoms.
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