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  1. They've always been fart fans to me Merry Christmas to any who came by. Hope you enjoyed the (long) read
  2. The main site is live with this album. So I've updated the first post.
  3. Well hello there, folks! Yes, the time has once again come. As has been the tradition for over a decade now, remixers new and seasoned have come together to make a Christmas album for everyone to enjoy. Featuring songs from video games that were given a little yuletide twist, and traditional Christmas carols that got a kick in the genre, this year we have 10 songs for you get into the spirit with. Once again, a "thanks" goes out to Dyne for hosting this. And from all of us involved with this project, we hope you have a merry Christmas http://williammichael.info/aocc/aoccv13.htm
  4. That's it. Time's up. I'll be tagging the MP3s, typing up the text for the back cover, and sending everything to Dyne. Once he lets me know that the page for the album is done, I'll update the upcoming thread. Thanks to everyone who got a remix in, and to those who tried to
  5. Less than an hour to go. So if anyone's doing a last second touch up, or if there are any unannounced stragglers who were thinking about getting in on the action, now's the time to get it done.
  6. That's what happens when you don't officially sign up. You miss out on the wonderful chit chats we have behind the scenes... and the weird Christmas porn showings
  7. Hey Txai. Been a while since I saw a post from you here. I'm so used to seeing you elsewhere, I almost forgot you were here too Thanks for the compliment. But in truth, it wasn't about showing my visual prowess. It was about showing what I liked. I never made sigs until Teknobunny showed me how to post a sig. From there, I learned how to do sprite work so I could have a sig that I felt fit me better than a static image or just a straight-up sprite rip animation. I then used that skill to make sigs for others if they weren't able to do it themselves. If anyone liked what I made,
  8. It's December 18, so you know what that means. Story time with many a rhyme. So sit back, use the bathroom if you have to, and get comfy. This one's a long one... 'Twas XVIII: Lost And Found by The Coop 'Twas a week before Christmas and down at the vet, Gary felt that this day was the worst he'd had yet. He waited for his turn as he sat with his cat. A tabby named Cally who was quite old and fat. He'd had her since he was a boy of about nine. She had grown up with him. Their lives had been entwined. He'd spent many a good year with
  9. Maybe it's just me and my old school ways, but a forum that celebrates an art form, yet provides its users little in the way to use art on it, seems off. I get that the "clean" look is what some want. Lots of businesses do. But OCR isn't really a business in the typical sense of boardroom meetings and company-use-only forums. It's a site about video games, video game music, and the remixes of said music. It's a site that sets out to celebrate the personalities of the music that's used to help create the moods, moments and scenes we'll remember experiencing years from now. So why take such a la
  10. I listen to all of the finished tracks and create an order that I feel has a decent flow to it.
  11. Yes, after a number of delays and issues, the final entry in my album series is finally out. At 17 tracks, this one is easily the biggest of the albums. It has a mix of Classical songs that cover a variety of moods and atmospheres. From peaceful solo instrumentals, to ominous epic orchestral pieces, and many things in-between, this one was a beast to finish. But finish it I did, and it's up on Bandcamp now. For those interested, here are the first two singles from the album, along with this link that will take you to my Bandcamp page where all three albums can be found (along with a speci
  12. Animation is a nightmare to dig into, both 2D and 3D I'm not trying to scare you away, but rather trying to let you know what you'll be getting into if you do it yourself... or know what you'll be asking of someone if you hire a person to make what you need. With 3D, you need to be able to create (or buy) decent looking models, which is a project in and of itself. Even if you just factor in modeling bodies, objects, clothes, setting up the lighting, creating textures, and all of that, you've still got a long road ahead of you before you even get to actually animating the models and scene
  13. Yes, you are We'll keep the number of tracks to two per person. It's great that you have ideas, but we don't want this to become the Seth Skoda and Guests Christmas Album. Pick the two you think work the best and run with them. And remember, you can update them until Dec. 20 at 11:59 P.M. EST, so if you change your mind, you have time.
  14. Two remixes is fine. We've had a few people submit two for past albums, so if you get the time/inspiration, go for it.
  15. As the first post says, you can remix a song in any style. And as for songs already remixed in the past, that's not an issue either. Hell, I've gone back and redone remixes, so covering a song someone else did on a past album is fine. And if more than one person ends up picking the same song, that's fine too. The only real limitation here is the deadline, which is looming closer.
  16. New update sent out to the handful of people who are onboard this train.
  17. With releasing remixes or arrangements of game/movie/TV songs, you're pretty much at the mercy of whoever holds the rights to the music. Sure, you can get (or at least try to get) a license that will let you sell the covers you did. Others have done it, so it is possible and doable. But when it comes to hosting them for free on a website somewhere, it all depends on the copyright holder. On that point, OCR wasn't really cleared by anyone. If someone at Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, SEGA, or whoever wanted to, they could demand OCR take down any and all remixes of the music that company holds
  18. Well, it's been two months since this thread was created, and... there have been two confirmed remixers besides myself have signed up. I think it's safe to say, this is a rather slow start. But, perhaps a fresh bump will get some folks coming around. In the meantime, I'll be sending out a PM to the those onboard the AOCC train in the next few days.
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