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  1. Don't be too down on yourself, Supercoolmike. There's nothing wrong with hopping from song to song if you have a bunch of ideas. But at some point, you need to focus. It's fine to play with melodies or a set of harmonies to get a feel for them and see if they could go somewhere, seeing as that's where so many song's start. And of course, getting ideas down so you don't forget them is important. But you need to return to those ideas for them to get anywhere. Don't just focus on the part you thought was cool sounding, because that's only one piece of the puzzle. As someone who draws, writes
  2. Hello? Anyone? Did this thing die off after being accepted? I'm still waiting for the info to put into the website (artist names, remix names, any blurbs about the songs, etc.), when everything for the site is needed by, and all of that. An update would be appreciated.
  3. I was thinking about submitting mine, but I have a feeling between the sample used, the composition, and given how far the idea of OCR-quality has come since the last time I submitted a track, that it'd be a mistake. Don't get me wrong, I like my song and I look forward to getting to post it on my Youtube channel, but I don't feel it's above the proverbial bar when listening to OCR tracks that are similar in nature to my track.
  4. And the streaming party is done. Thanks for hosting it, Cyril, and congrats once more to everyone for helping make a great album
  5. As long as my Dropbox holds up, no worries. If it doesn't, then panic
  6. Hello ladies and gentle peoples! After months of work and lots of pestering, the latest An OverClocked Christmas is done and ready for downloading. Featuring a record-breaking 15 remixes of Christmas carols and VGM, it's got many different moods and genres covered. R&B, Jazzy, Orchestral, Metal... that and more are present. So with a big thanks to everyone who stepped up and submitted a remix, and to Dyne for continuing to host the files, feel free to go ahead and download the finished product that we all slaved over for you http://williammichael.info/aocc/aoccv11.htm Enjoy
  7. Less than a day to go, everyone. Can you smeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell... that the clock... is... ticking?
  8. The Coop

    'Twas XVI

    It's that time of year again. Time for a little story with a big chunk of rhyming. I usually post this in Off Topic, but this year, I think it fits in well with Community. So, with out any more prattling on from me, I give you 'Twas XVI. 'Twas XVI: It's Not Always Just a Game by The Coop 'Twas two days before Christmas and throughout the mall, many adults were buying their children's gift haul. Last minute ideas and procrastination made for a time that proved to be stressful, not fun. The place was b
  9. Got it. Thanks for the submission! Cool, another "out of the blue" entry
  10. A bit late thanks to PC problems, but the final single from my album is out. This one's called, "Stepping Into the Unknown."
  11. There is a Vol. 11 coming. It should be released on Dec. 21.
  12. In the meantime, we can play the Mega Man X games when that collection comes out (Xbox, Sony, Nintendo and PC). I just hope MM11 hits Steam.
  13. I've got more on there, but I don't want to post multiple playlists. So, I'll just post the playlist for my latest album.
  14. If this is still going, then I'm guessing it means that Adpocalypse 3.0 hasn't hit OCR yet?
  15. We've made some progress, Dyne. Most of the conversations have been via PM I'm putting this here since not everyone seems to be checking their PMs. Anyone and everyone involved who hasn't handed in a remix, or let me know about a major hardware issue that's stopped their progress, get in touch with me ASAP. I need to know who's still on-board and who's dropped out. I haven't heard from some of you in quite a while, and since we're down to less than three weeks before the deadline, it's time for me to start cracking the whip a bit. I'll be deciding the album song order and typing in everyt
  16. Being a long-time fan of the Amiga game and having read some stuff about this remix elsewhere, I thought that perhaps I should come by and give some thoughts on the remix now that it's been through the judge's panel. I don't know if this'll help, or if anyone will agree with me, but here goes. First, I have to bring up the concept of repetition. Repetition is a staple of music, of that there's no doubt. Melodies, harmonies, riffs, beats, lyrical structure... it all comes and goes usually at least twice in many songs. So the idea is fine. However, there's a difference between repeating som
  17. The third single is out! This song has several special meanings to me, but rather than go over them, I think I'll just leave the title of the song to speak for itself. Enjoy!
  18. Is everyone still alive? A week ago, I sent out a PM to all those involved. And not only have I yet to hear back from anyone, but only 5 out of 11 have read it thus far.
  19. It's all explained in the first post. You'll find my e-mail there. There's really no review done. Anything review-like happens when the supposedly final track is submitted. And really, all I do is make sure there are no errors in the wav/MP3 so it plays back without issues. If a song is really quiet, I'll boost the volume if it's submitted as a WAV file, but that's about it. Otherwise, all I'll do it tag the submitted MP3s and any MP3s I make from submitted WAV files. That's about it as far as a review goes, unless something submitted is really, really questionable in terms of quality.
  20. As the first post says, this isn't an official OCR album. AOCC has never been one, which is why it's always been open to everyone and not just those who can make OCR bar-level music. I mean hell, I have a song on here every year and I'm nowhere near OCR quality That said, the bar here is pretty low. Just check out some of my earlier entries. Those were some rough-sounding remixes. So if you're at or above entries like "Algorhythmic Bells" and "A Night of Three Visitors" in production quality, you'll be fine. As for "no covers," I don't recall that ever being a thing on AOCC. On OCR, sure
  21. Just put out the second single from this album, along with a quick video. This happier tune's called, "Woven Threads." Hope you enjoy it
  22. Perhaps a couple of you remember last year when I released "The Journey Vol. 1," a collection of original music that was based off of the novels I've been working on. Well, the journey's not over. Today, I released the second album, "The Journey Vol. 2." Like the first album, it's comprised of original Classical, Orchestral and Chamber Music of varying moods and atmospheres. If anyone's interested, you can preview and buy the album (as well as "The Journey Vol. 1) for $5 here... https://store.cdbaby.com/Artist/MTYankovich1 https://mtyankovich.bandcamp.com Thanks for reading this and
  23. Thanks for the WIP, but for future reference, keep WIPs contained to private messages to me if you want to send something. That was, it keeps the folks guessing what they'll be getting for Christmas and doesn't spoil the surprise
  24. Cool. Three potential remixers and I've already got my remix well under way, along with getting the cover started. Progress!
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