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  1. I got a microKORG (bewy, bewy nice) and a pair of Sennheiser HD 215 headphones that have a left earcup that rotates up for one-ear-listening-DJ-work-type-stuff (a joke of sorts, as I do nothing of the sort). Nonetheless, they're really nice headphones. And the microKORG is awesome, but that went without saying.
  2. This has probably been mentioned so many times in this thread that I'll be murdered in my sleep for mentioning it again. I've been listening to MP3s of the songs from Sonic The Hedgehog 2 quite a bit lately, and have become completely enthralled by the sounds (the drum sounds, specifically) used on them. What I'd like to do is incorporate that type of percussion into my music. The MP3s I've downloaded have evidently been sequenced by someone to imitate the original songs, so I'm assuming the samples can be found somewhere (I just can't find them, dumm me). I've never really ventured outside th
  3. Where can I find some drum sounds like those used in the old Sonic games for Genesis? They would go perfectly with a song I'm working on.
  4. I think the lyrical style in this song is really interesting. The rhyming patterns are all over the place, phrases are repeated twice in one sentence, etc. I can't really put my finger on it, but the vocalist's style and lyrics seem really unique. I don't listen to a whole lot of rap, so maybe I'm mistaken. Whatever. Moving on. 'Kay, here's my constructive criticism: I think more structure would benefit this song more than anything else. There aren't distinct verses or choruses. In my opinion, this lets the listener's attention drift because of the lack of sudden changes in the song. Small cha
  5. I really like this song. The part at 0:50 is sorta reminiscent of "Robot Rock" by Daft Punk, without the mind-numbing repetition. And they make large sums of money for that stuff. So... I guess... analoq, if you want to make money on your music, you should remix this song so it's just that one part looping for 5 minutes. And repeat the title of the song over and over. "NEXT MY GENERATION deedledeedee NEXT MY GENERATION deedledeeee NEXT MY GENERATION" and so forth until people start wondering if the CD is skipping. "Yaargh! He said 'one more time' 346 times ago!! My shoe laces are stinging!!!"
  6. Just finished listening to Radio Results. wait....wait....wait.... Best song of all time. You are funny make me laugh with the smiling.
  7. I'm just getting to listen to the entire collection. I was out of town all weekend, knowing that the project had indeed been released, and having no way to hear it. Ssso... more or less....... writhing in pain. Anyway, now I am listening. Oddly enough, I thought Aquatic Ruin Zone was one of the best Sonic songs ever, and I have been looking forward to a remix of it since the dawn of time. Unfortunately, unless I had eventually opened my iTunes window to check what song I was listening to, I would have never guessed that I was hearing the remix of Aquatic Zone. The track is awesome, but there's
  8. A chord progression on guitar and lyrics about a person's groin are... a song from Zelda... My friend sent me this song, and I had some Sonic remixes I had worked on just for fun, so I decided to send one in. And after hearing perhaps the worst song this site has ever accepted, I thought it was in the bag. Anyway, it didn't get accepted, and I've gotten lightyears better at DP since I submitted it. But I think I'll just break out the acoustic guitar, slap together some lyrics with a duhty wuhd in them, and send that in. Yeah, that seems to work.
  9. Ouch, that sound at the very start hurts my widdle ears. Extremely cool percussion. Wow. Just listening to the drums you get lost in how intricate this song is. Wait, there's other instruments?? Yaargh!! I have to agree that there are way too many things going on at once throughout the whole song, and the listener gets lost and can't appreciate everything. Still, the production that went into this song is mind-blowing, and I must give Beatdrop kudos for the most intricate drums I can ever remember hearing on this site. Yeehaw.
  10. YES!! YESSSSS!!! The song I dreamed would be remixed has been, and in the form I prayed for! Crazy, hectic, dark techno. Rellik is my new hero. I love this. I LOVE THIS. I FREAKIN LOVE THIS!!The percussion in this song is mind-blowing. Honestly my favorite remix on the site. That includes IceCapped, which I love like a son. This song makes me want to hardcore dance. Bad. If I were a real weirdo, I'd blast this in my living room and hardcore dance right now. Oh god. Fourth time listening. This sounds reminiscent of Kevin Manthei's genius work on Invader Zim, but a billion times cooler. That bre
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