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  1. >stunning work. it's hard for almost everyone to create such a memorable slow piano piece, but you've done it. the changes in tempo, intensity and softness of the notes, and just teh overall amazing compisition really set you apart form other remixers. damn good job
  2. Is it just me, or does this track seem to be taken from an 80's workout video? But that's not a bad thing. I actually enjoyed this remix a lot. The only thing I can complain about its a little repetitive. But I guess that's half the point of techno music anyway.
  3. This track is awesome to the point of no return. Solid-diamond-hardcore.
  4. Very nice, very nice. The synth has kind of a smooth, robotic feel to it, and the drum track compliments it well. It actually resembles the sound style of a band called Pitchshifter, but not too much.
  5. Pretty good. I especially like section that starts at the 28 second mark. It's just a good build up. Overall its about a B+, an account of being a little monotonous/ repetitive.
  6. What a rush! Every time I listen to this song, I feel my palms get sweaty like I've been holding a playstation controller for 4 hours trying to defeat the boss standing between me and that next save point. I think the best part was the victory music at the end, because what's a boss fight without the sweet satasfaction of knowing that you completly kicked its ass?
  7. Freakin' sweet! Piracha should be proud of himself. He was able to make an evil character's theme become a thing of beauty. I was half asleep when I first heard this, and I swear that I saw a reflection of Jenova in my window. I love a song that can cause me to have vivid hallucinations. Golden.
  8. This is one of the greatest remixes ever. A+ on the bass line, the flute vibrato, piano work, and just about everything else. But what I enjoyed the most was the effect it has on people. I played it for my friend one day, and she suddenly had the urge to hug me for an insanely long period of time. Needless to say, I now play this song for almost every girl I meet.
  9. True, the mix does start kinda flat. And that Brass sound was kinda poor quality. But to be honest, FF7 started kinda flat, too. And the in-game music, in some parts, was of the same poor quality. (I'm thinking of Barret's theme.) So as far as I'm concerned, Risen Dayspring is just working off the source material. Besides, FF7 ended up being one of the greatest games of all time. The same is true for this mix. Keep up the good work RD.
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