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  1. Congrats Flexstyle! Your take on the source was better interpreted than mine and so you rightfully won this PRC. I can only say, keep pumping out those Trance remixes! If you pick a nice sourcetune for coming PRC, I'll try to enter. Thanks for the great reviews guys. I'm sorry for my shitty reviews, but i suck really bad at that and i don't want to disappoint people or give bad advice.
  2. Voted. Great Turnout. Hope next PRC will have a kickass source as well.
  3. Damn size limit... it's 8 megs. And 6.75 if I'd render it to 128kbps. And I already cut a minute of intro and outro, just to make it less big. Ok, i'll just render a lo-fi version and add it to thasauce. I'll post a link to a better one in my post. (mumbles something about "size limits" and "2008" and some swearing...)
  4. Ok then. Problem is, where do I post the link?
  5. Hope Jordan recovers. I'm not religious so i don't pray. I wish him lots of luck and strength. His mixes opened up a path for other trance orientated remixers like me on OCR. Let's hope he'll be able to broaden that path.
  6. Hmm, i've got the same problem Flexstyle. Mine's near completion but around 8 megs. If I have to make it under 6 megs the quality will be below 128 kbps. I've got some space to host it myself, if that's no problem.
  7. I'm in. Love the sourcetune. I've finished Golden Sun and the Venus Lighthouse was the coolest part. I'll fix up a remix for this.
  8. That's ok. I didn't intend on actually competing. I just felt i'd share this. At least it's not a half-bad midi-rip, eh?
  9. Muhahahaha! I will crush the competition with my awesomazing shroomz! Err... I should really cut back on those. Subbed tha shiz.
  10. Want my 'shamelessly-midi-ripped-but-still-very-cool-remix' here? I just pimped the synths a bit and added some percussion (read: 4/4 stuff) It doesn't have to be in the compo, I just wanted to hear what it would be like to have Mario trippin'. So if any of you would like to hear it, let me know and i'll post it here.
  11. Thanks guys, appreciate it. I think i'll take this project and rearrange it. Make it less slow in terms of building to the climax and add some more energetic breaks and percussion. Let's say that'll be the OCR-dub.
  12. NeoS

    WIP boards

    Tensei-San, you know we shouldn't be online around 21:00 hours in these exciting times with the European Championship Soccer and all that! We should make arrangements for our boys coming home with the Cup. Anyway, I became so effin' frustrated I removed the url. Stupid me. I'll put it back.
  13. NeoS

    WIP boards

    Great discussion. I really like that "seal of approval" idea. I'd like to point out that some IT related boards have something like that idea implemented. If the majority of the users find a post helpful, they can select a rating from -2 to 2 points to that post. If a post gets 0 or less points it automatically gets "hidden" from the thread. The reader can change the filtering though, so all posts can be read. Back at the problem at hand: Some people live on "The-continent-that-is-not-America" A.K.A. the rest of the world. So the IRC channels aren't always a best option, since I'd have to stay up very late to get some feedback. I used to do that by the way. But i've got a fulltime job now, a study, my own house to keep clean, etc. etc. I'm really glad people don't take my post wrong. I really don't want to make OCR look bad or anything, it's just really frustrating when (in my situation) you post a near-completed remix and want some critiques to find any flaws in your mix. That's why it's hosted on vgmix also. I just want as many feedback as possible. I think I know what feedback is bogus and what isn't, so I'll just filter it out.
  14. NeoS

    WIP boards

    Same here, and somehow I can manage to even remix a track from a videogame, astounding, isn't it?
  15. NeoS

    WIP boards

    For starters, a good moderator who knows his stuff and filters all the bullshit posts about so-called "improvements" on remixes. Secondly, I feel that if people don't know who the remixer at hand is, they don't bother giving comments. I think there are alot of people who feel the same about this but don't care to make a post about it. By the way, I'm not asking the judges to frequently visit the WIP board, I just feel it doesn't live out it's purpose. The reason I posted this is not totally coincidental. I posted a remix on the boards a week ago asking for any comments on it. There were over 200 downloads of the track, but no one felt like posting anything. How the hell can I improve myself if no one would even post a few words? I hope this clears it up a bit.
  16. NeoS

    WIP boards

    Just wanted to mention the total uselessness of the WIP boards. Mostly bad reviews and comments. (IF you get any that is) Judges often refer to that place to help you progress. Right. Some people seem to know what they're talking about, but most of the comments are just blahblah. I just want to get the discussion going.
  17. Does nobody have any comments on this? I saw over 120 downloads, but no one has posted anything? Come on people.
  18. Voted. Now let's see how popular this tune turns out to be.
  19. just wanted to let you know it's finished and can be found here: LINK Sent it in for judging also. Don't have too much expectations though.
  20. Does anyone know where i can find the siren sfx from the game? I'd like to add that to this remix. Thanks.
  21. Thanks guys. I'll see what I can do. JustChris, you're right, the kick DOES overpower a bit. I could trim it down a bit in the bass section and cut it a bit too. Good pointer. The lead is a bit too corny, but it works, right? About harmonic support... I don't recall jumpstyle ever having any strings or pads, only in passages between beats. So to stay true to the style, I can't do really much about that. About the passage @ around 1:35 I could add some filtered percussion or such. I want to emphasize on the creepyness of the passage to stay true to the game. To make my point somewhat more clear: I don't especially remix this for OCR. Which means, I won't be using the OCR guidelines as much, I posted it here since you guys know the source and some of you can appreciate a remix like this. Input is always welcome of course.
  22. I think the title is sufficient to tell which game is being remixed here. I went for a jump- hardstyle feeling. Let me know if this qualifies to be sent in. Link <--
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