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  1. I'm currently working on Flight. Now here it comes: i can do 2 styles. 1.)Hard-bass/house/whatever, it's harder than trance. and 2.) Trance. I'd post a wip if i were at home, so i'll try to do so when i get there. Just tell me which style you'd like best.
  2. Get yourself FL Studio, lock yourself up in a room, don't leave it for 3 months and don't ask questions; just learn by doing and reading the tutorials. I remember doing so, and got caught up being busted by my girlfriend for downloading porn... weird...Anyways, best thing for TS to do is probably start importing midi's into either Reason or FL, and toy with it with either VSTi's or Soundfonts. Works best for learning.
  3. I'd might try a shot at "into the sky" or "flight". I really like the epicness of that tune. I'll let you know how it works out.
  4. Well ok. I have some "techno (re)mixes" right here. I can also do a bit of trance btw. Let me know if this qualifies. If not, tough luck.
  5. Are you guys still looking for Electronics Remixers? I could lend a hand or two if so... If you guys need some examples just holler.
  6. So... does that mean i just need to update my version of FL? because i think it still uses only one core. It would be awesome if rendering could be done on the second core while still working on the first.
  7. I read somewhere on the web that Imageline wasn't going to rewrite a part of FL studio to use the full capacity of Dual Core systems... Now THAT sucks, doesn't it? It could make a HUGE difference in performance. As far as i know, only Cubase currently supports dual core cpu's. Or am i wrong?
  8. Yep, there it is. ambient's wip work was already quite awesome to listen to, and what do you know? It gets accepted to OCR. Nice work. The John Connor feel is the special touch for this track. Although not with perfect soundquality (guitar) it's pretty fun to listen to. Isn't that what ultimately counts?
  9. I might consider doing that last open track if you're interested in it... I made a short thingy. It's just something i fiddled. I'm actually thinking about making a hardstyle track from it. Well, it's your call.
  10. I kind of recognise myself throughout this whole topic... I'm in a phase right now that when i created something i like (a good sounding synth, or a great arp or bassline, whatever) i hold back in adding stuff. for instance, i had a really neat tune coming. Then i decided to do some major "pre-mastering" thing, and i totally screwed it up. Problem is, at the time i did it, it sounded ok. But when listening to it on a later time, i felt it sucked. Same goes for "doodles" i have. I first create a lead and try to make it sound as awesome as possible. But then, i can't continue working on it, because it sounds too awesome to fuck up... That's how i think about my mixes lately.
  11. Here's a quick one. I figured that I should keep it simple. Eh? WOW!!!!! YEAH! Great stuff man! I'll fetch it a.s.a.p. Thanks.
  12. Wow. Nice work! I got a Helsing image tho, would be cool to have a sig with that one. Helsing's Alucard Castlevania's Alucard (love that one too)
  13. Could anyone make me a nice anime sig? Preferably Helsing or something cool like that. Vampires are cool. Heh, a chibi vampire might be cool too ^_~. I like my current sig, but it has a drawing in it i made myself a long time ago, so i'd like a really neat one. EDIT: Dragons are also cool!
  14. I'm looking for the vocals of Cancao do povo from Grandia II. I've tried to find them on the original game disks and googled around a bit, but can't seem to find them. Can someone help me?
  15. Does anyone know if there is a VST/soundfont of the Virus C synth? I just love the sound that synth has.
  16. No, it's perfect! The dark one looks cool! I'll take that one. Mayn thanks Chizniz!
  17. Great Chizniz! Just one more request? (don't get me wrong, i love it! ) Could you make the name a little less transparant? Or at least more visible? That's the last request. You could do what CapnHulk suggests, if you think it'll work out better... Many thanks anyway!
  18. I dont know how to emulate the effects used on the CD cover, but it looked all glossy and stuff so I tried to make yours all glossy. What do you think, any changes you want me to make? This is great! Love the lightning effect. One thing tho: could you make the NeoS like this?
  19. Mine is great, aint it? Seriously now. I'd like one with more bright colors... Any colors. I already said what i liked, right? i always liked the cover of this cd: Thunderdome XIV So could one of you please create a cool sig for me? It doesn't have to be the cd cover, but something as cool as that would be greatly appreciated.
  20. ok, thx Cap! Appreciate it. EDIT: as you can see Analogvirus made a sig for me. What do you think?
  21. Sorry... Ehm, i like tribals and anime (Cool and bloody, like Hellsing or Vampire hunter D). Love Squaresoft games (FF7, CT, etc.), dragons, and high-tec shit. Is that enough? Thanks in advance.
  22. Hey, isn't mine great? Anyway, if it isn't too much trouble, could anyone of you think about creating a sig for me? I don't care what's in it, as long as it's better than this one...
  23. Excellent guitar piece! FFVII is one of my favorites, and you captured the essence of this song! Great work. Mix on!
  24. Well, after posting over 50, i thought: "Let's try and make a sig..." And after 2 hours and 34 minutes, i came up with this. As long as it has my name on it, right?
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