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  1. hmm. That sucks. Oh well. Fixed the url.
  2. Hello people. Time for me to put up a new remix i'm currently working on. It's more laid back than the usual stuff I make, but it's still in the (club)trance category. It's pretty minimalistic, but it think that suits the source best. Hope to get some good feedback! Here it is: http://mail.neos.googlepages.com/FF7_CC_Price_of_freedom.mp3
  3. Ah, I did a Venus Lighthouse remix on PRC once. I think it's still on Vgmix somewhere... There we are: Venus Caelestis
  4. Something like this? > My Crisis Core remix on VGmix I'm thinking about redoing it...
  5. Thanks people. I've did some final revisions and submitted the result. Once it's judged i'll let you know.
  6. It seems the J's are pretty busy. So i'd like some more feedback from you guys before I send this to the panel. Anyone up for it?
  7. I see you've lost your reviews? Let me fix it a bit. I remember we started doing the same track to see who would get in with hi remix. You won. Very good interpretation of the theme, awesome breaks, good percussion work, good synthesis. My only quirk with your remix is the ending. But that's just personal taste i guess. Congrats Alex, on a job well done. Maybe one of my mixes will get through someday.
  8. Love it. I have one problem though: I'm playing this on my PS3 and The games on PS2 neededyou to press R2 to wallrun. Most of the time when i try to wallrun I automatically press R2 on the PS3 gamepad and plunge into a black hole of hell... lol.
  9. Thank you for commenting. I'll take up your advice and see if I can bug a judge with this.
  10. Thanks for your review. About those points you mentioned. The panflute could use a touch-up. It's simply put there as a small test of how it would work out, and it actually rather nicely fits in. The piano work could get a small volume boost indeed. (i'm still working with these lame earphone plugs) Siamey had some quircks with the older version i posted before as it had almost no FX in it. Hope this is better.
  11. I've completely rewritten the track. Before i post it here, i'll do some equalizing and mastering to get it sound right. (done this on earplug phones :S) So expect something later tonight. Edit: see first post for update.
  12. You're right. I made this on my laptop with those small earplug headphones. Once I got home I listened to it on my stereo and it sounded kind of bad actually. I'll do some drastic equalizing on it to get those sounds right. I'm thinking of rewriting the whole track, but what's posted is basically the style I'm aiming at.
  13. After a loooong time I decided to do another remix. So I started screwing around with FL again and i think this new WIP pretty much sums it up. I love the Kingdom Hearts series and I thought i'd pay homage to it. And yes, again, Dearly Beloved. I still need a good name for my remix though. I've had support from OCReMixer Siamey in this production and would like to thank him for his continuous support. Enough babble, here's the link: Kingdom Hearts - Dearly Beloved (clubmix) Enjoy and please leave some feedback after listening. Thanks. edit: Check this out, Razerblade55 made a Youtube clip with my WIP. I enjoyed it very much and am glad to see people like it enough to post it on Youtube!
  14. Ok, it's better... But still far from being good. I'm sorry if i sound so harsh, but this new remix you made sounds pretty much like a midi rip. Secondly, it's poorly equalized and mastered. (it clips like hell) And last but not least, the synths used are too bland. You need to vary your scores more. I see you use FL studio for this. One tip: Add Maximus in your mixers' Master channel and set the preset to Clear Master RMS. It will fix the clipping.
  15. To get an idea of the non-vg mixes here, visit: http://www.ocremix.org/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=19
  16. Hey guys, I was bored and felt like doing some mixing again. Haven't been doing that in a long time. So here: Enjoy <click
  17. Hey a Lindar remix. Well, not really remix. You pasted beats on top of the accelerated original. I'm sorry, but this clearly is NO remix. You should try and give it your own ideas. Add some stuff to it. This is too simplistic for even myself, and i'm quickly satisfied.
  18. I'm glad you guys are taking this thread as seriously as me. At least one judge read what I was saying instead of "OMGROFLOLILIEKTRANCE!1!" that's all i'm going to say about it. Go for it guys. Flame on.
  19. Hi guys and gals, I just wanted to tell you i'm sorry for being such a prick about my rejected tracks in the past and saying stuff about OCR being biased about trance remixes in general. Why am I saying this? Well, last night I had an interesting conversation with another artist who really likes trance alot (I guess i won't have to tell his name, since if you know him, you know who I mean) and used to think just like me. We both used to think there was some kind of prejudice against 4-on-the-floor beats in remixes, if you will. He pointed out something I've never actually thought about before. I guess most of the people on OCR haven't really. You guys deliver a great stage for people who love videogames and the music in them, letting them express their artistic impressions towards some particular song they like best. It takes alot of work to get a site like this up and running, supporting a community with so many people. I've been lurking around OCR for a long time now, and I of all people should know you guys put alot of effort into evaluating remixes and supporting new artists as much as you can. So that's why I post this "apologies" thread. I hope someday one of my remixes will be accepted on this site, since I've been trying for quite some time now. But I realised that when they don't, I only have myself to blame. So, again, i'm really sorry for being such an asshat before. /end of rant
  20. Yeah Skryp. I think MaZe would fit the bill, since I already used it a few times before. I thought about TAFKAN, but then again, I don't want to be associated with Prince for that matter.
  21. Just google 'NeoS'. Also: when I register at a new board or whatever, the nick is already taken most of the time. I just figured you guys could point me in the right direction.
  22. Hey Folks, After about 10 years I decided to change my nickname. I did a google search on NeoS... well, let's say the first hit connected to my person is on page 5 or so. 'NeoS' used to be tied to me. Anyway, I just can't decide on a new nick. so... I let YOU decide! I'll give you some info to work with. Real name: Martin Zandbergen Country: Netherlands profession: IT admin hobbies: DJ'ing, making music, gaming. Favorite games: Zelda, Metal Gear, castlevania, Final Fantasy If you guys need more, ask. So... Have at it!
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