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  1. Ok, i got your point. But what about difference in styles? I mean, I tend to create alot of dance-ish tracks. Sometimes I go out of my way and create something like a hiphop or even pop/rock ish things, which usually result in an idea that's never going to be finished. Still i hear alot of people say it's a good thing to do alot of different styles, even if you don't really like them. It should improve your skills in many ways. But I know i won't do anything with it, so why bother?
  2. What's your guys opinions on trying to improve old projects? I generally open up some older stuff to see if i can find something in there too either improve, or use for a new project. Is that a good thing?
  3. Thanks guys. i'll try and finish the stuff i am subscribed to, and then i will just make music for my own amusement. although, reviews are always nice...
  4. You, my dear sir, have just hit the nail on the head. I will try and follow your advice concerning the "not submitting to anything" and just make music thing. I think I'll seriously start looking for some pointers on how to improve my skills in making music, i.e. creating melodies and make it sound "right" you know? The problem is, when I listen to some of my stuff, I can't find the flaws in there...
  5. Does Fasttracker qualify? p.s. thanks for your comments people. I'm trying to get myself to at least finish one of my projects. Not very hopeful though...
  6. I think some of you have had the problem i have now. I totally lost inspiration on mixing / remixing. And worst of all, i can't find the motivation to remix anymore. Remixing was one of my favorite things to do from 2004 till last year. I submitted several remixes to the panel and all got rejected. I figured i could improve as long as i kept trying. I participated in a few PRC's, remix-projects and submitted tracks to the panel. I guess that didn't pay out, since the last remix i submitted was what i thought the best i could do, and it miserably failed. It got rejected in 2 simple posts, saying the same they do always: It didn't make any musical sense. The writing was messy, the progression lacked and the harmony was nowhere to be found. And here i thought it was a nice tune and a pretty good remix... I'm almost done with my rant, bare with me for a little bit longer. I really really really want to (re)mix and i really appreciate all the feedback i got from others. I just don't know what i'm doing wrong. I tried copying styles from professionals, but then i got alot of bad feedback saying it was too "cheesy". FYI, i do alot of trance and techno stuff and generally it's style isn't too appreciated. for example: I did a small contest with another remixer (Ambient) on this site. We took the same source tune and we chose the same genre. We'd see who got the best results. It was partially a collab, since we helped each other on the go. Finally we submitted both tracks and waited for them to be judged. Ambient got a killer track and got it accepted. Gratz on getting it YES'd btw. Mine got killed off. Consider this as my last cry for help. I actually don't have time to do any mixing, but with the right motivation i think i could try again. I hope some people can relate to this post and maybe it helps other who feel the same way. To give you an idea of what tracks i remixed, visit my page at www.djneos.tk. I'm sorry for being a whiner, but i had to get this off my chest.
  7. Aw. NO-ed. Oh well. I knew it would'nt cut it anyways. ^-' Far too mediocre. So thanks for the listen guys. Maybe i'll keep it online if people are interested, otherwise, off she goes... Till next remix.
  8. Thanks for the thumbs up A:B. About the last part of the remix: I was thinking about a transition to something with that synth and melody, but then I changed my mind. It would make the piece drag on too long. I also tried to fit it in in earlier parts of the remix, but that didn't blend in very well. If this remix gets rejected I could always try to blend it in better.
  9. Holy crap, that's FAST! Well, I guess that's a no-go for the fixes sneakin'. And hey Ambient! Good 2 B back. Been VERY busy lately, but expect a Terranigma remix soon
  10. Hello Peoples! As stated in the topic title, this remix has been submitted to the panel. Although it's finished, i'm always open for some input. (maybe I could sneak in some small improvements before a judge listens to it ) This remix was requested a few months ago (sorry for taking so long...) The person requested it was happy about it, so I thought i'd send it in. Made in FL Studio. NeoS - FFIX - You are not alone in the club 4:58, 160 kbps. Enjoy.
  11. Well, ain't that an anticlimax... Fix your link Majeliss. I'd love to hear your piece. See if you've progressed. Why are you still doing those Pokemon remixes btw?
  12. I'll post it in WIP once i get some fresh ideas for this. (and the time to do it)
  13. well, i guess this should be the idea.
  14. wow, is it THAT bad that no one cares to give some feedback?
  15. Hmm. I already tried to remix this once into an epic trance piece... and it failed miserably. I might consider doing something less trancy but more leaning towards underground house / club on this track. IF appreciated of course.
  16. Hey folks Been a while since i posted a WIP here. So i decided i'd post this remix i've been working on for the last couple of months. It's still not completely done, since i need to seriously equalize and master this. (i'm lazy, live with it for now) let me know what you think. -N. LINK (right click, save as)
  17. It makes it seem like there's no ASIO support in Vista at all. Which really sucks. At least FL7 makes it up for me in Windows XP for now
  18. BTW, when you use FL studio 7... it's FIX'D! :D:D ZSOMGZ0RZ
  19. Because i needed to see if everything worked in Vista, since i'm a system admin and we're currently testing Vista and Windows Server 2007. Apparently, it doesn't work with the stuff i use, but the "normal operations" work like a charm. Back ontopic: It's true Zircon. When i turn off hardware buffer i can have lower latencies and i have no underruns. And Soc, mij CPU is a P4D 3.2 GHZ Dual Core, so i suppose that shouldn't be the problem... I think it really IS the soundcard. The E-MU 0404 is about €100,- here. Really sucks to live in europe if you like technology.
  20. wow. 15 ms. Mine is like, 90 or so right now... I probably should get an e-mu then. Thanks for the advice Soc.
  21. Hey guys, I noticed there wasn't any topic for FL studio on Windows Vista. So, to gather all the problems and solutions i figured i'd start this topic. Here's My rant: I have this mobo with a Realtek HD audio chip. Now, in Windows XP, the only way to work 'normally' in FL studio is with ASIO4ALL. On my other mobo i had an Nvidia Nforce2 chipset which had FAR better driver support and worked way better. Anyways, let's say I upgraded my system with Vista. (well, actually i did) ASIO4ALL doesn't detect my soundboard anymore and i'm stuck with "primary soundcard driver" option in FL. As all of you FL users know; this sucks. So, i have 2 options. 1.) Look on the attic for that old Soundblaster 512PCI board which has an EMU10K1 CPU. (Dunno if it's better than my Realtek HD chip, but whatever works, right?) 2.) Buy a better card for approx. $150,- or so. What do you guys think? I'll try and insert the SB card tonight and post any findings here.
  22. I'm sorry guys. I'll be the first one to say i can't continue on this project. I'm having a hard time on work and schooling, and I can't keep up. So, maybe i'll do a remix SOMEDAY. But not for this project. i'm really sorry. Good luck with it. NeoS.
  23. Hey Darius, Long time no see man. Yeah, if you'd turn up the speed it WOULD sound more kickin'. But i'm trying to emphasise on the "jump" feeling. Especially with some rythm and a good kick. I think i need to experiment a little more.
  24. Hey people, Been a while. However, i'm trying some new stuff here. It's not too heavy for the ears, it's just a bit darkish i guess . Please leave some of your thoughts about this. ->>Link<<-
  25. Shit guys. I've been too busy to even load up the project... Anyways, i'll try to still get a WIP in before the deadline. Don't expect too much of it for now, since i still need to get the idea down. (currently experimenting ALOT with different styles and genres) later! -N.
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