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  1. A remix project for the Tales games?! I'm looking forward to this!!! *bookmarks*
  2. This mix doesn't catch me a lot. It's too... boring. It needs more instruments. It is a good song, but it doesn't get to be burned on any of my CDs.
  3. best... vocal... remix... ever. Makes me want to send some flowers to the singer. She sounds just like the old popular teenage singers in the yesteryears.
  4. just a lil' sneak peek at the simfile, the steps are practically insane. It progresses to a stream of half-beat steps into freezes into quarter combos. only for the pro's! I do plan to make easier steps to go along with this, but for the moment, when I finish the hard steps, I'll upload it.
  5. thanks! (check out BemaniStyle.com in the coming week. If I do finish it up, it should be there!)
  6. hey Beatdrop, if you're reading this, what's the BPM? I could use it for Stepmania simfile making
  7. This is definitely in my top 10. Awesome work!
  8. sounds like something that'd come out of starfox. good stuff.
  9. maybe it's just me, but this song is much quieter than the other OCR's i have on my list.
  10. ultimate JSRF remix. period. it's got my 2 favorite JSRF songs!!!
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