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  1. You can find me on a 24/7 Badwater server. Usually TF2Newbs. It's the only map.
  2. In case you guys didn't notice, most of the TF2 beta changes that were being tested but not mentioned in the update notes got passed through, as well. The only one that didn't get passed (to my knowledge) was the Flamethrower damage changes. The Widowmaker is now f***ing amazing.
  3. My rule of thumb is 20/60 in a deck is land. 27 is quite a bit.
  4. I'd like to eventually dive back into older sets. My Fungus Sliver deck wants to play~ But I'm down for whatever, I've been so out of whack with meta since Lorwyn, so <.<
  5. I'm terrible too, but that's because i make stupid decks :U You have my interest.
  6. So hey, did anyone see what Valve's screwing around in the beta right now? Or am I late to the party?also for the record i approve of this change
  7. Funny how that name describes my emotions for you right now.
  8. I want to see the Widowmaker buff passed. In its current state it's an absolutely terrible weapon =/ I also want to see the Reserve Shooter change pass, but I got this feeling it's gonna be overpowered... I've also gained a newfound love for the Detonator.
  9. Not to mention duties. Different classes have generally different priorities at any given time. Spy abound? Pyros should take notice. Teammate's on fire? Pyro's gotta airblast. Scout being annoying? Pyro might wanna consider setting him on fire to deter him. Enemy Soldier giving trouble? AIRBLAST. etc etc
  10. Same here. I've always interested in furthering my study in map design! I was about to say grab one of those 99 cent bundles instead, but then I remembered the stamps are donations to a good cause... well not a good cause but some good people YOU GET WHAT I MEAN It's a tossup. The 99 cent packages are pretty sweet.
  11. Not necessarily just fighters, every game can take advantage of it. Mabinogi has a built in video recorder and Youtube uploader to your own account. You can even specify the title, tags, and description and all that. That's good execution.
  12. I think it's a BRILLIANT idea. It's just a shame SF3 Online's execution of the idea is absolute shit.
  13. I can attest to that bad luck. I don't have enough fingers and toes to count the number of nights where I wasn't killed by a non-crit once. There's also those times where your backstab victim is (apparently) so engaged in a firefight with one of your mates, then he just FUCKING RANDOMLY DOES A 180 AND BLASTS YOUR FACE INSTEAD
  14. A part of me is regretting giving my extra Vintages to my friends.
  15. sweet, maybe i can finally buy one with metal.
  16. Don't bother with this. It's a travesty and not worth your metal to craft.
  17. The thing is, if they give the players the ability to replace the teleporter, idiots will replace the teleporter. This includes, as Top Gun said, games on A/D maps. And people will be annoyed/pissed.
  18. I grabbed the demo and I was freaking impressed, but I'm still a bit skeptical. Does it get any better past the demo?
  19. lol, in case anyone is curious, 4chan hacked that cybersex group
  20. The creepier part is that they might be guys. NEXT TOPIC PLEASE THIS IS GETTING AWKWARD /spy
  21. *clicks group out of curiosity* ...Wait a flipping minute. Are these people seriously offering cybersex services for TF2 hats? if so these people are absolute fucking geniuses
  22. What happens to your old Steamknights account?
  23. I am absolutely disappointed at the lack of Indie Game recommendations. I guess I'll be the first. I would say grab the entire Radiangames series, but they just jacked up the price to 400MSP each. If you have tons of money to burn, I highly recommend all seven games. Sequence is what would happen if DDR and Puzzle Quest had a baby. A really spasmodic baby. Great voice acting, funny humor. I found it to be a tad easy though, even on the hardest difficulty, but that's just me. 240MSP Echoes+ is Asteroids on steroids, with a Geometry Wars style twin stick flair. 80MSP, totally insane for what you get. Speaking of insane twin stick shooters, Score Rush is a twin stick shooter with bullet hell elements. Tiny hitbox, rain of bullets, you know the drill. It's also co-opable up to 4 players locally. 80MSP, can not recommend this game enough. Want a more traditional bullet hell? Vorpal will cover that. 80MSP Head Shot 2 is a sniper game. Find a target within a crowd, and pop a cap in his skull. 80MSP I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES!!!1 is a zombie twin stick shooter. Also has the greatest song in the world. 80MSP Do you like Warning Forever? You will absolutely love Infinity Danger. 80MSP for boss rush heaven. Prismatic Solid is an amazing shmup. You also control these little satellite things that can shield you from all sorts of bullets. (You'll need them.) 80MSP Back to bullet hells, REVOLVER360 is a horizontal shmup that lets you rotate the world. That wide spray of bullets coming at you? It's now a line. 240MSP While we're on horizontal shmups, Leave Home has fantastic presentation, and the game never plays the same way twice. You have five minutes to get the best score, and what levels you get depend on your performance, so no game is too easy or hard. 80MSP If you're up for a battle of minds (and a little luck), Tacticolor is what Risk could be like if it was a real time strategy game instead of a traditional board game. 80MSP And for those times when you need a break from all the genocide and murder, Avatar Drop is whimsical fun for the whole family. Drop your poor helpless avatar ragdoll through rings for points and stuff. 80MSP Now, let's get into disc games... If you do fancy bullet hells, look around for WarTech: Senko no Ronde. It's a versus bullet hellish game. Spray bullets, dodge their spray of bullets, don't die, etc. It's pretty unique. I found a used copy at Gamestop for $3 ages ago, can't imagine it being no higher than $10 on the internet. If you like racers, Import Tuner Challenge might interest you. If you liked the Tokyo Xtreme Racer series, stop reading this paragraph and go find it. This game is Shutokou Battle X, just with a stupid localized name. I also happen to like the Dynasty Warriors series. Dynasty Warriors 7 is the definitive DW game. If you're a fan of the series, grab it. Blur. If you can find it, Qubed is Lumines Live (with most of the DLC), Rez HD, and E4 all on one CD. Shouldn't set you back no more than $30, and that's kinda high seeing how old this disc release is. Deathsmiles is another nice bullet hell shmup. And other recommendations in no particular order: Soulcalibur IV Sonic Unleashed (I don't care what anyone says I think this game is pretty good) Need for Speed: Shift and Hot Pursuit Burnout Paradise Magna Carta 2 Eternal Sonata Tales of Vesperia Pure Forza Motorsport 3
  24. Totally would jump on a 99 cent Fancy Fedora, though. If I didn't have one already.
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