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  1. *w* But yeah, my stance on this update? lol no drama for me cuz i care about neither. Although if I was forced to play as either Soldier or Demoman, I'd go Soldier. I fail as a drunk scottish cyclops.
  2. My theory about the whole friendship thing? Mini competitions between friends. I dunno, whoever gets the most kills between the two of 'em gets a hat? Because we all know people suddenly turn release-day-PS3-rabid over a bloody hat.
  3. [Attempt to derail argument] This map looks pretty sweet. http://www.fpsbanana.com/maps/118880 [/Attempt to derail argument]
  4. FHEUSAHVLIAHGRS DAMMIT WHY DID I SPEND MY MONEY *glances at page anyway* Madworld is kickass too. Newegg apparently also has that for $12. I would think them actually naming it "Banjo Threeie" would be a punch in the face to my N64 heritage. The game's far too different for it to be a true sequel.
  5. I heard The Conduit does a solid job on the Wii as a FPS. Also, if you plan to grab No More Heroes like some people have recommended, grab the Red Steel/NMH double pack. I actually enjoyed Red Steel very much. And yeah, every first party Nintendo game out there warrants a purchase. Smash Bros., Mario Galaxy, New Mario Bros, Mario Kart, Metroid Prime Trilogy, Twilight Princess, etc. Except Animal Crossing. Least improved game of the year. I'm a bit of an eclectic gamer, so I can't really throw down some good (mainsteam) suggestions, although... If you're into bullet hell type shooters, Castle of Shikigami 3 will totally satisfy any danmaku enthusiast. If you have any friends, Dokapon-freaking-Kingdom. The game is great, but only if you have friends to play it with. The AI cheats. Literally. Or so I heard from some of my friends.
  6. In light of what just happened to me on an arena server... Four rounds, four crit deaths, what are the odds? Seriously.
  7. Didn't someone suggest these flags be in yellow? Good thing they came in white. It's unbelievably badass.
  8. This is Kiyobi's other half posting on his behalf because his jaw hit the floor and he's drooling all over the place from that video. Oh, and he says "WHAT THE CRAP"
  9. I'm not grabbing L4D2. Mainly because L4D1 scared the crap out of me. Almost literally.
  10. I might not show up this time. I've had quite a bit of TF2 for the month. (i also gotta prepare for (my) birthday shenanigans this thursday) BTW, in case anyone cared, I didn't get that job. =<
  11. Oh god, to think I posted it. I dunno whether to laugh or feel sorry. What's your reaction, Pav?
  12. I want to poke fun at the virg- *ahem* kids that pretty much smacked on Bonzai there, but I have no freaking idea what happened. Kinda reminds me of this one time when a girl joined our team and I was like "oshi- it's a girl". Didn't say anything else, just "hai" and all that good ol' team communication over the mic. Then she got autobalanced and I'm like "NUUU I DIDN'T EVEN GET HER NUMBER D8". I'm glad she knew I was joking, she friended me shortly after. Uh, I guess what I'm trying to say is that it's the freakin' internet. If it's negative, you're probably better off ignoring it. Or putting a spin on it so it becomes an actual joke you can laugh at.
  13. @Scrims: You know I'm in. Anytime since, well, I still lack a job.
  14. Tekken 6 Color me very surprised. This game is actually not clunky and crappy. Tekken just gained a new fan. 8/10 Dude, I liked that one too! *busts a move*
  15. Seeing how this scrim ran, show up even if we don't have a spot for you. People traded slots all the time because they had to go/wanted a break/eat food(lolme). The scrimming was great, I'm actually surprised how decent I am as a Scout. As for next week, I still lack a job, so chyeah, pencil me in.
  16. Sonic Unleashed Daytime stages are ZOOM ZOOM WHEEEEEEE. Nighttime stages beg for a Knuckles appearance. Severely underrated game. 7.9/10 Custom Battler Bomberman (or Bomberman 2, in Europe. lol what name) It's Bomberman. Just with custom parts. And a health bar. 9/10
  17. ololo i totally forgot. I'm still game. Lemme just jot that on my calendar.
  18. Seconded. Although, if you're a stats whore, this will hurt your rank because it still counts as a teamkill. For the servers I've been in, anyway.
  19. I love the explosive pumpkins. They make excellent traps.:3
  20. Seconded. Let's all get into the event spirit! God, this Halloween event thing sounds like something they'd do in an MMO. GOOD GOD IT IS AN MMO Unrelated note: lol the hlstats ce page has my location wrong
  21. FUCK YES LET'S DO THIS SHIT BOYYYYYYYYYY i loled D-Lux has a point here. My one penny: If we get 32-player servers, I'm not showing up. I hate 32 player servers, the game becomes impossibly chaotic (and my computer cries too). If we do make the second server private events only, that might encourage someone to pick up the flag and start scheduling regular scrims, an actual league of sorts, or pacman brawls, knowing that we'll have a second server ready anytime. I would think that part of getting events up and running would be finding a server to scrim in. b> strikeout bbcode
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