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  1. "Yeah, I recorded it all in one take using just Cubase and my Yamaha Motif..." Richter, that was great. Although I have no remixes, I'm feel I'm enough of a musician to offer a track for an S3&K project. But too much Sonic mixing is going to make people sick as Sadorf says. I say wait until either Rise of the Star or Dark Side of Phobos (or both) comes out before gearing up for another project. I don't think that projects are "the future" of game music rearrangement. They're just fun, provided the mixers go into it full bore and produce high-quality music like that of HH. I wasn't even involved, and I even feel a little tired just by association. If S3&K is really going to happen properly, let the whole of OCR take a break from Sonic. Blah blah blah...
  2. Indeed. Let's see... S&K doesn't have too many tracks... 01 Titles 02 Angel Island 03 Hydrocity 04 Marble Garden 05 Carnival Night 06 Ice Cap (everyone's favorite) 07 Launch Base 08 Mushroom Hill 09 Flying Battery 10 Sandopolis 11 Lava Reef 12 Hidden Palace (a very different version of Lava Reef) 13 Sky Sanctuary 14 Death Egg Those are the only stages. Then there are 5 races (like Azure Lake and Chrome Gadget), plus 2 menus, and some scattered themes. It works out to perhaps 25 tracks. As a newbie, I'm excited to witness the start of a project (I'm all up for it ), but we should let Richter and everybody take a big breath after over a year of hard work now paid off. Congratulations everybody, Hedgehog Heaven kicks ass.
  3. Are there misspellings of the titles, or is it just my dl of the torrent? There was an "l" missing from mario's "Sonikku Ganbattle!" and "Apocalyptic" was misspelled in Aeolius's song, "Apocalyptic Orbital Ovum."
  4. Richter's going to kill you in your sleep, you know. First of all, I love the name "Next My Generation." Sweet titleage, so I like that it is on HH and OCR. Second, and more importantly, rockin' good song. I, in contrast to FantasioSpirouEtSpip, have loved the Metropolis song since I first got that far in Sonic 2 a long time ago. And analoq, you've given it everything that it was missing. As I was listening, I thought nostalgically that if you had given me this song ten years ago, you would have been my hero forever. As it happens, you've given it to me when I am older and jaded, so you'll have to settle for a lot of slightly envious admiration. This song, in a word, rocks.
  5. I like this, and as I said somewhere else, I don't even like solo piano songs (even though I'm a pianist). Nice arrangement of Sky Sanctuary; gives a nod to the original ideas and says something new with the same music. It's what OCR is all about. Well titled, too. Good job.
  6. Too hyper? This song is smoother than basically any song that I can think of. I love this song, and it hurts (sorry if this has been said ). Funkbluesjazz...I can't define it. I actually listen to this song when love hurts, that's how smooth and hip this is. Do you have trouble seeing over your pelvis, djp?
  7. Like djp, I like the arrangement but not the sounds. I keep listening for a solid bass foundation, but it's never really there. You know when a song drops the bass for a few measures at the end of a section before the chorus returns (often in techno)? Well, this whole song sounds like that. Generally good, but there's some half-hearted rocking happening.
  8. Wonderful. I especially liked the Capcom fanfare in the middle of the song--it's good memories. I never got to hear the original, since I couldn't beat that damned spider. But if this is, as I read, a mostly original tune, props to you, friend. I'm not usually one for vocals; I think pop artists today are too focused on textual poetry rather than musical poetry. However, this is funny and cute (fute?) when I don't take it literally, and even when I do, it's saying some good things. Congratulations, and don't listen to people who don't listen to you. Protricity has a good point. Awesome!
  9. When I heard this for the first time it came up on a shuffle, and I thought that I was listening to the Ace Combat 04 soundtrack. This is a compliment. I love the AC04 songs, and they combine a synthesizer and an orchestra to create some "tight new shit." This ReMix parallels their musical quality. I'm impressed. I love "Final Zone," but, again, it was too repetitive. This has taken it somewhere completely different, and I like it. I think this sort of song is was OCR is all about.
  10. Not bad. I prefer "Pachebel's Ganon," but then I was bottled, not aged, in the 80's. I especially like the sax. Nice electro stuff, djp. I was introduced to OCR just six months ago, but it has become my favorite web site. You've built something great here. Quite amazing music, intelligent discussion, and the truest internet community I've ever seen. Many sites call themselves "communities," but OCR is the only one I've visited that has a clear communal identity. Visiting OCR makes me feel like I'm part of something more than anything on the internet. So congratulations on five years, djpretzel, and thank you for your work. Simply put, OCR is flippin' sweet.
  11. Nice job, folks. This is enjoyable music. "Kong in Concert" played more on the "project" in "dkc project," whereas RotC focuses mostly on the "sm" in "sm project." What I mean is that RotC pays tribute to its game through a generally uniform mood, with each song evoking "Super Metroid." "Kong in Concert" pays tribute with many different kinds of music that seem to say "listen to some music" louder than they say "Donkey Kong Country." I'm being abstract. Bottom line: both projects approach their music in different ways and do a good job. "Full of Life" is a good song. Thanks for making "Relics of the Chozo," it's quite an accomplishment.
  12. It seems somebody already mentioned Sonic 2 for Game Gear. Robotnik from Underground Zone is very hard for no particular reason.
  13. I don't even care if I'm saying the same things that everybody else already has, this song deserves it. I always liked the Azure Lake BGM, and this remix embodies everything I liked about the original and instills it with much more emotion. I particularly like the filter sweeps on that wet, fat saw that starts at 00:12--fabulous-sounding synthesis. This is wordless, yet it could be a beautiful love song.
  14. Chemical Plant's BGM is one I often hum to myself. I like the sawtooth chords bassline as they do better what the original did so well. I didn't like that the melody was stuck way at the bottom bands though; it gets lost in the fray, and I liked the sharp, up-front melody of the original. It really rocks, but its place is up top, not in the bass.
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