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  1. 8 games in 1 8 artists in 1 coincidence? this game was one of the greatest games of its time (to me) for that reason, and this song definitely follows suit. incredible job, y'all.
  2. Personally, I rather enjoy the mix as a whole. The vocals, while the majority seem to be taking as reason to dislike the arrangement, I actually rather like. Perhaps it's because I can hear how it will progress in future songs, or perhaps because the tone actually has that feel that she doesn't want the other person to leave, an almost sorrowful and longing feel. It's not a feeling one can get as easily with technology-enhanced vocals. Let them be "flat, off-key, nasally, shaky," because it sounds perfect that way with how it's put together. As for the instruments, well...I really have nothing to say aside from I like them. I look forward to hearing more from you both in the future.
  3. w... wow... there's an amazing beauty within Starla's voice that just... I'm sure any guy here could fall in love with her just from this song. her voice is sweet, yet holds a horrible sadness as if the words in the song are her true feelings. if I wasn't at school, it's likely tears would be falling from my eyes after hearing this. just.. wow. thank you again, Starla!
  4. come ON, just LOOK at the original link! he looks like someone's groin! maybe a bit discolored, but... great song, hats off to your groin
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